A Collection of the Comfiest Blanket CC Packs for TS4!

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Do you enjoy being wrapped up in a comfy blanket? Besides the matters, there is nothing that contributes to comfort and ease than a soft blanket. If you are interested in bringing your Sims bedroom comfort to the next level, this article is for you. Keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 blanket CC.

sims 4 blanket cc

sims 4 blanket cC: fun Bedding for Single & king beds

Sims love lounging, napping, and having a proper good night’s sleep. While Sims typically beds include beds with bedsheets they can automatically use, we can all agree that a blanket is a fine asset, not only regarding comfort, but decor-wise, too.

To improve the quality of their sleep, bring more realism into your favorite game, and level up the interior, we have prepared a list of blankets for you. Here come the warmest, softest Sims 4 blanket CC pieces. Enjoy!

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1. “Juneda set” with blanket by simenapule


Are you impressed by the beauty of modern, minimal interior details? If you are, this set of three is something you need to have in your Sims interior. It includes a big bed, a designer side table, and a comfortable blanket to make everything look like a scene from Architect’s Magazine! If you’d like to get cozy in this setup, to get this Sims 4 bed blanket CC, go here!

2. soft blanket by sims4life

tumblr 3ab10c57a8d96d55a1d3ed1ae0506df3 b9db8ff2 1280

This blanket is something all Sims needs after a long day. It’s fluffy, soft, huge, and will make curling up next to a fireplace even more enjoyable. The unmade bed aesthetic just makes you want to call a day off work! Plus, you can pick from 20 variations to match your bed and interior. Feel like you are on cloud nine, and get these soft blankets on this page.

3. blanket for single bed by Sims4nicole

tumblr 3fb4377ff4b7b89a6813b3a4aa920cd3 3ecb268b 1280

Single and not ready to mingle? Matters not, as this blanket will make you feel special even when no one is around to warm you. No matter if it’s a kids’ room, a student’s space, or a single Sims room, this blanket is all you need to make your Sims feel at home. Get this Sims 4 single bed blanket CC here.

4. ”medewi” duvet & throw blanket by Sundays

tumblr 9c397761bd08c577c96f45175746e301 ec407f7a 500

Give your Sims a bedroom interior of their dreams, and give them sheets like this one that will make them fall asleep instantly. A big, messy duvet with a throw blanket on top to make any bed look even more comfortable. Besides the blanket, with this set, you can also get matching pillows and other home decor details you’ll love. If you want to get such a stunning bed cover for your Sims 4, you can find it on this page.

5. ”jonesi” blankets & ”leeHee” pillow for sims 4

tumblr nsc1nmvYEq1uyz8pjo1 1280

Originally converted from Sims 2, this set of blankets and pillows is back in the game big time. Blankets are super textured to look realistic and soft, and you can even choose from 20 different patterns and colors to find a perfect match for your room. You can get these Sims 4 blanket CC softies for free here!

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6. blanket collection #13 by Sims4luxury

tumblr e45143b3630fb7a025631962012e4eb7 aa304065 500

Sims4luxury never fails us with incredible CC content, and these two patterned blankets are no different! These two messy blankets are perfect for any Sims season. Palm trees are a perfect choice for spring and summer, and line patterns for colder months. The bedroom will look realistic, because let’s admit it – not every Sims enjoys making their bed. Get these gorgeous blankets here!

7. ”lagoon” blanket set by simenapule


This one will make you instantly sleepy. The set includes three key elements – a round bed, a cushion, and a soft blanket. You can select one of 24 blanket swatches that match your criteria to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation in your household. Get this cozy paradise for your Sims by following this link.

8. Kalehouse Bedding Recolours for sims 4

tumblr 4b741bbe758372dc5a6532e8768282f4 53c2b2c2 400

Are you in love with Scandinavian interiors and decor details? Thanks to these sheets, you can now enjoy Ikea-like details in your Sims bedroom. The set includes not only two blankets, but also pillows, both of which come in 6 different pattern variations. You can browse and get this bedsheet set here.

9. neutral bed set for TS4

tumblr ns5upcUN3P1s7uit1o2 1280

If you love calm earthy tones, this set of bed covers will help you create a real Feng Shui heaven in your bedroom. Cozy blanket covers like this will make your Sims house feel like home. They are warm, look extra textured, they come in pattern and no-pattern variations, and they look so soft! Check them out on this page!

10. decorative ”misa sofa” with soft blanket


Now, this is a perfect detail for a home library, lounge area, or a nursery. With a big blanket to help you get cozy and a comfortable sofa to curl up on, this set will exceed your relaxation expectations. The blanket comes in different neutral colors and styles, so you won’t have to worry about it not blending with other furniture. Get this Sims 4 CC couch blanket here.

11. ”kyran” throw blanket

Kyran Throw Blanket 5

Who says blankets are reserved for bed only? Many Sims love lounging and napping on sofas, so why not surprise them with a sofa that has all it takes to get comfortable? This Sims 4 throw blanket CC comes in a few variations, so rest assured you’ll find the right spot for it in any room. To get this incredible CC, follow this link.

To enrich your interior with fancy curtains, go here.

12. Blanket collection #19 by sims4luxury


Ideal for personalization of space, these blanket patterns will transform even the simplest room into a special retreat place. This set includes four blankets. One with ”The Lovers” tarot card, two minimal geometric ones, and one with crosses. These will make a perfect match for any Sims who loves effective details. If you’d love to curl up in blankets like these, check them out on this page.

13. Massive duvet blanket for Kingsize Bed

tumblr 6d765c8640a573b264f1a66ce6c9be25 5921e8d3 500

These duvet blankets are so big, that they will make your character feel like they are floating when in bed. It comes in a few color variations, all of which are soft tines. You can even pick classic white sheets to maintain a minimal effect. If you’d like to get these softies for your game, go here.

14. ”messy morning” set by symphony


If you want something realistic, then this Sims 4 blanket CC is undoubtedly for you. You can place it neatly, fold it or extend it. No matter how you place it, it will look hyper-realistic on the bed, with fabric wrinkles, texture, and all! The set comes with some extra details, such as cups of tea – ideal for curling up in a blanket. To get this CC for yourself, visit this Patreon page!

15. sims 4 blanket collection #11 bt sims4luxury

Let’s not forget the cute details! This blanket collection is made for single beds only and includes three warm blankets, ideal for kids’ rooms. There is a simple one with lines, a dark one with a duck pattern, and one with a big teddy bear! Get this blanket collection for single beds here.


So, that was our list of softest, best-designed custom blankets you can add to your Sims 4 gameplay. We have included duvet blankets, messy ones, textured, thin and thick ones to expand the choice. Find those that click with you, try them out, and see how they fit into your interior. Happy Simming!

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