40+ Farming Mods and CC: Have a Bountiful Harvest in The Sims 4!

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If you’re one of the simmers who find endless fun in cultivating your own farm and growing fresh produce in the game, then great news, because this post is for you! In this list, we gathered our favorite farming mods and CC packs for The Sims 4, which we are sure, will help you have a bountiful in-game harvest all year-round. Read on!

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40+ Farming Mods and CC for the Sims 4!

Grow The Best Farm in The Sims 4

Since TS4: Cottage Living was launched in 2021, we have all found ourselves spending countless hours farming in The Sims 4—planting plenty of crops, tending to our adorable livestock, and even joining Finchwick Fair competitions to express our pride in our produce! But even before the said expansion pack was launched, we have already been managing our farms through other farming mods released by fellow simmers in the past.

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we’ve got the ultimate farming mods and cc for you on this list!

As farming is undoubtedly becoming one of the most enjoyable aspects of The Sims 4, we are bringing you a mega list of farming mods and CC to help you build the best in-game farm ever. And hey, don’t forget to check the last item on the list. It’s a surprise item that will massively improve your Sims 4 farm gameplay!

Farming Mods

1. Hire a Farmhand Mod by SiriusSimmer


If you need a helping hand in your day-to-day activities on your farm, call the assistance of professional Farmhands! Farmhands can aid you in feeding your chickens, cleaning your chicken coops, animals, and animal sheds, refilling their daily feeds, and taking care of your crops. Just use the phone and select “Hire Farmhand Service”. Much like Maids, Farmhands can give one-time or regular assistance.

Visit this link here to get this farming mod.

2. Farmers Market Lot Mod by cubiertodeflores


The Dill Farmers Market is a fully-functional 30×20 community lot where fresh goods and products are available for your Sims. There are meats, milk products, bread, vegetables, fruits, and other items available. Once you use the lot, you can place fresh produce in the refrigerator. You can click on food items and select “Refill” to have more of the goods, then you can mark them “For Sale” to sell them.

Click here to download this Farmers Market Mod.

3. Green Thumb Trait Mod by KiaraSims4Mods


In The Sims 3, we had the Green Thumb Trait in the list of mental traits available, while in The Sims 4, Sims can get the Super Green Thumb Reward Trait after completing the Perfect Garden Lifetime aspiration. But, there is an even better mod that offers us more gardening perks. Meet the Green Thumb Trait by KiaraSims4. This one lets your Sims have plenty of crop-related whims, buffs, and social interactions!

Go to this page here to get the Green Thumb Trait Farming Mod.

4. Farmer Trait Mod By KiaraSims4Mods


Just like the Green Thumb Trait, the Farmer Trait also involves gardening-related whims and activities. However, the latter is all-inclusive of other farming methods, such as fishing, crafting, playing with animals, discussing the farmer’s lifestyle, and many other farm-related interactions. If your Sims have this trait, they will be able to learn Gardening and Fishing skills twice as fast as other simmers.

Get the Farmer Trait by clicking here.

5. Cowplant Farming Mod by Brazen Lotus

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If you’re like us who just can’t get enough of the fascinating, always-hungry Cowplants in The Sims 4, then you’d like this Cowplant Farming Mod. This mod introduces the Hybrid Cowplant in the game. It is a modified, tamed version of the Cowplant that we know of. The Hybrid Cowplant produces milk that can be harvested by your Sim. The milk can vary in type and quality, and is vegetarian-safe!

Have fun with the Cowplant Farming Mod, by getting it here.

6. Dill Goods Delivery Mod by cubiertodeflores

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We have introduced you earlier to the Farmers Market community lot wherein you can purchase fresh farm produce. If your sims cannot go to the said market, they can opt instead to have the goods delivered straight to their house with this Dill Goods Delivery mod. High-quality veggies, fruits, meat, milk, fish, eggs, herbs, berries, honey, and other ingredients and goodies are available for delivery.

Install this Goods Delivery Farming Mod to your game by downloading it here.

