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The Royalty Mod: an Overview

The Sims 4 has countless ways of surprising its players and it is all thanks to the wonderful creators of mods and CC. The simming world has recently been hit with another amazing extension for the game, called The Royalty Mod. As if by storm, it has quickly won the hearts of simmers around the world! And naturally, we were more than tempted to try it out.

So, what is The Royalty Mod? And what can you do with it?

Well, have you ever imagined owning enormous castles and lands as far as the eye could see? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be a queen or an emperor, ruling over your people? Have you ever been intrigued by the outwards politics and the inner mysteries of the royal families?

The Royal Mod will give you all of that and more! It is a brilliantly developed idea that focuses around royal families for The Sims 4, giving you an opportunity to play generation after generation of a noble household. That means giving titles, listening to advisors, having princes and princesses, ordering servants and providing for your kingdom. If you definitely want to start your royal journey, here is how to do so!

How to Start a Royal Family?


To start a royal family, the first thing is to create a monarch Sim. “Monarch” is a trait in this mod and it can be found under the “Lifestyles” group. But to do that, you will first need to enable full edit mode, using cas.fulleditmode.

Monarchs are the most important Sims in this pack. They are the head of the family and their word will be the heaviest of all. The monarch can name his spouse a Royal Partner, give certain rights to certain Sims, appoint a heir and so on. As with most of the rulers from history, your monarch can be a Beloved Royal or a Despised Tyrant to his people. Through your gameplay you will be only one or the other, and the other Sims will act accordingly around you: they will either be happy to see you or they will try to avoid you!

Title System

The Royalty Mod has a wonderful title system which actually lets you pick the title of your Sims. For example, your monarch can be a King, Emperor, Tsar or a Sultan and their spouse Queen, Tsarina, Princess. All of these are changeable during playing and it only takes seconds for the new title to take place! Aside from the monarch title which you get when creating that Sim, all the other titles are bestowed in the game by the monarch. He is the one who can change the title of another Sim, for example uplifting a peasant to a Noble.

Heir System

Whenever a monarch dies, a family member needs to replace him on the throne. While alive, your monarch can choose an heir to his liking. That can be his queen for example, his prince or princess, or his illegitimate children! Yes, the monarch can fool around and have sons and daughters out of his royal marriage, and if he had named them a Crown Royal during his life, they have a right to the throne too!

So, if it just so happens that your monarch dies without naming an heir, all the rightful Sims can Vie for the Throne. That basically means elections, so to win the throne the potential heirs must ask support of the citizen and win their trust.


Servants are also an essential part to a royalty gameplay, since they do most of the work behind the scenes. They do all the household stuff like cooking, cleaning, looking after the safety of the princes and princesses and they’re also included here. Aside from those who live in your castle, there are the citizens and the peasants which are also your subjects. You can give them jobs in your court or raise their taxes, all according to your wish.

The Trusted Advisor

This is a somewhat unique feature here. The Trusted Advisor is a title which your monarch can bestow on a Sim to be his personal companion in almost everything. So, the Trusted Advisor plays a vital role in the unfolding of your kingdom, so be careful who you choose for that position. For example, your monarch will have to consult with the Trusted Advisor when raising or lowering the taxes, when deciding when the market will open, when considering candidates for the throne…

The Trusted Advisor unlocks a large number of interactions for this mod, so choosing one should be one of the first things you do when you start a royal family. If you don’t make any Sim a Trusted Advisor, you can certainly continue playing but you will miss out on a lot of essential things in The Royalty Mod.

Other Interesting Features

Your monarch can also get a job. He can disappear for a few hours to do a royal work and come back with a big sack of money. Aside from the “twice per week” tax systems, these money are great as well for enjoying the high-status life! You can also open Sunday Markets. There will be a lot of vendors and trading going on, and if your monarch visits them, he will gain some positive reputation.

Since it is a relatively new mod, the amazing creator has also hinted at future updates that would additionally enrich the royal lifestyle. We strongly suggest that you follow this page closely for any news. There you can also download The Royalty mod and start this awesome adventure!

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