10 Sims 4 Kitchen Ideas For Every Taste

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About Building Kitchens in Sims 4

The kitchen is the most important part of your house in Sims 4. It’s usually next to your living room, which is the center of your home. The kitchen is where your Sims will keep their food, cook, and eat, so it’s crucial to get it right. But building your ideal kitchen can be difficult without the right tools. And in this post, I want to give you 10 awesome Sims 4 kitchen ideas!

But before we dive into these 10 kitchens, I’d like to show you my collection of the best Sims 4 kitchen mods & CC. If you click on this link, you’ll find some of the best parts that you can build your kitchen with. Everything from kitchen counters to benches, stoves, and more!

However, if you want to get inspired first, check out these 10 kitchen ideas for Sims 4!

Check out these 5 ideas on how to improve your house in Sims 4!

10 Awesome Sims 4 Kitchen Ideas

10. Tropical Kitchen Nocc

If you like colors and diversity, this tropical kitchen is definitely for you! The main color of this kitchen is dark turquoise which blends well with the rest of the colors – white, pink, and light green. 

The kitchen size is 8 x 7. It costs only 69,378 simoleons and it doesn’t use any CC. This means that you can have it without having to download additional stuff. The creator is maimouth.

You can check the Tropical Kitchen Nocc from this Sims 4 Gallery link. 

9. Loft Series Kitchen

Here we have a sophisticated kitchen build, perfect for an apartment or a smaller house. The kitchen itself is not big and it’s only 7 x 7 size. It has soft colors and it’s predominantly built out of wood. However, the fridge and the kitchen cabinets are in red. This creates a nice mix of modern and classic looks. The creator here is arielle47.

You can check this Loft Series kitchen from this link.

8. Island Living Kitchen

If you’re looking for a summer-inspired kitchen in Sims 4, the Island Living Kitchen is the one for you! It’s built out of white wood and mixed with bright turquoise color. It’s decorated with lamps and carpets of the same colors. There are even a few plants here. It all reminds us of summer and happy times, so it’s one of my favorite Sims 4 kitchen ideas!

Click here to check the Island Living Kitchen.

7. Acid Green Lemon Kitchen

If modern kitchens are your thing, you’ll definitely love this Acid Green Lemon Kitchen. It only has two colors – grey and green. Despite their differences, these colors go especially well together in this build. The size is 10 x 6, but it only costs 23,020 simoleons. And it was created by Kiminodu.

Click here to check this Acid Green Lemon Kitchen.

6. Dine & Dish Kitchen

But if you don’t like to clutter your kitchen with too many elements, here you have a nice and simple kitchen instead. The style is modern, with a few color hues that go well together. It has an island in the middle with stools around it, so your Sims can eat right there as well. The size is 8 x 5 and the whole kitchen will only cost you 10,627 simoleons. 

Check how this kitchen looks here.

5. A Rustic Kitchen

If you’re anything like me, then you definitely like spacious kitchens. This Rustic Kitchen is one of the best kitchen ideas for Sims 4 that I’ve ever seen. It makes so much of the available 10 x 5 space. It’s almost entirely in the red color, but it looks very good in the game. The creator here is KatieRoo91313.

You can see the Rustic Kitchen here.

4. Large Rustic Kitchen

For all of you old-school lovers here, I present to you this awesome Large Rustic Kitchen. It looks old and classy with wooden counters and benches. I especially love the lights and the island in the middle. The size is 7 x 6 and the total cost is 21,252 simoleons. It’s been created by Xnobody and published on the Sims 4 gallery.

Here’s the link to the Large Rustin Kitchen gallery post.

3. Tic Toc Kitchen

When I first saw this kitchen model, I rushed and replicated it in my main Sims 4 save. I simply love how the bright colors blend together here. The kitchen is large, and it has a main area, a dining area, and a sidebar on the opposite side. It also has a weird clock in the middle, but you don’t have to include that if you don’t want to. The creator is chips46.

Click here to check the Tic Toc Kitchen. 

2. Family Kitchen

If you play with a big family in Sims 4  and you have a large house, this Family Kitchen may be the right one for you. It is spacious and has everything you need – a cooking area, a dining area, and places to store food. The mix of white with the natural wood color is very pretty. The whole thing costs 24,862, and the size is 8 x 10.

You can check this Family Kitchen here.

1. Cozy Kitchen

And finally, we have a nice Cozy Kitchen! The reason why it is one of the best Sims 4 kitchen ideas out there is that it looks so damn good in-game. It’s a feminine design that mixes the pink color with dark brown wood. It also has an island in the middle with stools around it. Its size is 9 x 6, and it was created by shidoshui.

Here you can check this Cozy Kitchen. 

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