7. Fishing Expanded Mod by SrslySims

fishing 1

This farming mod lets you catch more custom fish in the game, including lobsters, crabs, and clams. If you use this farming mod together with the Complete Cooking Overhaul mod of SrslySims, you will be able to use the said custom fish as ingredients in your cooking recipes. You can also eat the fish right away if you also install the “Eat Fish” mod.

More fishing fun to help you with farming, simply by getting the said farming mod here.

8. Fertilize and Evolve Mod by Carl’s Guides


Of course, it’s not always easy to maintain a farm, especially if crops and plants have hugely filled your lot. It’ll take hours just to click on all plants and nurture their needs. Thus, Carl’s Guides created this farming mod that helps you instantly fertilize and evolve all of your plants through the “Fertilize All” and “Evolve All” options. Now, you’ll have an easier time farming!

Help all your plants evolve through this farming mod here.

9. Autonomous Gardening Mod by LittleMsSam

Screenshot 2023 03 08 082041

The Autonomous Gardening mod by LittleMsSam lets your sims who have the Plant Lover Trait automatically tend to plants in the garden. Sims would have a hidden buff for five hours which would make them water, evolve, and weed plants. This mod also includes optional add-ons such as autonomous fertilizing and buyable fertilizers. There are also add-ons that prevent Sims from autonomously talking to and researching plants.

Grab this nifty farming mod here.

10. Dairy Cowplant Mod by Icemunmun

TS4 x64 2020 11 25 22 06 48 75

We have another Cowplant Mod for you because this plant-slash-creature just makes the game more interesting! Like the Hybrid Cowplant mod we talked about above, this mod also turns Cowplants in the game into non-dangerous life forms that provide milk, instead of Sim Essence. Depending on the treats you feed it, this Cowplant will give different kinds of milk. Plus, it also produces vegan-friendly milk!

Download this Dairy Cowplant Farming Mod here.

11. Better Farm Animals Mod by BosseLadyTV

Screenshot 2023 03 08 091812

In the game, farm animals will automatically run back to their coops and shelters whenever the rain pours down, especially during heavy rains and snow storms. With this farming mod by creator BosseLadyTV, the farm animals will now stay outside when a downpour is occurring, allowing your Sim to still take care of their needs. However, this mod does not prevent your farm animals from becoming dirty, wet, or hit by lightning!

Enjoy the rain with your farm animals, by getting this farming mod here.

12. Free-Range Mod by Lot51

poster freerange

For number 12, we have the Free-Range farming mod brought to us by Lot51. If you’ve noticed, chickens in The Sims 4 can roam freely around your lot, coming back to the Chicken Coop only when you collect them or when it’s feeding time. Now, with this farming mod, cows can now also wander as they please around your farm! The mod includes a grazing area marker and a barn marker for your cows.

Let those cows graze freely, by downloading the farming mod here.

13. More Farm Animals Mod by TheKalino

Screenshot 2023 03 08 091725

Llamas, chickens, and cows have filled our barns and our hearts since they were introduced in the game. But sometimes, it feels like we could need more farm animals to keep the current ones happier! Thus, creator TheKalino made more farm animals join in on the fun. With this farming mod, you can now have horses, alpacas, goats, donkeys, geese, white ducks, sheep, and pigs in the game!

Animal party coming your way, after you download the said farming mod here.

Functional Farming Appliances

14. Plant-Based Milk Maker by Icemunmun

TS4 x64 2022 06 11 17 22 57 40

Vegan Sims can rejoice because it is now possible to create plant-based milk alternatives in the game through this farming mod by Icemunmun. You can craft 15 variants of milk, such as Almond, Cardamom, Pistachio, Soya, and others, which will give your Sims special buffs when drunk. Remember that you have to install the Functional Mill (we included it in this list below) for this mod to work.

Start creating plant-based milk, by getting this farming mod here.

15. Liquid Press by Brazen Lotus

The Liquid Press allows you to craft a variety of essential ingredients, such as oils, nut milk, and juices, on your farm. You can find it in the Small Appliances section of Build Mode. Amazingly, the Liquid Press works off-the-grid. Yep, it will run even without electricity! Take note of the required core mods stated in the post, for this Liquid Press to work.

Get the Liquid Press Farming Mod here.

