50+ of The Best Valentine’s Day CCs and Mods For The Sims 4!

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Love is in the air! Fill your Sims with a lot of romance this Love Day season with these Valentine’s Day CC packs and mods we have gathered for you!

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The Best Valentine’s Day CCs and Mods For Your Sims

February is the season for romance, as it is the time when Valentine’s Day, or Heart’s Day, rolls around. In The Sims 4, our Sims can celebrate this popular occasion anytime we want them to, through the holiday known as “Love Day”. This delightful event encourages our Sims to accomplish precious activities with their significant others and to honor the day of love in all its simple glory. So, to help your Sims with this romantic celebration, we have rounded up some of the best love-related CC packs and mods!

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sims 4 how to fall in love snootysims

Valentine’s Day CCs From SNOOTYSIMS

First, let’s start this list with special CC packs from us, at SNOOTYSIMS! We have been creating our own custom content for a while now on Patreon and would like to share our beloved craft with you. We hope you like them!

My Valentine Tattoo Set by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS My Valentine Tattoo Set

Look up the first letter of your Sim lover’s name and have it forever tattooed on your Sim, through this “My Valentine Tattoo Set,” which comes with all the letters of the alphabet, some tiny hearts, and even a combined tattoo. ♡


Heart with a Letter

  • Letters A – Z, 26 swatches
  • Heart Shape, 1 swatch
  • Found in Tattoo, Upper Arm Left category
  • T – E
  • Female
  • Disallowed for Random


Tiny Hearts

  • Found in Tattoo, Upper Arm Right Category
  • T – E
  • Female
  • Disallowed for Random


Merged Tiny Hearts and Heart without a Letter

  • Found in Tattoo, Upper Chest
  • T – E
  • Female
  • Disallowed for Random

Here’s an in-game shot:

SNOOTYSIMS My Valentine Tattoo Set 01 SNOOTYSIMS My Valentine Tattoo Set 02

Click here to download!

Especially 4 U Set by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS - Especially 4 U Set Featured image

February is here already! Although January seems to have gone on forever, Valentine’s Day is now quickly approaching! We have therefore chosen to create “Especially 4 U,” our first-ever Valentine’s Day-themed CC. This set comes with 8 romantic featuring pink and red tones. So why not celebrate Love Month with our CC set and spread the love to all Simmers? ♡


What’s included:

  • Floor Heart Balloons
  • Floating Love Balloon
  • Bottle of Wine & Glasses
  • Single Candle Holder
  • Candle Set with Rose
  • Bento Cake
  • Chocolate Heart-Shaped Box
  • Heart-Shaped Plate Set

Here are some in-game shots :


Click here to download!

Other Excellent Valentine’s Day CC Packs

Next, let’s delve into other excellent CC packs from other creators! This list includes anything related to the day of love itself.

Valentines Outfit Collection CC Pack ( Cordurroy Short Skirt / Coin Purse / Patch Work Top / Heart Drop Earring ) [Alpha]

rimings happy valentine s day rimings

An essential thing during Love Day, of course, is a lovely outfit that could look nice on flirty dates, like this one from RIMINGS! There’s a crop top, coin purse, corduroy skirt, and heart drop earrings!

Click here to download!

Vanessa Outfit


Planning a nice and romantic out-of-town trip for the summer season? Let your Sims wear this awesome Vanessa Outfit! It is a top and skirt combo in 10 solid swatches.

Click here to download!

Babe Corset Top

corset top

Let your Sims wear blouses with fun and gorgeous cuts for their dates, which are inspired by ladies’ corsets. Yep! The Babe Corset Top is their next ideal go-to blouse for flirty meetups, parties, and night outs.

Click here to download!

Aya Bikini

eros aya bikini 1 800 cuupid

If your Sims are going on a summer date with their special someone, bring this outfit with them, which will surely charm their lover! It’s a bikini with 8 swatches, including ones with big hearts, tiny hearts, and stripes.

