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Skills are probably one of the most interesting aspects of our gameplay in The Sims 4 since it allows our Sims to have a productive pursuit and meaningful use of their time. Here is a full list of the skills that our Sims can dabble on, in The Sims 4!

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Sims 4 Skills In One Go

Since the earliest Sims franchise, we have devoted our dear Sims to learning a handful of skills. It’s not that difficult especially when plenty of their daily activities, like social interactions, reading books, or tinkering around the house, can already help them build up a certain level of mastery. Over time, and across all Sims games, more and more skills have been added to the roster, which allowed our Sims plenty of things to do and learn, with their free time. In this list, we can read about all Sims 4 skills in one place, from major and minor adult skills to toddler and child skills. Let’s dive into all these below!

Major Skills


Major skills are the main skills of the game. These are usually maxed out at level 10. Check out all the major skills below:

ActingTo learn, get a mirror or a microphone! Learning how to act unlocks new types of acting performances Sims can do for tips, and abilities that can save unpleasant conversations.Get Famous
Archaeology SkillLearn the skill by digging up, authenticating, and studying archaeological findings, or by reading archaeology skill books. Improving Archaeology skills unlocks new interactions Sims for digging up and working with artifacts on the archaeology table.Jungle Adventure
BakingTo learn, just start baking! The higher the skill, the more delicious recipes your Sim will unlock!Get to Work
CharismaTo master Charisma, practice in front of the mirror, or socialize with others! Learning the skill will unlock new interactions, and increase the likelihood of being well-received by others.Base Game
ComedyThe Comedy skill can be developed using a mic stand. Sims can tell jokes, comedy routines, and more. Base Game
CookingBring out those pots and pans! Cooking is one of the most basic skills that Sims easily learns. Start by opening the fridge and trying the recipes.Base Game
DJ MixingGet a Sim to whip out some awesome mixes through the DJ Booth to increase the DJ Mixing skill. They can also play for the crowd.Get Together
FabricationIf Sims are interested in raising this skill, they can use the fabricator, or they can craft some candles using the candle-making table.Eco Lifestyle
FishingFish are found wherever there are ponds and bodies of water in the game. Through baits and a fishing rod, our Sims can start catching some fish. They can read about the skill too.Base Game
FitnessSims can build up on this skill by working out on the treadmill, the punching bag, and the weight bench, and also jogging.Base Game
Flower ArrangingBy planting seeds in internal and external planters, Sims can level up on the Gardening skill. They can then keep tending to these plants to build up the skill. Seasons
GardeningBy planting seeds in internal and external planters, Sims can level up on the Gardening skill. They can then keep tending to these plants to build up on the skill. Base Game
GemologyWith this skill, Sims can craft and design jewelry pieces, crystal creations, and other brilliant stuff. Reaching level 10 will let them craft the Plumbob jewelry!Crystal Creations
Gourmet CookingJust like the Cooking skill, our Sims can work on Gourmet Cooking by trying new recipes from the fridge that are labeled as Gourmet. Base Game
GuitarStrum the guitar and build up on this skill! Sims can then unlock songs, and write and publish them, too.Base Game
HandinessIf Sims love to tinker around the house repairing and upgrading things, then the Handiness skill is for them! They can also use the Woodworking Table for this.Base Game
HerbalismUsing the Grill or the Stove, our Sims can brew various concoctions that they can use for remedies. It’s essential to also collect and identify herbs for this skill.Outdoor Retreat
KnittingWith The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting Stuff, our Sims can now build up their knitting skills, dedicated to clothing, furniture, and even decorations. These can then be sold online.Nifty Knitting Stuff
LogicThe logic skill involves reading logic books, playing chess, looking at the telescope, and analyzing stuff under the microscope.Base Game
MischiefSims can mainly build Mischief skill by utilizing the Mischief interactions available in the social pie menu. They can also try using the Voodoo Doll for an extra vile step. Base Game
MixologyConcocting drinks on the bar will help Sims level up on their Mixology skill. New drinks, bar tricks, and socials can then be unlocked.Base Game
PaintingEasels are quite important for building up on the Painting skill. Paintings can be influenced depending on the current mood of Sims. Base Game
ParentingWhen Sims bear children, they will be able to build up on their Parenting skills. To boost this, they can research on the computer.Parenthood
PianoJust like the Guitar skill, Sims can work on their Piano skill by practicing consistently on the Piano. Base Game
Pipe OrganIntroduced in The Sims 4: Vampires, Pipe Organs pretty much look like Pianos, yet a little more terrifying. Punch on those keys to build up on this skill!Vampires
ProgrammingThe Programming skill level can be raised by doing programming stuff using the computer. Sims can create Plugins, Mods, and even Apps. Base Game
Research & DeabteSims can use the mirror to practice their Debating skills, or they can use the Research Archive Machine as well.Discover University
RidingSims can ride a horse to boost the Riding skill. They can also join competitions or go for a leisurely ride while bonding with their horses!Horse Ranch
RoboticsGet upgrade parts from the computer and let Sims build robots using the Robotics Table! Wait until they can build a Servo, which is a really cool occult Sim.Discover University
Rocket SciencePurchase a Rocket Ship from Build Mode and let Sims start building on their Rocket Science skills! After topping the levels, they can even reach Sixam.Base Game
SingingWith a microphone or a Karaoke Machine, Sims can improve their Singing skills. They can also sing with other Sims or perform in public.City Living
SkiingSkiing is a skill introduced in The Sims 4: Snowe Escape, and our Sims can work on it by going on skis by themselves or with other SimsSnowy Escape
SnowboardingSnowboarding is another skill introduced in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. On top of mountains, Sims can snowboard. Just be careful about those hard slopes!Snowy Escape
Video GamingVideo Gaming can be a skill? Yes! Simply allow Sims to play video games from their PCs, tablets, or consoles and see them max out this skill!Base Game
Vampire Lore
(15 levels)
Our Sims can read Vampire Tomes or research about Vampire Lore in their PC to level up on this skill.Vampires
VeterinarianSims can examine and treat pets in the Vet Clinic. At the same time, they can build on their Veterinarian skills! Cats & Dogs
ViolinImproving this skill requires Sims to keep playing the Violin. Try the musical instrument in public for a greater challenge!Base Game
WellnessFor a much-needed break, let Sims visit spas, wherein they can get wellness treatments, massages, and meditation and yoga sessions. Spa Day
WritingGet Sims writing on the computer. Over time, they will be able to write about different genres of stories and books. Maxing out the skill grants the ability to write the Book of Life!Base Game