16. Nectar Maker by Icemunmun

80c55 mainpic 2

The Nectar Maker makes it possible for you to craft nectar, combine nectar flavors, and learn the ten-level Nectar Making Skill through books or by continuously making nectar. Nectars can be made with basic ingredients from your farm, such as honey, berries, fruits, herbs, and veggies. You can then sell or consume them. Interactions with the nectar will also give your Sims special buffs.

Start making some nectar by getting this farming mod here.

17. Canning Station by Icemunmun

256bc untitled 1

The Canning Station is a fully-packed farming mod that offers lots of features in the game. It lets your sims make jams, pickles, spreads, and sauces from different harvestable crops on the farm—which they then store in pretty glass jars. These canned goodies will give Sims special buffs when consumed. Apart from these features, this farming mod also introduces the ten-level Canning Skill for your Sims.

Canning fresh produce from your farm is possible by getting this farming mod here.

18. Juice-O-Matic by SrslySims


Of course, you don’t only get to enjoy your fruit and vegetable harvests by consuming them on their own or tossing them into your meal recipes—you can also enjoy them as juice drinks. With this Juice-O-Matic functional appliance, you can sip the fresh goodness of over 22 fruits and veggies. Special juice variants such as Garlic Juice, Plasma Juice, and Glow Orb Juice are also available!

Drink up with the Juice-O-Matic functional farming mod available here.

19. Functional mill by Icemunmun

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Your farming routine will not be complete without the process of crafting goods from your very own produce! Thus, you must get this Functional Mill for your farm. This appliance will let you make mill products, such as wheat flour, rice, sugar, biscuits, cream cheese, butter, milk, and crates of veggies and fruits. The said Functional Mill also introduces the five-level Milling Skill in the game.

Run the Functional Mill in your game by getting it here.

Farm Ingredients and Recipes

20. Mascarpone Cheese by Brazen Lotus

Part of farming is also making your own cheese after you have gathered all those buckets of milk from your cows. And with this farming mod from Brazen Lotus, your sims can now craft Mascarpone Cheese at home, which they can then easily consume or use as ingredients for other recipes! The Mascarpone Cheese spoils at the same rate as regular food in the game.

Let Sims enjoy some Marcapone Cheese, by downloading it here.

21. dark Coffee by Brazen Lotus

Dark Coffee is an ingredient that can be bought, or crafted from your farm. You can buy it as a single bag, or in bulk, through a tin that contains 8 bags of coffee. If you have the Coffee Drying Recipe from Brazen Lotus, you can dry coffee beans and put them in the Mill Appliance (additional farming mod stated in the post), which will eventually produce the Dark Coffee ingredient.

Make Sims sip this dark coffee, through this link here.

22. Powdered Sugar by Brazen Lotus

This Powdered Sugar is also an ingredient that can be purchased or can be crafted using the Mill Appliance (additional farming mod stated in the post). Like the coffee, you can buy it in single servings, or in bulk, through a Powdered Sugar sack that contains 8 single servings. If unused for a long time, the Powdered Sugar will spoil. You can keep it in the refrigerator to keep it longer.

Get your Sims some Powdered Sugar, by downloading from here.

23. Tea Curing Recipe by Brazen Lotus

This one is a Curing Recipe for the tea leaves you grow in your farm. With this recipe, your Sims can produce White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea leaves which can then later be used to make drinkable teas. Don’t forget to download the required mods in the post for this recipe to work!

Cure some tea with this recipe, available here.

24. Green Olives by Brazen Lotus

Part of farming, of course, is also drying, curing, and preserving the produce that you’ve harvested. If you have Olives available in your produce, you can turn it into pickled or brined Green Olive, by using this farming mod, along with the Brazen Homestead Craftbook. You will then get a Green Olive product in a canning jar, which can be stored in the refrigerator, and would never spoil!

Preserve some green olives, through this farming mod here.

25. White Vinegar by Brazen Lotus

White Vinegar is such an essential ingredient in your farm, due to its multi-purpose properties. With this White Vinegar farming mod, you can delight in the entire process of preserving vinegar mash, aging the mash inside wooden barrels, then later collecting the finished vinegar product. You can then use this White Vinegar to aid in your other farm processes, such as preserving and pickling veggies.

