Celebrating Birthday Parties in The Sims 4!

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Get to know how to have the best birthday party in The Sims 4 with this guide that we prepared!

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How to Have The Best Birthday Party In The Sims 4

Hosting the best possible birthday party in The Sims 4 can be challenging. No matter how many Sims we invite, the actual event demands a lot of attention from us. We need to know how to throw a successful bash, otherwise, the birthday party can quickly become a disaster. A birthday cake, some friendly Sims, and a nice place to host the event are only parts of what we need for this, so stick around to know the details!

Getting Prepared

As with any other event in The Sims 4, the birthday party will have some important requirements for us to complete. The first thing that we want to get right is the planning!

  • Arrange the event – In the Socials menu of our Sim’s phone, click on the “Plan a Social Event”, and then choose “Birthday Party.” Alternatively, we can also set this event via the calendar.
  • Invite Sims – Our Sims can have over 15 guests for their birthday party, so we can invite a lot of friends and family members for their bash.
  • Hire People – To make the birthday party delightful, we must choose helpers during the event, such as a Caterer who will take care of the dishes, a Mixologist who will craft special drinks, and an Entertainer who can help keep the mood great.
  • Choose a Location – This is the actual place where our Sims are going to host the event. This can be our Sims’ current home, be that inside or outside of the house. Generally, we want the place to have enough room for our guests, just so we can execute the interactions without a problem. To find the best places for the occasion, we can always download from the Gallery.

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Creating a Birthday Cake

Any birthday party would not be complete without a beautiful birthday cake. To have a birthday cake, we can let our Sims bake one or we can just get it from the appointed caterer. However, the former is a better option, especially if your Sims have high cooking skills. Here are all the different cakes that our Sims can bake:

  • White & Black Cake – 25 simoleons
  • Black & White Cake – 25 simoleons
  • SimCity Cheesecake – 27 simoleons
  • Lactose-Free SimCity Cheesecake – 37 simoleons
  • Tiered Cake – 25 simoleons
  • Hamburger Cake – 25 simoleons
  • White Cake – 15 simoleons
  • Chocolate Cake – 15 simoleons
  • Honey Cake – 25 simoleons
  • Winter Cake – 18 simoleons
  • Matcha Cake – 40 simoleons
  • Coconut Cake – 23 simoleons
  • Strawberry Cake – 22 simoleons
  • Signature Cake – 25 simoleons
  • Blue Confetti Cake – 25 simoleons
Birthday 10

Once a birthday cake is baked, your Sims must then place the cake on the middle of a table or a counter, and put some birthday candles on it. Later on, the celebrant should blow it during the party (infants and toddlers need assistance for this). They can also make a wish before doing so.

Setting Up The Table

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We should place appetizing food and refreshments on the table, alongside the birthday cake. The atmosphere should be fun, so we should opt for games and activities to really boost the room’s energy. A good rule is to always have an instrument lying around, as well as a stereo with music on. The idea here is to prepare the event before it even starts, so the invited Sims will instantly feel delighted. We can also set the table with certain decorations for that extra oomph.

Celebrating The Birthday Party

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We know the drill when it comes to celebrating events in The Sims 4. Basically, with every event, we get a set of goals that we need to meet. These change from time to time, and completing one will give us another. Since there is a limited number of goals per event, we can comfortably do them one by one and not rush things. Now, the secret to throwing the best birthday party in The Sims 4 is for us to score the main goal. We should prioritize this over the side goals to make our Sim’s birthday parties a total success.

Achieving Additional Goals

Birthday 14

However, we would have to consider the additional goals as well if we want to earn the gold medal. Here are a couple of additional goals our Sims need to do if we want to get the golden medal.

  • Have Sims Listen to Music at the Same Time 0/3 – Put down a stereo and dance, after this, you can invite other Sims to dance with you.
  • Have Drinks 0/3 – Make drinks at the bar or hire a Mixologist. Click on a glass to have a drink.
  • Have an Adult Make a Toast 0/1 – Get a drink and click on the birthday Sim to make a toast.
  • Tell Jokes 0/2 – Click on a Sim to tell jokes.

Getting Rewards

Birthday 7

Successfully throwing a birthday party will reward our Sims with the “Balloons and a Banner” item. We can win this with a silver medal as well. This is a decorative item that we can display on walls. It has a couple of color schemes available, so it’s a nice addition to our collection. Plus, it would give our Sims a great feeling whenever they see this display, as will remind them of the great birthday bash that they had.

Other Birthday Party Things to Consider

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Here are other things that we should keep in mind when letting our Sims celebrate birthday parties in the game:

  1. Do not let Sims blow the birthday cake in advance. Wait for the party to start!
  2. Birthday parties can instantly elevate the moods of the celebrant Sims, especially when they blow on their cakes.
  3. In the same vein, when Sims age up without celebrating their birthday, they will get sad and receive the “Forgotten Birthday” moodlet.


Birthday 11

We hope that every birthday party that our Sims get to experience in the game will be full of happy moments so that our Sims can have a memorable time. By following the guide above, we can know what to do to achieve exactly that. If you have comments or thoughts about this post, don’t forget to share them below. Happy simming simmers!

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