The Sims 4 Skills List

Check out All the Skills in The Sims 4 From This List!

With all its expansion and game packs, The Sims 4 has gotten quite a big list of skills that you can work on. These include skills that are related to professions and work, but also ones that are connected with raising a child. For example, the Get to Work skill is Baking and you can max it out by baking stuff in your restaurant. And similarly, one of the toddler skills in Communication which the child can learn with being in more social situations.

But, what are skills in The Sims 4? Well, they’re measurements of how well your Sim is trained in performing certain actions. They help you understand where your character sits at the moment, as well as what you’ll need to do to get them to the place you want them to be. There are a couple of ways you can increase your skill, but know that you could also use cheats to max skills instantly! Here we will list all skills in The Sims 4 and help you track the ones you need the most!

The Sims 4 Skills List

To make things more clear, we’ve categorized The Sims 4 skills in multiple groups, so the whole list is easier to use. Most of these skills will be known to you if you’re an experienced simmer, but there some that are relatively new, like the Snowy Escape ones. No matter, here are all the skills in The Sims 4 in one list!

The Sims 4 Skills

  • Charisma – Increased by practicing in the mirror or conversations with Sims.
  • Comedy – Increased by telling jokes privately or on social media.
  • Cooking – Increased by cooking with raw materials.
  • Fishing – Increased by spending time fishing outdoors.
  • Fitness – Increased by working out at home or at the gym.
  • Gardening – Increased by caring for plants.
  • Gourmet Cooking – Increased by cooking delicious foods.
  • Guitar – Increased by playing the guitar and learning songs.
  • Handiness – Increased by repairing objects around the house.
  • Logic – Increased by playing chessboard, using the telescope, or similar activities.
  • Mischief – Increased by using the voodoo doll.
  • Mixology – Increased by preparing cocktails.
  • Painting – Increased by painting pictures.
  • Piano – Increased by playing the piano.
  • Photography – Increased by taking pictures with a phone or a camera.
  • Programming – Increased by working on games, apps, etc.
  • Rocket Science – Increased by working on a Rocket Ship.
  • Video Gaming – Increased by playing video games on the computer.
  • Violin – Increased by playing the violin.
  • Writing – Increased by writing on the computer.

Toddler Skills

  • Communication – Increased by talking to other Sims.
  • Imagination – Increased by playing with toys and dolls.
  • Movement – Increased by learning to walk.
  • Potty – Increased by being accompanied by an adult Sim trainer.
  • Thinking – Increased by playing with flashcards, nesting blocks, etc.

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Child Skills

  • Creativity – Increased by drawing on an easel or similar activities.
  • Mental – Increased by playing with the chessboard or science table.
  • Motor – Increased by doing physical activities.
  • Social – Increased by spending time with other Sims.

Outdoor Retreat Skills

  • Herbalism – Increased by identifying herbs and preparing them.

Get to Work Skills

  • Baking – Increased by baking sugary pastry in the oven

Spa Day Skills

  • Wellness – Increased by meditation, yoga, or massages.

Get Together Skills

  • Dancing – Increased by dancing on the dance floor.
  • DJ Mixing – Increased by using the DJ Booth.

City Living Skills

  • Singing – Increased by practicing and singing songs.

Vampire Skills

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  • Pipe Organ – Increased by playing the Pipe Organ.
  • Vampire Lore – Increased by reading about the history of vampires.

Bowling Night Stuff Skills

  • Bowling – Increased by bowling with friends.

Parenthood Skills

  • Parenting – Increased by teaching and caring for your children.

Cats & Dogs Skills

  • Pet Training – Increased by teaching your dog tricks.
  • Veterinarian – Increased by caring for people’s pets.

Jungle Adventure Skills

  • Archeology – Increased by digging up remnants of the past.
  • Selvadoradian Culture – Increased by socializing with the locals in Selvadorada.

Seasons Skills

  • Flower Arranging – Increased by arranging flowers in a beautiful combination.

Get Famous Skills

  • Acting – Increased by practicing in the mirror or performing in front of others.
  • Media Production – Increased by helping Sims have better audio and video products.

Discover University Skills

  • Research & Debate – Increased by researching and debating about various topics.
  • Robotics – Increased by tinkering at the University.

Eco Lifestyle Skills

  • Fabrication – Increased by creating candles.
  • Juice Fizzing – Increased by making fizzy juice.

Nifty Knitting Stuff Skills

  • Knitting – Increased by knitting sweaters and gloves for the family.

Snowy Escape Skills

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  • Rock Climbing – Increased by climbing dangerous areas.
  • Skiing – Increased by performing regular skiing and skiing tricks.
  • Snowboarding – Increased by snowboarding all day long.


No matter which skill you want to increase in The Sims 4, you’ll have to complete the actions in that field. If it’s music, you’ll have to sing songs or play instruments as much as possible. Sometimes it can feel like a chore to do all those things, but that is why we use cheats! If you’re interested, check out our cheat page and find the ones you need! Happy simming!