Hidden Corner Counters and How to Use Them Successfully

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If you’re completely new to the Sims 4 or taking your first steps into the world of lot building, you might be wondering how to access items you see in Maxis builds but that don’t seem to appear in the catalog. One incredibly useful and common item is the humble corner counter. We’ll show you how to find them in the catalog and what you can do with them!

corner counter
Some of the more interesting corner counter styles

Whether you’re looking for an easy, hands-off way to access corner counters or you want complete control over counter options in your builds, the Sims 4 has a way to do it. All you have to do is choose which method you’d prefer!

The Simple Method: Auto Counters On

When you start up the game for the very first time, Auto Counters (and if you have Dream Home Decorator, Automatic Sofa Placement) will be enabled. How this works is that if you arrange your counters in such a way that a corner should be present, the game will recognize and automatically choose a corner cabinet piece for you. All you have to do is place the counters in the right shape, and the Sims 4 does the rest. This also works for wall cabinets and sectional couches.

The Controlled Way: Auto Counters Off

image 64
There are 2 different spots in the catalog that allow you to toggle Auto Counters

If you disable Auto Counters, not only will outer and inner corner counters be available to you but also several other counter (and cabinet) pieces in a variety of shapes and styles! Some of these objects will have special details such as visible dishes, spices and other ingredients, unique details, and more. Going through the catalog and checking out all of the available options will surprise you when you see how detailed some of these pieces are. It’s definitely worth a peek!

Getting Creative With Corner Counters

image 65
You can use inner & outer corners in lots of cool ways!

You can use corner counters to create handsome kitchen and bathroom designs with Auto Counters on or off, and with a little bit of experimenting you’ll easily come up with some neat layouts. If you need a few ideas, give these a try:

  • Place outer corners on either side of a regular tile counter, add a sink and mirror, and you’ve got a fancy vanity
  • Combine inner corner counters and islands with center tile counters and islands to make a kitchen peninsula
  • Alternate inner and outer corner island pieces to create a unique zig-zag bar
  • Flank a fancy grill with tile and corner counters for a one-of-a-kind outdoor cooking space

Feel free to experiment with all of the different counter, island, and cabinet styles and see where your creativity takes you!

Final Thoughts

Every home and nearly every community building in the Sims 4 will have counters somewhere, so as a builder you want to have as many tools available as possible to create a variety of counter styles. Using corner counters, islands, cabinets, and more will completely open your options and make designing the perfect kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor dining space that much simpler. The game makes it easy whether you want help, or to do it all yourself. Give it a try and have some fun!

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