Flowfit Mod: Make Fitness Activities Fun In The Sims 4!

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Meet the FlowFit Mod, an all-new tweak for The Sims 4 that introduces sleek and advanced workout equipment that your Sims will surely love. Read about it below!

Flowfit Mod

Everything About The FlowFit Mod

If you’re a fan of The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff, or if you’re just simply fond of making Sims fit and healthy in The Sims 4, then you’ll love this new mod that we have for you! Called FlowFit, this is a recently released mod from the creative and passionate group of modders, Sim Realist. FlowFit Mod is a delightful tweak that incorporates all-new fitness equipment into the game. Read on to discover more about this mod!

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1. There’s a new Set of Equipment for Sims!

dEg xL

The FlowFit Mod comes with four new innovative exercise machines that let your Sims work out with ease and fun! These are the following equipment that comes with the FlowFit set:

  • FlowFit Row
  • FlowFit Ellipticore
  • FlowFit Summit
  • FlowFit Tread

2. Sims Can Try The Flowfit Row.

row 1
  • Cost: 2,250 simoleons

First off, let your Sims use a fitness machine that transports them to an awesome rowing adventure. With the Flowfit Row, Sims will be able to imagine the gentle sounds of water as they work out–no seasickness involved! The FlowFit Row has an adjustable resistance, letting Sims row upstream or downstream, all while having a blast at the gym or at home.

3. The Flowfit Ellipticore Looks Cool, Too.

  • Cost: 1,275 simoleons

Next up is the Fitflow Ellipticore. Your Sims can say goodbye to gym commutes and say hello to this ultimate elliptical machine! The Ellipticore not only delivers a full-body workout but does so with style and cutting-edge tech, letting your Sims feel fabulously fit and energized!

4. There is a Flowfit Summit As Well.

  • Cost: 3,500 simoleons

If you have Sims who are climbing enthusiasts, let them meet their new best friend: the FlowFit Summit. Sims will be able to feel as if they’re climbing the highest mountains with this piece of equipment, all in the comforts of their own home. How convenient!

5. Plus, A Flowfit Tread!

  • Cost: 3,500 simoleons

What about a Treadmill? Yep, there is one in the FlowFit set, too! Sims can experience the latest and greatest in fitness technology with the FlowFit Tread. This sleek and advanced piece of machine will take your Sims’ fitness journeys to newer heights, helping them have healthier bodies.

5. Other Features Of The FlowFit Mod.

  • Upgrades
  • Mood-related workouts

The FlowFit equipment can be upgraded, much like other fitness equipment in the game. Sims can also use the FlowFit equipment in varying ways, depending on the mood that they have. So cool, right? Plus, the creators of the mod announced that there will be new additions to the FlowFit set soon, such as the FlowFit Cycle!

BONUS: SnootySims Mod test!

We let our Sim, Bianca, try all the different FlowFit equipment in the game. Let’s see how it went!

#1 Flowfit Summit Test


Bianca first tried the FlowFit Summit. It has a high platform, so she had trouble climbing up the steps. When she was all settled, she tried to balance herself on the Summit.


Bianca began “the climb” on the Summit, putting in the effort to move both her arms and her legs in the machine. Soon, she got the hang of how the equipment works! It’s like climbing Mt. Komorebi from the comforts of the gym.

#2 Flowfit Row test


For the next test, Bianca propped herself on the Flowfit Row, an equipment that lets her feel as if she is rowing a boat. She placed her hands on the handle and her feet on the steps and started pushing and pulling.


Bianca loved how the equipment allowed her to work out her leg, arm, and core muscles. However, she got exhausted from all the back-and-forth mechanisms that she did.

#3 Flowfit Tread test


Next up is Flowfit’s treadmill equipment! Bianca hopped on the machine right away and ran happily. Her body was already feeling weary but using the new machine made her excited.


And yep. Bianca got so hyped about using the Flowfit Tread! She tried to increase the treadmill’s incline to the highest setting and then worked her body more. Some Sims at the gym noticed her fun fitness activity.

#4 Flowfit Ellipticore Test


Uh-oh. Bianca was drained from trying all three FlowFit equipment! At this point, she no longer wanted to try the Ellipticore machine. From the looks of her face, not only did she seem tired, but she looked pretty ~hangry~ too.

How Do We Install The FlowFit Mod?

Follow all these steps to successfully incorporate the FlowFit Mod into your game!

  1. Visit the download page here.
  2. Click the “Download Now” button on top.
  3. A page will pop up, which contains information on how you can choose to donate any amount for the download. If you choose not to give, simply click “No thanks…”
  4. A new page will open. Go and click the red download button on top.
  5. Open your downloads folder and locate the downloaded FlowFit Mod file.
  6. Place the said file inside your Mods folder for The Sims 4.
  7. Finally, make sure that the use of mods and custom content are enabled in your game settings.

Conclusion: Incorporate The FlowFit Mod Into Your Game!


All in all, we recommend that you download the FlowFit Mod and try it on your game. It is a great addition to The Sims 4 as it helps expand the fitness equipment options for your Sims. Once you have tested this mod, please let us know how it goes! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can simply leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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