Click here to download!


venus queen of hearts 1 800 cuupid

A great pair of eyeglasses would also be a nice touch to any Love Day outfit, especially if you like to go out bare-faced and without eye makeup. Opt for stunning pairs like the ones from this Queen of Hearts Set, which comes in 7 swatches.

Click here to download!

💘 VENUS || Pure Heart Outfit 💘

venus pure heart outfit 1 800 cuupid

Creator 1-800-CUUPID really comes up with wonderful love-themed CC packs for The Sims 4, such as this Pure Heart Outfit! The set comes with 10 swatches of jackets, 16 swatches of tops, 10 swatches of shorts, and 10 swatches of accessories.

Click here to download!


venus heart stomper 1 800 cuupid

What about some chunky shoes to match your Love Day outfits? If you’re looking for the perfect one, go and download these Heart Stomper shoes from creator 1-800-CUUPID!

Click here to download!

Heart Accessory Set

heart accessory set euno sims

This minimalist set is a cute, surefire way to win another Sim’s heart for Love Day! The jewelry set includes a pair of heart earrings and a linked heart choker. These all come in 10 swatches for our Sims.

Click here to download!

Ceramic Heart Plates

ceramic heart plates aira

Another incredible CC pack from Aira is this Ceramic Heart Plates set! There are 16 styles all in all, and our favorite is the one with the word “love” in the middle.

Click here to download!

Heart shirt

heart shirt whimp 1337

Just look at this cute heart shirt from creator Whimp1337! These simple yet elegant tank tops are made with little hearts and are available in 10 swatches. Perfect for Love Day in the Summer!

Click here to download!

Caio X Serenity Lovebirds Collection (Valentine’s Day)

caio x serenity lovebirds collection valentine s day caio

Love Day is a sizzling time to show how sexy you are to other Sims! To help you flaunt your curves, get this Valentine’s Day collection, a collaboration from Caio and Serenity, which features underwear, pants, boxers, bathrobes, nightwear, and bodysuits!

Click here to download!

Valentine Nails ♡

valentine nails kissyck

Our Sims will feel the oozing vibe of Love Day with these pretty Valentine’s Nails from creator Kissyck! There are 4 mismatched swatches in this set.

Click here to download!

Heart Eyes – Eyeshadow Set

heart eyes eyeshadow set twistedcat

Going for a date night with another Sim? Complete the look with these gorgeous Heart Eyes Eyeshadow Set from creator TwistedCat! This set comes in 12 swatches and can be worn by all genders, of Child to Elder Sims.

Click here to download!

MAXIS MATCH | Daisy Dress

maxis match daisy dress ms mary sims

Want some dainty dresses for your Sims? Then you definitely have to check out this Daisy Dress set! This one features a collection of Maxis Match dresses in a whopping selection of 43 swatches! Our favorite one is the star-filled dress!

Click here to download!

Heart Maid

heart maid babyetears

If you are preparing an appetizing Love Day dinner for another Sim, wear this outfit and watch as your significant other melts in puddles! Called Heart Maid, this is a cute apron apparel perfect for any Sim.

Click here to download!

Long Sleeve Mini Bodycon Cutout Dress [Alpha]

early access lover mini dress p102 feb 6 busra tr

Dress yourself in The Sims 4 with this luxurious Lover Mini Dress, a sexy, Teen to Elder apparel made with new meshes and is available in 12 shiny hues.

Click here to download!

Heart Set ( Rug / Plates / Box / Candles / Curtains / Lamp ) [MM]

heart set aira

We really adore this Heart Set CC pack from creator Aira! There are 11 items in this set, including rugs, plates, accessory boxes, candles, curtains, night lamps, and long curtains. Our personal favorite is the night lamps!

Click here to download!

Wrap Around Off Shoulder Mini Dress with Choker [Alpha]

rimings valentine s day dress rimings

This Valentine’s Day Dress is another great piece to add to your collection of romantic wardrobe pieces! There are over 24 swatches available for the dress, which has two variants, one with a necklace and one without a necklace.

