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Join a Band in The Sims 4 and Tour the World!

The Sims 4 doesn’t have a great complexity when it comes to music. Sure we have our singer career, but that’s pretty much it, right? We’ve never had the opportunity to start a music group, work on our own songs, and perform live in front of everyone. That is until now. Today we’re showcasing to you the Sims 4 band mod where you can do all of that and more!

What is the Sims 4 band mod?

It is a neat path you can send your creative Sims on and watch them grow into superstars. Playing instruments or singing can now lead to a very profitable career, one that brings both wealth and fame. If you don’t want your Sim to be just another corporate worker, then this mod is definitely for you! You can have tons of fun following your Sims as they grow their skills and spread their music around the world. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s unique! So why not try it!

Now let’s check what’s inside the Sims 4 band mod!

Sims 4 Band Mod: An Overview

The official name of the band mod for the Sims 4 is “World Famous Band Career”. It’s developed by Lotus221 who officially published it back in 2019 at ModTheSims. There it has over 38,000 downloads, making it a very popular mod within the Sims 4 community. And since it’s the only quality mod that lets us be band members, so we totally recommend it!

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The Basics

What can you do in The Sims 4 with the band mod?

As mentioned already, the band mod introduces the music band career to the game. It allows you to join bands and music groups, and excel in the role of a singer or an instrument player. 

The career plays out like any other career in TS4. This means that once you find your Sims a band, they will need to go and do their job on a daily basis. They will leave the house, work as many hours as needed, and then come home. But the catch here is that their job is something they truly love, rather than a regular desk job which definitely isn’t their calling, right?

Titles, Salaries, and Moods

Here are the titles, the salaries, and the preferred moods in the Sims 4 band mod!

TitleDescriptionSalary – Work DaysSkillsMoods
1. Bedroom PerformerPractice makes perfect. Everybody has to start somewhere.$/H 18 $/D 90 – MTWTFGuitar – 1, Writing – 1Embarrassed
2. Garage BandYour own personal venue, just try not to upset any neighbors.$/H 23 $/D 115 – MTWTFCharisma – 1, Guitar – 2, Writing – 2Playful
3. School EntertainmentPossibly the toughest crowd to please… You succeed at this, you can succeed at anything!$/H 30 $/D 150 – MTWTFCharisma – 3, Guitar – 3, Writing – 3Energized
4. Town BuskersGet a thumbs up from your local townsfolk, and give a push in the right direction.$/H 37 $/D 185 – MTWTFCharisma – 5, Guitar – 5, Writing – 5Confident
5. Local Bar PerformersWord is spreading of your upcoming fame. Keep going, you’ll get there.$/H 45 $/D 270 – TWTFSCharisma – 5, Guitar – 6, Writing – 5Happy
6. Campsite BandNow you’re venturing out, maybe it’s time you look into a bigger audience… maybe at holiday sites. After all, if you can entertain families, you can entertain anybody.$/H 113 $/D 904 – TWTFSCharisma – 6, Guitar – 6, Writing – 6Happy
7. Online CelebritiesYou have become an online sensation, the bigger bands are starting to notice you too!$/H 150 $/D 750 – MTWTFSCharisma – 7, Guitar – 7, Writing – 7Confident
8. Stand In-BandThe more well-known bands are starting to request you to be a backup if they can’t make it to a venue!$/H 255 $/D 1785 – MTWTFCharisma – 8, Guitar – 8, Writing – 8Confident
9. Supporting ArtistsYou’re almost there, you have made it to the main stage but supporting the main act. One more step and you’ll be making it to center stage yourself!$/H 450 $/D 2250 – MTWTFSSCharisma – 9, Guitar – 9, Writing – 9Energized
10. World Famous BandYou have made it! Number 1. Top of the world. From all of those garage sessions to performing in the town. You are stars!$/H 600 $/D 3600 – MTWTFSSCharisma – 10, Guitar – 10, Writing – 10Energized


As you can see, the Sims 4 band mod doesn’t have too many complex features, yet it is a nice and well-designed career path. For us personally, the only thing that was missing was for us to actually watch our Sim perform in a band. The age-old problem with Sims 4 is that we don’t get to spend time with them while they’re at work. So changing that formula would’ve been great for us, but we’re content with the mod anyways!

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