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The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Every Home! No matter if your Sims are into cooking or not, there is no doubt that they will spend a lot of time in their kitchen. So, preparing food or otherwise, your Sims can spark one of the wildest adventures while in there! That’s why it’s vital to have the perfect one. Take a look at our top kitchen mods and CC for The Sims 4!

The Best Kitchen Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Light Wood Bayside Kitchen

If you don’t want to overload on the modernistic furniture in your home, check this old fashioned kitchen set! The wood is light colored, the surfaces are clean and the whole design is just friendly. It consists of a fridge, a dishwasher, a cart and a bar – everything you need in your home! You can download the CC here.

kitchen mod

Cool Kitchen Add-ons

Although a few, these kitchen add-ons for The Sims 4 will quickly become one of your must have things whenever you decorate your interior! It’s a lot more realistic when you scatter some of these in various corners of the house, no matter if it’s the flower vase, the jars or the tables. Visit for more info or make a download at this site.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Barstool

Everyone likes barstools! Given the huge popularity of Ung999’s CC – almost 500,000 downloads already, it’s impossible for us not to feature it here! There are no limitations where and with what you’ll use and combine these stools, because they simply go with everything. In 5 colors, they’re available for download at The Sims Resource.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Cabinet Shelf

Cabinets are one of those things that you can never have enough of in your collection. But for a long time this has been one of our most used one. We love its simple and sophisticated look. And Ung999 has created a light, dark and grey wood version, plus a creamy one. You can download it here.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Counter

To go together with the previous extensions shown above, here is a standalone counter! In all of the same color tones, this item is ideal if you’re trying to fit the kitchen in some odd corners. You should definitely give it a try anyway, so head over to The Sims Resource to check it in detail and make a download.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Counter Island

The counter island has been put to many uses by many Simmers throughout the world. It has 500,000 downloads and it has become of the fundamental parts in every Sims 4 collection. We particularly love to use it in our offices and workspaces, but its true purpose lies in the kitchen. If you want to have it, this link will take you to the downloading page.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Dishwasher

The dishwasher is also a vital part of every kitchen set, so having a matching one it’s always great. We’re sad to inform you that this item is only available in 2 colors, but from our experience we can promise you that you’ll find a tremendous amount of use for it! It can be downloaded from here.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Range Hood

The Sims 4 base game isn’t too rich with range hoods either, but that’s why this CC exists. It instantly makes every kitchen more realistic and it’s available in 3 colors to help you suit it in your home. You can download it at The Sims Resource.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Refrigerator

All of Ung999’s kitchen items are made with one thing – to go perfectly together! So, if you’re designing your kitchen with a lot of her CC, then this refrigerator is ideal to use! All of the 4 color variants are too and you can also download it from The Sims Resource. Go!

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Sink

When picking a sink, you always want to make that decision first! Because, if the sink doesn’t match – nothing matches. But this custom one manages to surprise us every time we construct a kitchen – its simplicity and elegance are just one another level. If you want to check it out in game, download it from here.

kitchen mod

Gourmet Kitchen – Stove

Touch tops on an electric stove are the only tops for a modern kitchen! Ung999 has remembered to color this CC too in her standard 4 variants which are much sought after on the internet – over 520,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. To be one of the happy owners, follow this link to download it.

kitchen mod

New Vintage Kitchen Parts Pack

If you need some freshness in the kitchen for your brand new household – consider this CC! It’s an entire pack of vintage styled furniture and kitchen parts, all available in different and unique colors. From cabinets and sinks, to cupboards and stools – literally everything! Visit to find out more or download it quickly from here.

kitchen mod

Nuance Kitchen Wall Deco

In the real world, every kitchen has these decorations on the walls! Well, here they are for The Sims 4 too! Knives, cutting boards, towels and spatulas – hang them all! For a download hurry up to or use our direct shortcut.

kitchen mod

Vanadium Kitchen

And to end it all, here is our favorite kitchen pack on the entire internet! It’s actually a smart conversion of a TS3 kitchen to TS4, bringing with it nearly all of the color option from the previous game. It’s magical just what you can create with all of the different parts, so we strongly recommend you to visit to see all the details. Or if you want to have it right now, click here for a quick download.

kitchen mod

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