Click here to download!

Love Heart Shortbread Recipe

love heart shortbread littlbowbub

A great way to spend the day of love is by eating love-themed desserts, such as this one, called the Love Heart Shortbread. It’s a lactose-free dessert that’s available in restaurants, and it could also be prepared at home with level 3 cooking skill.

Click here to download!

Lover Nails Set [MM]

lover nails set gift nightingale sims scaled

This Lover Nails Set is a present for patrons of Nightingale Sims, but is available for public download, too! The nails come in 4 glorious designs. Simply search for it in the Fingernail category in CAS.

Click here to download!

Raspberry Millefeuille Recipe

raspberry millefeuille littlbowbub

Another Love Day-themed dessert coming your way! This romantic-looking  Raspberry Millefeuille is a heart-shaped treat filled with cream, raspberries, and puff pastry. Serve it on your Sims’ tables to create a sweet moment!

Click here to download!

Bodysuit with Heart Design Set [MM]

swak bodysuit by joliebean joliebean

Another awesome Valentine’s Day piece is this SWAK bodysuit by creator Joliebean. The outfit is filled with little hearts and is made with a beautiful, sheer material.

Click here to download!

Puff Blouse with Printed Heart [MM]

moonstruck mini set nolan sims

Look at this gorgeous Moonstruck Mini Set from creator Nolan-Sims! The set features 3 pieces of clothing inspired by Valentine’s Day. There’s a top, a skirt, and polymer clay earrings that come in a variety of palettes.

Click here to download!

Big Heart Hoop Earrings [MM]

i love you heart hoop earrings pralinesims

Creator PralineSims created these Heart Hoop Earrings as a gift to her supporters. The metallic jewelry comes in 20 swatches, and are perfect for nigh outs during Love Day at the club!

Click here to download!

Valentine Beach

6710 valentine beach katesimblr

Make Love Day extra special by visiting this special lot, called the Valentine Beach. It is a designated beach lot with a boat, a picnic area, and a platform. If you’re proposing for marriage to other Sims, the latter area is perfect!

Click here to download!

Stitched Heart Buttons

7070 stitched heart buttons jellypaws

Creator Jellypaws crafted these creative Stitched Heart Buttons! These are charming little eye accessories that we can enjoy in 8 colorful swatches and are available for Teen to Elder Sims.

Click here to download!

Rainbow Heart Stickers

7144 rainbow heart stickers jellypaws

Love Day is a time for our Sims to impress other Sims with stylish gimmicks, such as likable outfits or glamorous makeup. But what about face stickers for a change? We can attach these Rainbow Hearts to their faces to catch the eyes of our Sims’ crushes in The Sims 4!

Click here to download!

Valentine’s Day Krispy Kreme Donuts

7457 valentine s day krispy kreme donuts gawdly games

Dates do not have to be fancy during Love Day. Your Sims can just enjoy some delivered delicious food, plus desserts in their own kitchen! Make sure to have these Krispy Kreme donuts which, although just decorative, are ideal for any kitchen decorations during Love Day!

Click here to download!

Heart Wing Box

7458 heart wing box gawdly games

Going on a picnic date with your lover Sim? Pack some romantic lunch boxes, such as these Heart Wing Boxes. These are available in 3 colors, and inside, you can enjoy appetizing food like chicken wings, fries, veggie sticks, and dips.

Click here to download!

Simple Forelock with Heart on Top for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 08 135218

This is a simple forelock for your horses, which adds a tiny heart-shaped hair on the top of their heads. This pack includes 36 swatches for Adult Horses in the game.

Click here to download!

A Perfect Date Collection

4082 a perfect date collection angelholiday17

Sims really love going out on dates during Love Day, hence, make sure that you have the right outfit for the night! With this collection from AngelHoliday17, you’ll get 8 awesome items like pants, belts, necklaces, earrings, dresses, and more.

