5 Ideas to Improve Your Sims 4 Houses

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Whether you’re trying to improve your Sims 4 houses with a better layout, a different style, or some additional rooms, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated! Let’s take a look at some great advice to add a little bit of spice to the amazing houses you are already building in the base game!

As always, there are some great mods if the original features are not enough for your ideas, but take a look at all the fascinating things you can already do!

1. Don’t Forget the Attic in Your Sims 4 Houses

It’s true that the attic is not the easiest room to build. Yet, it doesn’t have to be all complicated!

The easiest way to do it is by adding a simple room and then building half roofs on the sides to create the look of a big roof with a flat top. Once you’re done with that, you have a nice little space on the top where your Sims can either live or keep their things.

2. Improvise with the Terrain Tool

Sadly, this is often overlooked. It might seem hard if you’re a beginner player, but that is a big misconception! 

This is only a matter of your inspiration. You can make big sinkholes or raise big hills for your house. Just keep in mind that there should always be some decent road for your Sims to walk.

3. Where is the Porch in Your Sims 4 House?

A porch is another thing we tend to forget in the game. Improve the entrance of your house, and everything will immediately look better and brighter. 

Don’t forget to add some nice pillars and a cute roof as a cherry on the top. You can add some additional things on the porch to make it even more adorable. How about a small coffee table and some comfortable chairs?

4. Add More Expansion Packs to the Game

It’s no secret that great expansion packs can bring a lot of amazing things to the base game. If you’re looking for more ideas, more items, you can easily improve the game.

For example, such packs as University or Seasons are perfect additions to the already existing houses and rooms. Of course, there are plenty of items in the base game, but we all know that sometimes we keep searching for more and more.

5. Upgrade Your Placement

By now, you probably already know plenty of cheats. Think about the “bb.moveobjects” cheat to place objects wherever you want. This makes everything so much easier if you’re trying to get a more natural look in your rooms.

This way, you can improve your couches and other pieces of furniture. 

Building a house in The Sims 4 game is one of the best experiences. You have so much freedom that you only need your imagination. The possibilities are quite endless once you get some additional ideas in your head.

Now you’re more than ready to start playing again and build the house of your dreams in the game.

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