25+ Excellent Kitchen Mods & CC for The Sims 4 (2023 Update!)


Get ready to cook the best and most delicious meals in the kitchen with these top-notch Sims 4 kitchen mods and CC that we curated for you. Take a look at the list below!

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Must-Have Kitchen Mods and CC for 2023

If your Sims cannot get enough of preparing warm and wonderful dishes in The Sims 4 and maxing out their skills in cooking, baking, and gourmet cooking, then they deserve to have the most efficient kitchen space ever, complete with the right tools to aid them in crafting their recipes! Fortunately, we have prepared this ultimate list of best kitchen mods and CC for The Sims 4, so that Sims can have more cool items in the kitchen aside from the ones available in The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen stuff pack.

The best kitchen mods and CC for The Sims 4

Take note that this list has been updated to include only the mods and CC that still work after the most recent patch updates. Enjoy the list, download everything, and get your sims cooking!

Kitchen mods

Let’s first delve into a list of mods that will make the lives of your Sims much easier and stress-free in the kitchen.

1. Appliance Insurance Mod by NickyClem1

If your kitchen appliances in the game happen to break a lot and you always need to call a repairman to fix them, then you definitely have to get this appliance insurance! This kitchen mod covers the repairs of stoves, coffee machines, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, tea machines, and ovens in your household. Getting the insurance would cost you 1,000 simoleons but that is a worthy investment, rather than paying repair service every time!

Get the appliance insurance kitchen mod here.

2. Fresh is More Add-On Mod by Ravasheen

Meet the Fresh Is More Add-On, an ultra-cool mod for the foodies and goodies in the household of your Sims. This kitchen mod adds a whole new definition of freshness to the kitchen, as it allows the longer preservation of perishable items. Several storages are available for your harvestable, food, fish, and other edible goods—and these objects function in the same way as a refrigerator, allowing you to keep fresh items for a more prolonged time.

Get this kitchen mod here.

3. Complete Cooking Overhaul by SrslySims

If your sims spend a considerable amount of time preparing and cooking food in the kitchen, then you seriously have to add this kitchen mod to your game! Called the Complete Cooking Overhaul, this mod by SrslySims provides new recipes, other ingredients, and extra serving sizes for meals in the game. It also injects the concept of grocery shopping! Just take note that The Sims 4: Get to Work is required for this kitchen mod to work.

Visit the link here to download.

4. Realistic Cooking Mod by Somik and Severinka

Much like the Complete Cooking Overhaul above, Realistic Cooking is another kitchen mod that gives a refreshing new take to the way your Sims cook their meals. Created by Somik and Severinka, this mod gives an all-new update to the recipes available in the game. It also includes a variety of new ingredients and makes grocery products like dried fruit, nuts, meat, fish, bottled goodies, and much more, accessible to Sims.

Experience more realistic cooking with this kitchen mod here.

5. More Servings Options by LittleMsSam

We all know how frustrating it is for our Sims to cook dishes for a lengthy period of time, only for these dishes to be consumed in a snap. Luckily, there is a simple but useful mod from the prolific creator LittleMsSam. Known as the More Serving Options, this kitchen mod changes the number of servings of dishes in the game. Now Sims can prepare Dinner for Two (2), Small Family Size (3), Big Family Size (5), Bigger Family Size (6), and Small Party Size (7).

Change meal serving sizes through the mod here.

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6. No Bad Microwave Buffs

Have your Sims ever experienced getting bad buffs in the game due to the use of microwaves? If they’ve been heating food most of the time, they’ve probably gotten the “Cold in the Middle” buff. Sims can prevent this irritating buff by upgrading their microwave through their Handiness skills, or, you could also install this kitchen mod created by MizoreYukii to make things easier for them!

No more bad microwave buffs through this mod available here.

Functional Kitchen Appliances

Now, let’s move forward to a range of appliances that will allow your Sims to craft special recipes and brew refreshing and warm drinks.

7. Hot Chocolate Maker by Icemunmun

When the rainy season starts to hit, your Sims would definitely love to curl up inside the house with a warm mug of chocolate in hand. A great idea is to provide their kitchens with a hot chocolate maker, a small appliance that can produce a variety of chocolate drinks such as cinnamon hot chocolate, orange hot chocolate, gingerbread latte, and other special chocolate-themed drinks. You can also make a whole pot filled with a few servings!

Get Sims their hot chocolate maker here.

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8. Teapot by Balkanika

Next up on our list of appliances is this functional teapot, which is inspired by the tea culture of Koreans. With this cute little teapot, which is available for 170 simoleons in plenty of colors, Sims can craft soothing drinks including Barley Tea, Green Plum Tea, Citron Tea, and other teas. All teas have their own optional ingredients, and drinking them will give varying special moodlets for your Sims.

Brew some tea with this kitchen mod here.