Minor Skills


Minor skills are usually maxed out at level 5, but they’re not necessarily much easier than major skills! Here are all the minor skills in the game:

BowlingAllow Sims to keep playing Bowling to be able to build up on this skill.Bowling Night Stuff
Cross-StitchCross-stitch is a cool pastime for homey Sims, who will be able to craft nice pieces while boosting their cross-stitch skills!Cottage Living
Dancing SkillBust those moves on the dance floor! Sims who dance to any music from a stereo or a DJ booth, or on any dance floor, can gain dancing skills.Get Together
EntrepreneurSims who have a lot of side jobs and freelancing gigs can improve their Entrepreneur skills. High School Years
Juice FizzingFizzy juices are not just delicious, crafting them can also provide a skill boost to our Sims!Eco Lifestyle
Media ProductionCreate videos using the Video Station, the Music Station, and the drones to help Sims improve on this skill.Get Famous
MediumGet a seance table and let Sims conduct seances with themselves or preferably, with a group, for a lesser terrifying experience!Paranormal Stuff
Nectar MakingUsing a Nectar Maker, our Sims can craft the sweetest nectar, which they can then bottle, and sell later, on top of acquiring Nectar-making skills! Horse Ranch
Pet TrainingTraining dogs and cats will allow Sims to have the Pet Training skill. Don’t forget to let them give treats after!Cats & Dogs
PhotographyTaking photos using the camera or the phone, of whatever subject, will let Sims gain levels in the photography skill.Base Game
Rock ClimbingSims can climb on real rock climbing spots in Mt. Komorebi or get themselves a rock climbing wall to build up on this skill.Snowy Escape
Selvadoradian CultureVisit the jungles of Selvadorada, interact with the locals, and also taste Selvadoradian cuisine to boost this skill.Jungle Adventure

Toddler Skills


All toddlers will be able to build up these five skills before climbing to the next age group.

CommunicationToddlers who love to socialize with other Sims and study flashcards will be able to quickly build up their Communication skills.Base Game
ImaginationToys, dolls, balls, and books will help toddlers work on their Imagination skills.Base Game
MovementBy dancing, walking, running, and playing with adults, little Sims can boost this physical skill.Base Game
PottyPotty training is a skill that can be vastly improved by letting Toddlers use a Potty Chair.Base Game
ThinkingGive Toddlers some flashcards, tablets, and nesting blocks so they can maximize their thinking skills!Base Game


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Children, on the other hand, will be able to build up on the following four skills:

CreativityGet kids drawing, playing with toys, and using the activity table to allow them to boost their Creativity skill.Base Game
MentalMental skill is pretty much the kiddy version of Logic. It can be raised by playing chess, interacting with the science table, and doing some computer interactions.Base Game
MotorUse the monkey bars, jungle gyms, and other physical toys to help Children gain Motor skills.Base Game
SocialChildren can play with their dolls and stuffed toys and interact with other Sims to increase their social skills.Base Game

More on SNOOTYSIMS: We can enroll our Sims into the Sim U Online Portal to let them take all-new skill classes or degrees. Exciting, right? Learn everything about this ultra-cool school mod here.

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The Sims games are incomplete without the fun and satisfaction that learning skills provide. Thus, we need to be familiar with every skill in the game! Please follow us on Patreon and our social media sites. We are on GoogleFacebookTwitterYouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr. You can also leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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