Trash Fruit: Everything You Need to Know about This Strange TS4 Plant

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Did you know that the trash fruit is an actual edible fruit that could be grown and harvested in The Sims 4? Bet you didn’t! In this article, we will introduce you to this highly interesting yet controversial fruit! Read more to discover how you can also grow this in the gardens of your Sims!

sims 4 trash fruit
Everything you need to know about the Sims 4 Trash Fruit!

Feeling Curious about the Trash Fruit?

Trash fruits have never actually appeared in the previous Sims games—it was only introduced in The Sims 4, and quite slyly, too. It came as a surprise for many members of the Sims Community to discover this weird, little fruit while they were playing the game. Why? Because, unlike the regular apples and lemons of the game, the trash fruit is an uncommon plant. It is not available for purchase in the grocery stores in The Sims.

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Somehow, players just stumbled upon this wonder fruit while leaving the trash of their Sims accidentally unattended for a long time. How serendipitous, right?

Where can you Find the Trash Fruit?

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The trash fruit can simply be harvested from trash plants that grow in the garden. However, planting and growing the trash plant is not easy! You cannot just directly order the seeds of a trash plant on the phone or on the computer if you want to grow it. In the next sections below, we have detailed all the possibilities on how you can grow this coveted plant.

What does a Trash Fruit Look Like?

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The trash fruit appears to look like an apple, circular in shape, but it is grayish in color. The trash plant, on the other hand, looks like any other garden plant or shrub that grows in the garden plot. Much like other garden fellows, the trash plant can be spliced and merged with other fruits, vegetables, and shrubs to create other rare plants. The trash fruit in itself could then be eaten or could be planted like a seed for reproduction.

Possibilities for Growing a Trash Fruit

1. Leave the trash for days

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This is how Simmers first found out about the trash plant and its fruits. Trash piles that have been left lying on the ground for three days up to two weeks suddenly transformed into a small little bud, which then grew into the trash plant. Watering and taking care of the trash plant like other garden plants then produced its harvestable, the trash fruit.

To take this route of planting, leave your Sims’ house unclean and unkempt for several days. Do not hire a maid service for a while. Do not wash dishes or clean the floors as well. Keep food lying on the kitchen counters until they spoil. Catch as your Sims try to clean these dirty stuff, then cancel the action. They would then be left with a trash pile on the floor. Or you can also kick the trash can for trash piles to spill over.

Now, you have to keep these trash piles guarded or fenced. After a few days, it will decompose by turning into green, liquidy gunk, and attract flies. Wait for a week, and the decomposed pile will turn into a trash plant bud.

2. Don’t clean that dog poop

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Like the trash pile discovery, after some recent updates in the game other Simmers also came to know a new way to grow the trash plant. Playing a sims’ household with dogs was the key. After the dogs pooped outside, they simply left this poop in peace and did not allow their Sims to clean up the mess. They left the animal poo lying around for days until it decomposed, and poof! Trash plants were born!

For this to work, you must have a dog in your Sims’ household. Simply adopt one via a sim’s phone if you have none. Then, let the dog answer the call of nature on any given day. Usually, dogs run outside to do their thing in peace. When they have finished, track their poop’s location and keep it guarded or fenced to prevent your Sims from cleaning it. Like the trash pile, you will see a change in the appearance of the poop after a few days, and then it will finally turn into a trash plant bud.

3. Join competitions and fairs

Sims 4 finchwick chicken fair

There are instances in the game wherein a sim can also acquire the trash fruit from joining competitions in town fairs. If you have the Sims 4: Cottage Living installed, you can enter your animals, such as chickens, or cows, for contests in the Finchwick Fair. If ever you do not win some ribbons, you will still have the possibility of receiving a trash fruit as your prize. Once you have obtained the trash fruit in your inventory, you can directly plant it so that it can grow as a trash plant and produce fruits.

4. Order some Rare Seeds

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This is another option that you can take to grow a trash plant, albeit this one is a little tricky. On the computer, have your sims order some seeds. Choose “Purchase Rare Plants” from the options. They will then receive a seed packet in their inventory, which will contain random fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There is a small possibility that your Sims will receive a trash fruit in the roster of seeds that they obtain. Keep repeating the purchase of uncommon seeds until you acquire a trash fruit which you can then plant to repopulate.

The Trash Fruit is Not Just Rubbish

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If you think that the trash fruit is worthless, then you are wrong! This wonderfully weird fruit could actually be utilized for plenty of purposes. Here are all the uses for it:

  1. It sells for 1 simoleon – Anything that sells has worth, of course. If you have a farm of trash plants, simply harvest all the fruits regularly and sell them on fruit and vegetable stands in town! A trash fruit costs 1 simoleon each. Easy side business, right?
  2. You can graft it with other plants – You can take some cuttings off of the trash plant and then graft it with other plants. This will then allow you to produce other uncommon or hybrid plants!
  3. You can use it for cooking – Yep. You can use the trash fruit as an ingredient for any recipe that requires a fruit. Just don’t imagine how you originally planted it, because well, it’s not very delightful to think of its source material…
  4. It can serve as a fertilizer – You can use the trash fruit as a fertilizer for all the plants in your garden. It would not boost production that easily, but it will still serve as a nutritious treat for your other garden fellows.
  5. You can eat it as a snack – Feeling hungry? Fill the hunger bar of your Sims by effortlessly snacking on a trash fruit! Simply access the inventory of Sims to eat it. We really can’t say much about the taste, but hopefully, your Sims will like it!
  6. It causes sims to feel different moodlets – Speaking of eating a trash fruit, consuming one will have a variety of effects on Sims. Some sims will get an uncomfortable moodlet after snacking on a trash fruit, while others will interestingly obtain a positive moodlet from the experience.
  7. It can be used as bait –  This is probably one of the greatest uses of the trash fruit. Amazingly, if your Sims use this fruit as bait to catch fish, they will have a high chance of catching endangered and rare fish. These fish can then sell for thousands of simoleons!
  8. It (allegedly) helps with focus – This is our favorite among the many uses of the trash fruit. A Simmer named Kelsey made a comment on a trash plant article. She said, “If you collect a sample from the trash plant and make a print of the slide using the microscope, the resulting print has a focus décor of 9, which is the highest I have seen so far. I made a bunch and put them all over the hospital (and my house) and it really helps with the doctor career (and anything else that needs focus).” You can try this one if it works!

Wrapping It Up: Ready to Grow your Own Trash Fruit?

Growing a trash plant in order to have a bountiful harvest of trash fruit is not an easy feat! You will need a lot of patience to grow this bizarre plant. But we hope to have helped you with our little guide! Have fun growing and harvesting your trash fruits, Simmers!

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