9. Cupcake Maker by Ravasheen

Let’s admit it. The cupcake factory in The Sims 4 looks so clunky and aged, that baking some goodies from the machine does not seem so appealing. It’s a good thing that creator Ravasheen produced this cupcake maker, a kitchen mod that allows your Sims to craft pastries and cupcakes from the new 27 baking recipes and 8 cupcake recipes available. The said mod includes custom pans and a pastry placement helper.

Bake cupcakes and goodies with this kitchen mod here.

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10. Air Fryer by Icemunmun

Do you want your Sims to enjoy scrumptious servings of fried food without the extra oil (and guilt)? Then you have to get them this Air Fryer! It is a small appliance that costs 400 simoleons in Buy Mode, which allows Sims to cook air-fried food in single or multiple servings. Potato Fries, Fried Jumbo Shrimp, Calamari, Jalapeno Poppers, and Fried Onion Rings are just a few of the dishes that can be made using the Air Fryer.

Get Sims the Air Fryer here.

11. Thee Sandwich Maker by QMBiBi

Creating healthy and delicious sandwiches is an everyday part of the lives of Sims, especially for those who want to bring these quick and portable bites to work or school. Improve the sandwich dishes that Sims can make through this Sandwich Maker kitchen mod created by QMBiBi. This sandwich maker allows Sims to prepare Italian Grinders, Veggie Wraps, Ham and Turkey Lettuce wraps, Turkey Clubs, and other interesting sandwiches at home.

Bring the sandwich maker to the game, by downloading here.

12. Countertop Grill by Icemunmun

Bring the grill inside your Sims’ homes with the Countertop Grill! It is another awesome appliance that will help Sims create an array of appetizing dishes, without the need to go grill them outside. This kitchen mod will allow Sims to grill the current grilled food recipes in the game. Or, if they have this additional mod, Sims can grill goodies such as cheeseburgers, mushroom burgers, avocado burgers, pineapple burgers, and more.

Get grilling with this mod here.

13. Thee Kitchen Tablet by QMBiBi

Do you need an overall kitchen assistant for your Sims? The Kitchen Tablet will make the cooking life of your Sims so much easier and enjoyable through the availability of the following apps: catering service through The Catering Co., delivery service through Grubhub Delivery, grocery shopping via InstaCart Delivery, newer recipes through Stirring The Pot book, plus others! It’s a one-stop shop for your busy Sims, serving as their best kitchen gadget ever.

Avail of the Kitchen Tablet here.

14. Eco Dishwasher by LittleMsSam

This kitchen mod allows you to upgrade your Sims’ dishwashers at home. The upgrade called the “Eco Dishwasher Upgrade”, costs 499 simoleons. Instead of the machine automatically operating each time your Sim puts a plate, the said upgrade lets the machine activate its operations only when 5-10 plates have already been placed inside, allowing for a more environmental-friendly washing. It will thus make your Sims save extra water and electricity costs!

You may get the dishwasher kitchen mod here.

15. Baby Food Steamer by Balkanika

Now that infant sims have filled The Sims 4 world with their adorable presence and irresistible giggles, a kitchen mod such as a Baby Food Steamer is an appreciated addition to the kitchen of Sims. It would be great to purchase this awesome functional appliance from Buy Mode for 300 simoleons, to be able to allow your Sims to make 19 kinds of baby dishes. Meals cost 8 simoleons each, and no cooking skills are required to prepare them.

Get the Baby Food Steamer for your Sims here.

16. Blender and Protein Shakes by Somik and Severinka

Create protein shakes for your Sims with this functional appliance from Somik and Severinka! With milk, whey protein, and a variety of fruits, Sims can concoct different flavors of protein shakes. The said drinks can help Sims build muscle mass faster if drunk before strength training. The blenders are available in 5 colors and could be found in the small appliances section of Buy Mode. Make sure that you have The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen stuff pack to use this kitchen mod!

Download the blender here.

17. Stand for Food and Bottles by Somik and Severinka

If your Sims need a little more organization for their kitchen space, then they definitely need this kitchen mod! With these functional stands, Sims can now have a glass box for bread and pastries, an ice bowl for champagne, a fridge display for food, and a fridge display for drinks. The great thing is that these storage stands also preserve the freshness of the food and drinks so they don’t spoil so easily.

Get the entire set of this kitchen mod here.

Kitchen CC Packs and Clutter

We also have a list of items that are dedicated for kitchen decorations, as well as custom content that can improve the overall look of your kitchen!

18. Lotsa Storage Kitchen Clutter By BrazenLotus

This kitchen mod provides an override to some of the objects in the game. Instead of simply serving as decoration, a few select kitchen clutter can now be used as storage spaces to house most of your Sims’ food and goodies. To be able to organize things further, each of the storage items can be labeled so you can identify easily what’s in them. Plus, these storage “chests” can also prolong the shelf life of most food.

