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Do you love designing a sim’s kitchen? Isn’t it usually the heart of the home? If you believe so, you know how valuable a new set of counters and appliances can be. After all, if your Sims love baking some pancakes, they sure do deserve a nice place to prepare their food at! A beautiful kitchen has nice floors, tiles, furniture, and décor all blended to create a warm atmosphere. The great news is, that you can get all of this in the Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit. Keep reading to discover what makes this kit so interesting.

sims 4 country kitchen kit

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What is The Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit?

The Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit is a way to bring life to your home with new kitchen sets. It was released in 2021, and it represents one of the newest additions to the game.

Inspired by country cottage-style designs, this kit brings kitchen innovations and great kitchen stuff. Building a country cottage-type kitchen is now more than possible, allowing you to project your best ideas into your Sims home. The main theme is rustic, so you’ll find that all objects are designed in vintage style. Additionally, the sets and appliances all have rustic wood elements. You’ll see floral details, and old-fashioned touch to make your home look like country heaven.

Cook in comfort

The kit will help you feel as cozy as possible while cooking as if you were at your grandma’s. Cook in Comfort is one of the two critical features of this kit. With this expansion, your Sims will finally have a dreamy kitchen, allowing them to cook in a family movie-like atmosphere. You can expect to have a good amount of fun when experimenting with this DLC and its pleasing new kitchen details. You will find a new set of country-themed kitchen elements. This includes cabinets, new counters, islands, and other pieces that you can mix and match with.

Make it homey

The kitchen furniture included in the pack is designed in a way that helps you make a home that looks a little less sterile and more realistic. The items all have a clean elegance to them, livening up the appearance of the kitchen of your sim, and your home in general. For instance, every new piece added with this kit is sure to complement the rest of your living space. This will give you Sims a vintage environment filled with timeless style and classy furniture, decorations, and materials.

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New furniture sets

The main Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit set comes with a few interesting things to see. This includes full sets such as the 15 rustic Build/Buy additions that can be used to furnish your entire kitchen. For the rustic set, some of the items include an island counter, casserole dish, cabinet, dawn stove, fridge, and a few more. The set includes a vintage sink that matches the wooden counters perfectly.

You’ll be able to pick between a few color palettes as well. The islands come in both circular variations and regular, rectangular variations, which is great. The cabinet set includes a few variations for both the upper and the lower counters. The upper includes details such as a plate rack, a section for hanging frying pans, and an element with vintage storage boxes.

decor and appliances

The kit includes a couple of decorative elements that add a final touch to a rustic kitchen. You’ll find decorative shelves, jars for flour, honey, and a vintage bucket with treats. The pack also includes one wooden flower decoration, a breadbox, and a porcelain floral dish, too.

Sims 4 Country Kitchen kit stacks of items include key vintage appliances. You’ll get two appliances, vintage refrigerators, and a vintage stove. Both include a couple of swatches, just like the set, so you’ll have no trouble matching elements.

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Build mode

In the build mode, you gain access to some build mode items. These include wall coverings and floor tiles that can reinvent the appearance of your home, giving it an elevated look. You’ll get matching rustic tiles and floors to match the cozy home atmosphere. Both come with a few sims and 4 Country kitchen kit swatches, so you’ll be able to do some customization.

pros of sims 4 country kitchen kit

This pack follows its theme. The greatest thing about this kit is the cohesiveness of the items that come with it. Every piece of décor and furniture looks fantastic together. You can use them to create a matching themed country kitchen. You’ll find that every piece is authentic, and includes real country elements such as curtains on counters, vintage pans hanging, or aged wood elements. You can add a touch of life to your kitchen with the presence of new items like bread bins, storage jars, and fruit baskets.

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