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In this post, we’ll explore how Sims 4’s Cowplant CC works throughout the game and what players should expect if they decide to attempt to use it. We will also look at some of the best uses for Cowplant CC that we’ve seen in-game.

cowplant sims 4

Everything about Sims 4 Cowplant

What is a plant that can eat your simmies? A cow plant!

One of the most exciting features in the Sims 4 is the cowplant. This plant can grow to enormous size and make a mess around. Not only is it rare, but it requires a lot of fertilizer, water and planning. It also only grows on special kind of dirt that is found in special patches. This is what makes cow plants so unique and attractive to players.

They are unique because they have no leaves whatsoever – and are entirely made up of stem and stem-like structures. No leaves means that their flowers need to be planted in cool soil or urns. The stems also produce seeds from time to time, which can be eaten by Sims.

It can be challenging to find the Cowplant in your Sims 4 game and make sure it’s well-cared for. Luckily, we’re here to help you! You can get the Cowplant in your game by locating a Cowplant Berry. Once you have found the berry, it’s as easy as can be. Plant it as you do with any other plant in the Sims 4.

And by the way, there is no way to get rid of a cowplant, it will just keep growing as you feed it until you throw it away.

Cownplant CC And Mods

When the first Sims 4 cows were released, they came with a default cowplant that looked like a pile of leaves. It didn’t have any textures, colors or detail. So over the last few years, many custom cowplants have been created by modders and creators and uploaded to Sims 4 mods that allow players to create their own unique cowplants at home or in their game worlds.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest cowplant custom content for the Sims 4.

EA-edit Set mini cowplants

These tiny little cowplants are absolutely gorgeous but they can definitely eat your sims as they are. This set by Dew of the Sea offers a variety of recolor for the cowplant. And you could choose between two versions: one that is merely designed for decoration purposes and another one that is fully functional.

You also get a number of terrariums which are available in 3 different sizes: normal, small and tiny. Go on and have a look at it by visiting this download-link.

Cowplant Edit

This mod by Dragon Time will replace any cowplant you have in game into a newer, refined version. The udder is removed and the face has been slightly played with. Check it out for yourself by clicking on this post.

Decay Rate Sims 4 Cowplant

So, one thing we hate about these little fellas is that they tend to die easily if not fed. And that’s where the fun ends. This mod has brought about a fix to this problem. Your plants can now live longer, say 12 more hours, 24 more hours, 48 more hours, or even 72 more hours. Follow this page to install these packages.

Cowplant Skull Mounted

cowplant sims 4

You will surely love this one! A skull of a cowplant to mount on walls. It is available in two versions: one that is regular and another one mini-sized. You could find it by looking through Wall Sculptures in your game. Here’s your download-link.

Cowplant Stuffed & Mounted

For those of you who prefer a stuffed cowplant decor, this custom package will come to your liking. It’s the same as the previous one except it is stuffed. It, too, can be found under wall sculptures and is available in two varying sizes. Grab it from this page.


cowplant sims 4

If you’re sick of these plants eating your sims, this mod is perfect for you. With it, cowplants can only eat hay and anything harvestable. There’s a detailed guide on how to install this mod and what it exactly does. Have a look it by visiting this post.

More cowplant Sims 4

cowplant sims 4

If you’re one for adventure, you are going to want more cowplants in your game. And this mod offers exactly that! More cowplants! You could choose between 8 different buyable variations of the cow plant. Click here to install this into your game.

Seperate Cowplant Skull

A garden is more than just flowers and soil. It’s a place where your sims can escape into a world of their own creation, and create the life they want to live. But what if your garden is a little dull? How about adding some life, with a cowplant skull? Plant it in your garden and enjoy the simplicity! Follow this post to download.

The Cowplant Ranch

This Cowplant Ranch lot can be found in the gallery of SimDoughnut, the creator of this mod. In it, look for “Cowplant Ranch”. For easy installation, follow this page.

Cowplant Sims 4 Restaurant

The cowplant restaurant lot for the Sims 4 is finally here! It is a cute and cozy little spot that makes a perfect hangout for your Sims. You’re only a click away from downloading it.

There are many ways you can use the Sims 4 cowplant, we hope you enjoyed this list of the best Sims 4 cowplant custom content and Mods that we’ve gathered. Be sure to check out more awesome custom content for the Sims 4 by visiting the posts below. Happy Simming!

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