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Have you ever dreamed of the best wedding day for your Sims, where the attendance of all the lovely guests, the availability of the ultimate wedding cake and romantic venue, and the accomplishment of the grandest traditions are possible? With The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories, all these are in your hands! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best features of this game pack, plus, we’ll teach you how to perfectly plan for your Sims’ most memorable day!

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My Wedding Stories Game Pack!

The Best Features of The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories

Your Sims can now exclaim their lovely vows and tie the sweetest knot with The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories. Released last February 2022, it is the eleventh game pack for The Sims 4, providing the game and its wedding system with a major overhaul, and introducing an all-new world, new CAS and Build Mode items, as well as gameplay additions. Below, you can read about all the best features of this incredible game pack.

But before we dive right into our post, if you’re planning a wedding in the Sims 4, you’re going to want to check out these awesome CC packs. They’ll help make your Sim’s big moment even more special! These collections have got everything from gorgeous dresses and suits to stunning decorations and cakes!

The Mesmerizing Land of Tartosa


Tartosa is an all-new world introduced in the game pack. With heavy inspiration from the Mediterranean lands, this seaside world features breathtakingly charming locations and picturesque views. It includes two neighborhoods, the Porto Luminoso and Terra Amorosa, which house 6 residential lots, 2 community lots, and 1 rental lot. Like the islands of Sulani, Tartosa also has beautiful beaches. If you have The Sims 4: Island Living installed, your Sims can swim into these waters.

Engagement and All the Other Tiny Details!


Having the fairy-tale wedding that you’ve dreamed of for your Sims start once they become engaged. Simply let one of your Sims propose to the other, and if the engagement succeeds, you can now start planning for their special day and accomplishing all the other wedding preparations. If you want to skip all these grand marriage events, you can also choose to have your Sims elope immediately!

Getting Sims to be a Part of Your Special Day


Once a sim becomes betrothed to their significant other, they could then start minding the other specifics of their nuptials. One of the most realistic features of My Wedding Stories is allowing your sims to assign special roles to their friends and families for the Wedding Ceremony. Your to-be-wed Sims could ask the people in their lives to be their Sims of Honor, Ring Bearer, Flower Pal, or Officiant. We tell you more of this in step 6 of the Wedding Planning section below!

Wedding Events… And So Much More!

family gathering

If you think that The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories is only all about the Wedding Ceremony itself, then you are mistaken! The new game pack allows us to hold a total of 6 special social events related to romance! Apart from the Wedding Ceremony, our sims can now conduct a Rehearsal Dinner, a Reception, a Family Event, an Engagement Dinner, and even a Bachelor’s Party! All of these social events require thorough planning, but it is up to you which events to include or skip. After all, the most crucial is the Wedding Ceremony.

Lots of New Objects are Available


With the launch of My Wedding Stories, come new objects as well. Check out these new items which add excitement to the gameplay:

  • Wedding cakes and toppers – A total of 56 wedding cake combinations are available in the new game pack! Wedding toppers are also added before they can be used for the ceremony.
  • Tea sets – If you include a tea-drinking activity for the Wedding, make sure that there are tea sets in the wedding venue.
  • Buffet tables – All-new buffet tables are available for your guests to eat their hearts out!
  • Dance floor – What Wedding Ceremony would be complete without the married couple and the guests busting out a few moves on the fabulous new dance floor?
  • Flower bouquets – Refreshing new flower arrangements are now available to complete the lovely wedding of your Sims.
  • Food stands – More food stands have been added to the game.
  • Toasting bucket– A romantic ceremony would all the more be merry with this new toasting bucket set!
  • Wedding aisles – Of course, a wedding aisle is an essential part of the nuptial venue, because this is where the matrimonial moment dramatically heightens. So, make sure to include this vital item for your ceremony!
  • Drinking fountain – A complementary accessory for your Sims’ big day, the new drinking fountain would provide the refreshment that your guests need.

Plus Some New CAS Items, Too!

credit: EA Games

The availability of all new items in CAS is something to look forward to in My Wedding Stories as well. Whatever theme or style your sims will be having for their Wedding Ceremony, the endless list of new items is sure to complement their special event.