Click this link here to download this kitchen mod.

19. Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen by PandaSama x Ravasheen

Do you have a toddler or child Sim who is deeply interested in cooking food and doing stuff in the kitchen? Let them take their imagination up a notch by providing them with this interactive Toy Kitchen, which will allow them to play chef all they want. Young Sims can choose to “Pretend Cook” or “Play Kitchen” with the plaything, allowing them to create fun snacks or raise their skills. The said kitchen mod is also base game compatible.

Let children cook with this Toy Kitchen here.

20. Clutter Anywhere – Appliances by Bessy

Looking for more space to fit your kitchen appliances? This is a mod that allows you to position small appliances on the surface of counters, tables, and shelves, while still being able to use them for their functionalities. Appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, tea brewers, espresso machines, popcorn makers, hot pots, fountains, and others are all compatible with this kitchen mod. However, stake note that some appliances do not work with a few of the wall shelves.

Take a look at this mod here.

21. Vanilla Kitchen Set by Aira

Check out the Vanilla Kitchen, a super pretty set of CC for the kitchen of your Sims. The set includes 27 items in an array of swatches, including egg trays, flower pots, glass cups, saucepans, utensil holders, etc. Not only that, but the set also includes functional items such as a food bowl, a hot pot, a toaster (make it functional with this mod), and a coffee machine. Once installed, simply search the words “vanilla” or “Aira” to access the objects.

Get the Vanilla Kitchen Set here.

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22. Kwanzaa Set by Syboulette

Let’s move on to another kitchen set for your Sims, this time from creator Syboulette. Called the Kwanzaa Set, these pieces are inspired by the cultural celebration of the Kwanzaa feast. Thus, the items include symbolic objects such as the cup of unity, the Kinara, a fruit basket, and a corn display. There are also African-themed furniture and decorative clutter. All in all, the set offers 14 new items that are compatible with the base game (as long as you have the free Holidays DLC).

Get the Kwanzaa Set for your game here.

23. Millenial Kitchen CC by Syboulette

Next up, we have another impeccable kitchen set from Syboulette. This one is called the “Millennial Set”, and it includes 24 items of custom content, including a bread box, a trash bin, an island table, a utensils rack, a high chair, a dish product, and counters and cabinets. There’s also an apple basket, olive oil, and some spices, which add a flavorful detail to the kitchen. Take note, all these items are functional ones, and everything comes in 12 color swatches!

Go here to download this kitchen CC set.

Counters and Storage

In this last section, we curated a few kitchen mods that could help you further customize the counters in the kitchen, and maximize storage spaces as well.

24. One More Slot Please Shelf by ravasheen

The One More Slot Please is a massive mod that lets you have a customizable OMSP+ shelf wherein you can place over 170 items. Together with the OMSP+ placement post, you can now position objects in a lot of spaces, not being restricted by walls and the like. You can choose different sizes and slots for the shelf and the positioners, and with this mod in hand, you can now freely design your kitchen space!

Download this coll kitchen mod here.

25. No Backsplash Counters by Bessy

If your creativity in designing your Sims’ kitchen spaces is being limited through Build Mode restrictions, fret not because with this kitchen mod, you are provided with new overrides for your counters in the kitchen. This mod is inspired by the original no-splash counters by Simmer Plasticbox. With this mod that gets rid of backsplashes, you can now link counters with corner ones, island ones, and more.

Get these counter overrides and add-ons here.

Would you like to access corner counters and have complete control over counter options in your builds? Click the image below!

26. Storage Counters and Islands by SrslySims

We can have a kitchen full of counters in The Sims 4, but really, how many of these can actually be used to house and hold our kitchen clutter? None! So, creator SrslySims launched this mod to help us utilize our kitchen counters to their full value. With this kitchen mod, you can now actually store your stuff in counters and islands, because these can now serve as “storage chests”. This means, more efficiency in the kitchen!

Download this mod here.

27. Slots Anywhere – Counters by Bessy

This mod is another one from Simmer Bessi, who wanted to create a slot map for every counter type in the game. Through this mod, you can have a dozen of seamless deco slots on top of kitchen counters in the game, you can have appliance slots on all end pieces so that appliances don’t seem to be awkwardly positioned, and you get to have sink slots that are fully functional and not floating. Pretty neat!

Get this kitchen mod here.


In the game, purchasing ingredients, following recipes, and preparing meals require a lot of time and effort for our Sims, especially since they do these dishes with so much love and dedication for their family and friends. That’s why it is highly essential that Sims get to accomplish these delicious feats in a well-built kitchen equipped with the right tools, appliances, and decorations. Hence, you can help nurture their cooking space with this list of top-notch kitchen mods and CC! Happy simming, Simmers!

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