Sims 4 Religion Mod – How to Make Sims Religious?

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Bring Religion, Faith, and the Occult in The Sims 4!

For a game that primarily focuses on simulating real-life, The Sims 4 does a very poor job regarding religion. Not only do we not have religion, but we also don’t have religious traits or even a church in Sims 4. Faith plays a big part in our world, and not having it in TS4 really sucks. But not anymore because we finally have a working Sims 4 religion mod!

One thing that we always struggled to accept in this game is the absence of the occult, believers, worshippers, cult leaders, and fanatics. There are all kinds of people in our modern-day society, so why can’t there be all kinds of Sims as well? Well, the Sims 4 religion mod that we’re going to showcase here takes care of all that. It introduces many new things to the game, such as brand new religions, cults, and other things that simmers desperately miss!

So without further ado, let’s go deep into one of the best Sims 4 religion mods on the internet!

Sims 4 Religion Mod: An Overview

First of all, we should get something very clear: this mod doesn’t introduce real-life religions in The Sims 4. Instead, it brings us made-up religions with no connections to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or any other faith. These imaginary religions are meant to be funny and entertaining, much like the rest of the game. And for that, we give our thumbs up!

The Sims 4 mod that we’re discussing here today is called Rambunctious Religions. It was originally shared with us in 2020, and we owe many thanks to its creator Lumpinou. She has done some wonderful work in the past, and you should definitely check her page.

And if you want to download her religion mod for Sims 4, click here!

The Religions

The Rambunctious Religions mod brings us 4 new religions in Sims 4. Each of them is unique and believes in different things. Sims can choose whether to join one or another but cannot be active in two religions simultaneously. Here’s what you should know about the 4 religions.

Congregation of Non-Believers

The Congregation of Non-Believers is a society that values logic above all else. The members here aren’t religious at all, and they don’t believe in any God. Instead, they’re all mathematicians and scientists that would rather find proof than blindly believe anything. The Non-Believers don’t necessarily hate the other religions; they simply don’t care about faith. They’re easily bored at parties, and most of them sometimes considered nerds.

Here are a few reasons why you should pick the Congregation of Non-Believers:

  • Faster skill gains in Rocket Science, Logic, and Robotics
  • Better career performance for Detective, Scientist, and Astronaut
  • Happy when meddling with science or logic

Worship of the Watcher

Worship of the Watcher is the closest thing you have in this mod to a “real-world” religion in Sims 4. However, the worshippers here aren’t worshipping a God, but you, the player. They’re aware that someone is controlling and watching their lives. They know that their actions are sometimes governed by an invisible hand. So, they’re doing everything they can to please you! They enjoy being creative because they believe that you’d appreciate that! Here’s what the worshippers are usually like:

  • Happy when performing creative activities
  • Faster skill gains in Piano, Parenting, and Singing
  • Better career performance for Law, Politics, and Doctor

Treaders of the Occult

The Treaders of the Occult religion consists of all human and non-human types of Sims. If there is one thing that characterizes them is their love for all races. They’re big advocates of peace among the species, and they love to gather around. The Occult Sims love the night and usually live in gothic castles. 

Choose the Treaders of the Occult for these reasons:

  • Happy when surrounded by aliens, vampires, or other fantastical Sim
  • Needs decay 40% slower
  • Faster skill gains in Charisma, Mischief, Vampiric Knowledge, and Pipe Organs
  • Better career performance for Actor, Secret Agent, and Criminal

Cult of the Cowplant

And lastly, we have the Cult of the Cowplant. And it is the closest thing to pantheism that we currently have. The participants of the Cult of the Cowplant play a very specific role in this Sims 4 religion mod. They worship nature and the physical world around them, protecting all life. This includes caring for plants, animals, and Sims equally. And here is why you should become one of them:

  • Happy when gardening or practicing Wellness
  • Better career performance for Gardener, Diver, and Conservationist
  • Faster skill gains in Gardening, Herbalism, and Wellness

How do I Make My Sim Religious?

To become a member of any of these religions, you’re going to need “The Holy Book”. This is an item that comes together with this Sims 4 mod, and you can get it from the build mode. Once you have the book, your Sims can read it and educate themselves about the 4 different religions.

The second step is to choose which religion to join. When you decide, this Sims 4 mod will give you a religious trait that matches that religion. And once that is done, you’re an official member!

You can change your religion later on. However, when you convert to another religion, you lose all the progress with the current one.


In this mod, some interactions are available to all Sims, regardless of their religious choice. Take a look at them:

  • Pray
  • Try to Better Understand One Another
  • Try Convert
  • Make Church Building Design
  • Argue About Religion
  • Read the Holy Book


Okay, so this Sims 4 religion mod gives you 4 new religions: the Congregation of non-Believers, the Cult of the Cowplant, the Worship of the Watcher, and the Treaders of the Occult. They all worship different things, but in the end, they’re all religions. Your Sims can become members of any of them, and they can also convert later on. You can do new interactions and social activities with your religion. Hence, it offers a new and engaging type of gameplay.

We totally recommend you to give this mod a try! Happy simming!

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