Sims 4 Indoor Garden – How to Grow Plants in a Greenhouse

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Are you a gardening enthusiast? If so, you have likely mastered the art of growing plants outdoors and have even tried alternative methods for indoor gardening. Fortunately, now your Sims can reap the rewards of their hard work and harvest from indoor plants, thanks to special indoor gardening perks. To discover more about how to make your very own Sims 4 indoor garden and build a greenhouse. Let’s dive into it!

sims 4 indoor garden

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Can you do Indoor gardening in the sims 4?

The short answer is yes. Fortunately, the Sims 4 currently includes some fantastic features that make gardening to the next level. One of them is the possibility to do indoor gardening. Just like you’d tend for plants outdoors, now you can imitate real life and grow healthy, beautiful plants inside of your Sims 4 home. You’ll be able to not only plant low to medium-tall plants but also grow some indoor trees. The best part is, that you don’t need to reach higher sims 4 gardening levels to start taking care of plants indoors.

sims 4 indoor garden

Are indoor plants Sheltered?

Your Sims will be able to eat and sell any indoor-grown plants. However, these are considered sheltered plants. Be aware that, just like in real life, plants grown indoors are outside of their natural habitat in a way. This means that they will grow three times slower than plants grown outside, so expect a delayed harvest.

For some plants, there are benefits you get that are associated with their season, so these will also be unavailable for sheltered fruits and veggies.

Building Greenhouses for sims 4 indoor garden

Thanks to Sims 4: Seasons, we can enjoy the beauty of glass ceilings, domes, and roofs. This means that we can also create legit greenhouses. While there is no specific object called a greenhouse, you can custom-make one using classic build tools. As such, greenhouses are more of an aesthetic perk but will make your indoor gardening seem much more realistic. The process of building one is like building any other room. Create a room, add windows and a door on all walls, and instead of the classic roof, chose a glass roof.

To decorate your sims 4 indoor garden in style don’t forget to include some hanging plants. Learn more about how to do that here!

glass roofs for a greenhouse

To make a glass roof, go to Build Mode > Roofs, and select the shape of the roof you’d like to create. Then, simply select one of the swatches and glass patterns. You’ll see that the glass ceiling or the glass roof allows light in, and the plants will love it. Since indoor plants are grown exclusively in gardening pots, you can either leave the natural grass inside or add tiles.

Additionally, you can also create a glass dome and add decorative indoor and outdoor plants inside that space to make it look even prettier. The size of the whole Sims 4 indoor greenhouse construction will depend on your budget.

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Pots for indoor plants

To start gardening at home you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to buy some pots for indoor plants and some seeds. To buy a ceramic garden pot or a tall pot go to the Build Mode. Search for Hobbies and Skills, and then under Michelanious, you’ll find some pots to get started with.

The prices of pots for Sims 4 indoor garden vary. The cheapest ones are usually suitable for one plant only, while the more expensive version can hold up to four different plants. Some planters are always available, while others, more expensive pots are unlocked by completing special gardening challenges.

Learn about the different Sims 4 seed packets, from cherries and lilies to lemons and orchids.

types of pots you can buy

  • Single planter pots can contain only one plant, and their prices vary from $30 to $300.
  • Large planters can usually take up to four plants, be those flowers, trees, or veggies. The prices are around $200.
  • A vertical planter is available for $365. However, be aware that not all plants like growing on heights.

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How to plant indoors to make a perfect sims 4 indoor garden?

Next, you’ll need to buy some seeds. You can get them via computer, or by simply clicking on gardening pots and choosing the “Buy seeds” option. You’ll also be able to buy harvestable when traveling or in the Buy Mode when browsing the Outdoor Activities category.

Once you have the seeds, place them on the pot and use your active Sims to plant them. Click on the seed, and choose the option Plant.

how to grow healthy indoor plants?

sims 4 indoor garden

All plants in the game can die if not taken care of, and sheltered plants are not an exception. If you already have a successfully grown outdoor plant, do not move it indoors and vice versa. Such a change in the environment can make your plants die. Besides watering, harvesting, and tending to plants, it is important to ensure that your indoor plants have some consistency. Once your plant them indoors keep them.

Sims 4 offers a huge variety of plants. To learn all about different Sims 4 plant species and growing plants, visit this page.

The pros of growing plants indoors

Although sheltered plants do grow slower than outdoor plants, planting indoors has some good sides. The biggest benefit of the Sims garden is that you will be able to plant any type of plant anytime, during any season. The greenhouse allows plants to grow healthy all Sims year-round, which means that you’ll be able to harvest some fruits and veggies even when it’s not their season. This means more money from harvesting, more fun, and a greater variety of healthily grown plants all year round.

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