Planning a Wedding Ceremony

If you have installed My Wedding Stories but literally have no idea how to start planning the wedding ceremony of your betrothed Sim lovers, we have detailed below all the steps to guide you. Read on to create the most perfect wedding event in the game!

Step 1: Scheduling The Date

asdf 1

There are two ways to start planning the wedding ceremony of your Sims. First, you could do it by interacting with the spouse-to-be of your sim, by simply choosing “Plan Wedding Event” when you click on the sim. Second, you could click the calendar in the game menu and select “Add Wedding Event”.

Step 2: Selecting the Social Event

wedding ceremony 1

As we have already shared earlier, the new game pack allows us simmers to plan for several wedding events in the game. But, to be able to plan for the real thing, or the genuine nuptials, you have to click on the “Wedding Ceremony” social event. All the other ones available in the catalog are simply bonus affairs.

Step 3: Assigning the Nuptial Roles

start event

You can then select the following roles for the Wedding: the Sims of Honor, the Officiant, the Flower Pal, the Ring Bearer, and of course, the guests. For the first four, your Sims can personally approach their close friends or family members to assign them these wedding roles. Simply interact with them and select the “Ask to be Sims of Honor/Officiant/Flower Pal/Ring Bearer at Wedding” option.

Keep in mind that if the sims choose to accept the roles, they can no longer be part of the guest list, so you would have to select other Sims for that. In case you cannot assign roles yet or if you want to change the Sim for a given role, you can always go back to your calendar to edit the details of the Wedding Ceremony.

Step 4: Choosing the Wedding Activities

stuff to do

Part of the wedding ceremony, of course, is deciding which activities to include for the big day. And well, this is probably the most exciting stage of the planning! Depending on the personal traits, cultures, and preferences of your Sims, you can select from a wide range of options that have special significance for your Sims. The traditional ones, like walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, exchanging vows, having a toast, and the awaited spousal kiss are all available, but many others are also around. You can select up to 10 activities!

Step 5: Deciding on the Wedding Motif, Cake, and Outfit!


This is our next favorite part of the Wedding Ceremony planning. It is delightful to come up with ideas of which cake to include for the big day, or what outfits your Sims would be donning for their special event. In this phase, you also get to choose the dress code and color of the attire of your guests. If you have a special theme for the wedding, you can play around with the options available.

For the outfits, you can click “Edit Outfit” to be able to choose the exact clothes you’d prefer your betrothed sims to wear for their special day. In the case of the cake, we advise that you visit the patisserie in Tartosa, located in the Porto Luminoso neigborhood. Here, you can have a taste test! However, cake samples are limited here. To get access to all the options for wedding cakes, click on the computer. We advise that you purchase in advance to ensure that the cake would be present at the Wedding Ceremony!

Step 6: Picking The Wedding Location


In the last part of the planning phase, you would have to choose the location for the Wedding Ceremony, which of course, is a vital decision to make! Since it is the most romantic day in the lives of your engaged Sims, you have to make sure to choose the perfect place from the options available. The great thing is that the new game pack includes five premade wedding venues. Each of these lots represents various beliefs and traditions and exudes its own kind of charm. Here are the new lots available:

  • Felicita Sulla Sabbia
  • Jardin De Mis Amores
  • Glasswork Lover’s Chapel
  • Centurial Harmony Garden
  • Garden Palace of Vows

Step 7: Experiencing the Big Day!

After you have finished the planning phase, it is time to experience the grand event! To have the most memorable Wedding Ceremony for your Sims, you have to ensure that your couple, with the participation of their guests, will be able to perform every planned activity included in their list. Since there is no particular order and time limit, your Sims can carry out each of the nuptial tasks in peace.

Keep in mind that some of the wedding tasks you have selected require specific Build Mode items to be present in the wedding location, so make sure you have prepared these items in the particular lot in advance.

Verdict: Is TS4 My Wedding Stories Worth Having?

Is The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories worth all the hype? Yes, it definitely is! Although the first release of the game pack caused major glitches and issues in the game, the recent updates have made it more stable. Apart from letting your Sims beautifully tie the knot in the most romantic places with their loved ones as witnesses, the inclusion of precious details in the gameplay such as the role assignments, wedding cakes, event planning, and other realistic elements are what makes this game pack totally engaging. Have fun playing, simmers!

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