Click here to download!

My Valentine – A Love Day Makeup Set

3913 my valentine a love day makeup set lady simmer

Check out this beautifully crafted makeup set from creator Lady Simmer! These are what’s included in this pack:

  • Kiss Me Eye Shadow – 5 swatches
  • In Love Heart Liner – 5 swatches
  • Romance Eye Shadows – 6 swatches
  • Be Mine Eye Shadows – 6 swatches
  • Make Me Blush – 3 swatches
  • Soft Kiss Matte Lipstick – 4 swatches
  • First Kiss Gloss – 4 swatches

Click here to download!

The Love Bomb Set

3451 the love bomb set simcelebrity00

Whoa, come and check out this Love Bomb Set, a Valentine’s Day special from Simcelebrity00!  This posh and pretty set includes tops, bottoms, hairstyles, boots, and cute little clip accessories for the hair!

Click here to download!

February 2023 – Date Night Collection

3085 february 2023 date night collection ice creamforbreakfast

This 1950s collection includes dresses, outfits, hats, hairstyles, gloves, and earrings! These are ideal for Love Day date nights, where you’ll visit downtown with your lover Sim and proceed on dancing the night away.

Click here to download!

Love Letters Collection

2753 love letters collection 1 800 cuupid

We thoroughly like these threads from the Love Letters Collection! In this pack, there are 4 fashionable pieces, including the Euphoria Outfit, the Love Song Jeans, the Safe Love Earrings, and the Cupid’s Fault Dress.

Click here to download!

Soulmate Collection x Theblondesimmer

2049 soulmate collection x theblondesimmer chewybutterfly

A collab between creators Chewybutterfly and Theblondesimmer, this Soulmate Collection includes pretty swatches of eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipgloss, and blush! You have to try the Heart Wing Liner, which we totally recommend from the set.

Click here to download!

Pink Macaron

1906 pink macaron icemunmun

Macarons by themselves already look endearing, but have you seen pink, heart-shaped macarons? They’re the bomb! This homestyle dessert recipe, the Pink Macaron, is made from almonds, strawberry powder, white buttercream, and eggs. Sims can cook it using level 3 cooking skill.

Click here to download!

Valentine’s Day 2022🌺💕

1566 valentine s day 2022 winner9

Love Day would not be complete without romantic decorations around the house. For the kitchen, get these Valentine’s Day decorations, which add plates, utensils, drinks, and other adorable love-themed trimmings.

Click here to download!

Dreaming of You

Valentines Day CC and Mods 1

Love Day is an important occasion for our Sims, as it’s the time they can show their affection to their special someone. Let the day end on a romantic note by setting up a sweet surprise for other Sims, using the items from this Dreaming of You CC pack!

Click here to download!

Crystal Dress + Gloves (Valentine’s Day) ♥

1071 crystal dress gloves valentine s day plbsims

Look ultra stunning for your significant other, with these Crystal Dresses and Crystal Gloves from creator Plbsims! Each of these pieces comes in 7 swatches, and the dress has a heart accent in the middle.

Click here to download!

Valentine Day’s Set

968 valentine days set babyetears

This outfit set incorporates two super cutie pieces for The Sims 4, a pair of pants and a hoodie! Both of these are available in 8 swatches and are made with original swatches from Babyetears.

Click here to download!

Checkered Heart Jeans Pants

873 checkered heart jeans pants backtrack

If you’re looking for a casual bottom piece that can express your feelings for Love Day, wear these Checkered Heart Jeans Pants! These pants, which come in 10 colors, come with a checkered heart patch in the knee part. Adorbs!

Click here to download!

Valentines Lookbook by DigitalBae

image 43

If you want your Valentine’s look to be a little louder, make a statement with this Valentine’s Lookbook collection from Digitalbae! We really love Jazmin’s Valentines look.

Click here to download!