Prepare those barrels and preserve White Vinegar after downloading this farming mod here.

Decorative Farming CC

26. Moonwood garden by Myshunosun

moonwood preview

The Moonwood Garden, from CC creator Myshunosun features 13 decorative and functional items to elevate the vibe of your farm. High-quality planter boxes, potted plants, a flower-arranging table, a garden table, garden soil, pots, picked flowers, and a ladder shelf, are just some of the offerings of this CC pack. Everything is base-game compatible, but you need The Sims 4:Seasons expansion pack for the flower-arranging table to work.

Visit this link here to download this CC pack.

27. Garden Signs Collection by Caigel

MTS Caigel 2074898 Caigel gardensigns2022 cottageliving picture

If you’ve been running your huge farm for a long time, you’ve probably lost track of where each veggie, fruit, flower, or herb is located. Luckily, there is a CC pack to help you in organizing your farm. With these garden signs by Caigel, you can now label each crop on your farm, so you easily remember what specific type of plant it is you’re tending to.

Prettify your farm with these signs, up for grabs here.

28. Clutter Anywhere (Plants Part Five) by Bessy

MTS Black Shadow 2025140 plants1

Let’s all admit it, it’s such a bother how we can never situate some plants in the specific locations we want to. And, if you have a farm in the game, you just want to fill *EACH* space in your house with plants! But good news, because, through this mod by Bess, plants are now placeable anywhere. Yep! Floor plants can now find their place on tables!

Fill your farm with more plants, through this clutter set here.

29. farm Life Ceramic Jars by Ruby Red

RubyRed Farm Life Ceramic Jars 1

Farming is not only about getting your hands dirty the whole day by tending to crops and taking care of your farm animals. Farming could also be about the farm life ~aesthetic~! So, style up your home with these Farm Life Ceramic Jars by RubyRed. These charming ceramics include a fresh milk canister, a honey pot, and seasoning containers. Because, who said that farm life cannot be posh, right?

Get these adorable Farm Life Ceramic Jars here.

30. Autumn Harvest Set by Simdertalia


The Autumn Harvest Set is a clutter CC pack that can help your farm look picture-ready when Fall arrives. The set includes 13 items that could be purchased from the Decorations section of Build Mode (just type in “autumn harvest”). These items include carrots, cheddar cheese, corn baskets, hay bales, potatoes, pumpkins, squash meshes, turnips, plus more. All of the 13 items are base-game compatible.

Celebrate the autumn season by getting the Autumn Harvest Set here.

31. A La Ferme Cottage Coop CC by Syboulette

A la fermeset COOP preview5 1

If you are designing a cozy farm, you definitely have to get this Cottage Coop CC pack by Syboulette. It includes 14 items for the game, such as a functional coop, an eggs box, a functional trash can, a wooden cart, a wishing well, grain sacks, and a wall bell. All the items are base game compatible, except the functional coop, which needs The Sims 4: Cottage Living to work.

This Cottage Coop CC pack is available here.

32. Farmers Crates by Leo Sims

Screenshot 2023 03 07 152154

CC creator LeoSims crafted these farmer wooden crates, which come in 8 swatches. The said crates feature a variety of fruit and veggie labels–peppers, sweet corn, blueberries, peaches, carrots, tomatoes, apples, and strawberries. Although these wooden crates are just decorative items, they can make your farm give off that authentic, rustic vibe. They are also perfect as clutter for market stalls.

Decorate your farm with these crates, available here.

33. Produce Displays by Ravasheen

RVSN CottageLiving ProduceDisplays 1024x1024 1

Just like the Farmers Crates we introduced to you above, this decorative CC will also add more flavor to your farm designs. Crafted by Ravasheen, this CC features sacks of potatoes and carrots, and racks of assorted veggies such as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and cloves of garlic. There are wooden stands of leeks and chives. Overall a perfect display for your farm or market stall!

Display these fresh products on your farm, by downloading them here.