Love Myself Collection – Sleepwear and Sexy Lingerie Set

Screenshot 2023 07 27 145829

This sleepwear set for your Sims will make them ready to either jump in bed or prepare for other fun sleep-related activities. Or, these apparel can also be worn for a sweet and sexy night! The said set consists of lingerie and pajamas.

Screenshot 2023 07 27 145916

Click here to download!

Valentine’s Day Mods For The Sims 4

What about some romantic mods for your Sims? We’ve also curated plenty of these for your lovebirds! Check out these sweet mods we’ve got for you below.

Kiss-n-Grind Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 10

Like the More Kisses Mod above, the Kiss and Grind Mod also introduces new kissing animations into the game! Your Sims will now be able to experience new romantic moments with their loved ones, such as the “Intimate Kiss” and the “Sensual Grind.” Each animation comes with its own sounds and moodlets.

Click here to download!

Couple’s Anniversary Event

Valentines Day CC and Mods 9

This allows your Sims to celebrate their wedding anniversary through a planned event! Attaining gold after the said event will reward your Sims with a gorgeous rose in a vase. Take note that this mod needs The Sims 4: Seasons and My Wedding Stories in order to function properly in the game.

Click here to download!

Neighborhood Stories: Marriage

Valentines Day CC and Mods 8

With this mod by creator Flauschtrud, you can now have control over the romantic lives of your neighbors in The Sims 4. Yep! Play the cupid in the game, and let your neighbor Sims “Get Married” with other Sims. Plus, this mod also offers new interactions and rules in the game.

Click here to download!

SimDa Dating App Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 6

Our Sims could have exciting love lives by meeting potential lovers through their phones, tablets, or computers through the SimDa Dating app! The mod offers different date options with Sims, including serious dates, blind dates, and one-night stands. There is also an option to get “Hook Up Calls from NPCs”, which will allow your sims to visit a rabbit hole to have some flirtatious fun for a few hours. For the full details of this mod, you can check this article we released.

Click here to download!

Wonderful Whims Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 5

If you are familiar with the Wicked Whims mod, there is an SFW (Safe for Work) alternative for it, called the Wonderful Whims. It has an attractiveness and personality system which affects the relationship preferences of your sims. Plus, it has the menstrual cycle, birth control, and transmissible disease features that can highly transform your Sims’ personal lives.

Click here to download!

No Strings Attached Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 4

We are introducing you to a mod from Lumpinou which is a perfect for Sims who want to stay friends, but also want something more. The No Strings Attached mod will give your sims the opportunity to have a “Friends with Benefits” relationship with other sims, opening up frisky and sneaky interactions with those Sims.

Click here to download!

Open Love Life Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 3

Can you imagine if your Sims could have more modern views in terms of their romantic relationships in the game? Then the lives of your Sims would probably become more realistic! Through this Open Love Life mod by Lumpinou, you can control the preferences of your Sims when it comes to their relationships!

Click here to download!

First Love Mod

Valentines Day CC and Mods 2

The First Love Mod, created by LittleMsSam, is a super adorable tweak catered for young sims in the game. Through this mod, children sims who get to build up a high enough relationship with each other could have “First Love” interactions, allowing them to call and text each other, stargaze, monkey around, kiss cheeks, and hold hands.

Click here to download!

The Sims 4 Passionate Romance -MOD- V 1.4

Valentines Day CC and Mods 7

This is one of the most popular romance mods for The Sims 4. The creator Sacrificial came up with this mod to provide us with an array of new romantic gestures for our lover Sims. With the newest update, our Sims can now take sweet selfies in cars and in hot air balloons. They also get to perform the “Goose”, “Romantic Hug”, and “Snuggle” interactions among many others.

Click here to download!

Conclusion: Try These Alluring Valentine’s Day CC Packs and Mods Now!

Valentines Day CC and Mods

That’s it, dear Simmers, we hope this post has inspired you to create some truly unforgettable and romantic moments for your Sims! Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope that you and your Sims can get to have a fantastic celebration of Love Day. Happy simming, Simmers!

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