Farm Harvestable

34. Green Tea Leaves by Icemunmun

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This farming mod is also one of our favorites from this list. Created by Icemunmun, this mod allows you to plant and harvest green tea leaves on your farm, including Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, and Longjing. Consuming these harvestable tea leaves will give your Sims buffs, such as “Positivi-Tea”, and “Love You So Matcha”, and will increase the speed of gaining skills in Gardening, Wellness, Herbalism, and Fitness!

Place some tea plants in The Sims 4, by downloading them from here.

35. Pulses Pack by Robin


This Pulses Pack, created by Sims modder Robin, introduces the concept of planting and harvesting Butter Beans and Lentils in the game. The said pulses are tagged as herbs and can be used for various recipes in the game. They are also available for harvest during all seasons. Just go to the Indoor Plants category under Decoratives in Build Mode, to find these pulses.

Have your Sims grow these pulses, by downloading the pack here.

36. Citrus Tree Collection by Robin

cover 1

Get this Citrus Tree Collection for your game, so you can enjoy more citrusy goodness for your meals and drinks. This collection allows you to plant and harvest uncommon citrus plants such as Laraha, Yuzu, Citron, and Calamansi in the game. The said plants are available for planting and harvesting in all seasons. You can find them in the Indoor Plants section, under the decorative items in Build Mode.

Get the Citrus Tree Collection here.

37. Edible Flowers by Robin

cover 2

Pansies and Nasturtiums are edible flowers that are made available in our game (by, once again, modder Robin)! Tagged as herbs, these flowers can be used in different recipes in the game. Eating the said flowers will give your Sims interesting, all-new buffs, such as “Peppery Goodness”, and “Fresh-tasting Flower”. Plus, they’ll have either the +3 Energized or the +3 Focused moodlet. These flowers are also harvestable all season!

Obtain some edible flowers for your farm by clicking here.

38. Grapefruit by Icemunmun


If you want more zesty, citrus fruits as a harvestable product in your game, check out this grapefruit farming mod by icemunmun. This grapefruit can be planted and harvested. When your Sims eat the grapefruit, they will get a +2 energized or +2 happy moodlet, and gain an “Ate a Whole Grapefruit” or “Sliced Grapefruit” buff that will last for 2 in-game hours. You can grow the said grapefruit during any season.

Grow the Grapefruit Tree in your backyard, by downloading it from here.

39. Glutinous Sticky Rice by Icemunmun

8847b ts4 x642b2021 05 062b21 06 53 26

Rice is a really fun addition to the game, especially because it’s such a staple ingredient in the kitchen! With this mod, you can now plant and harvest glutinous rice in The Sims 4. It costs 5 simoleons when bought as a seed packet. The incredible thing about this harvestable glutinous rice is you can plant it in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Hence, you can enjoy rice-based dishes all year long!

Plant this rice crop on your farm, by getting it here.

40. Broccoli, Yam, and Spring Onion by Icemunmun

MTS icemunmun 1744949 composite

This mod provides our game with three new custom harvestable crops: broccoli, yam, and spring onion. Eating these veggies gives Sims amazing new buffs, such as “Super Bro!” for the broccoli, “Yummy Yam” for the yam, and “Scallions!” for the spring onion, which will then last for about 60 in-game minutes. The vegetables cost around 10-15 simoleons each and can be planted and harvested.

Add these crops to your game, by acquiring them here.

41. Core Harvestables by Brazen Lotus (Our Favorite!)

For number 41, we are sharing with you our favorite farming mod at present–the Core Harvestables farming mod by Brazen Lotus. This mega-mod provides a lot of cool features for the game. It offers us new garden effects (interactions with insects such as bees, ladybugs, mice, fireflies, etc), new custom notebook entries, and custom harvestable crops in seed packs (starter, seasonal, uncommon, and rare seed packs plus scarecrow pocket seeds)!

This farming mod is available here.

Conclusion: Ready for an Abundant Harvest?

Creating your own farm in The Sims 4 involves intricate planning and patience, and growing your crops with the mission to yield excellent produce is all the more challenging. However, once you start reaping your harvest, you find how satisfying it is to keep on farming, isn’t it? Hence, with this list of farming mods and CC that we selected for you, we hope we can help you build the finest farm in the game. Happy playing and farming, dear simmers!

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