Behold The Magnificent Details of The Royalty Mod for The Sims 4 (2023 Update!)

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Experience the glory of royal life in The Sims 4 with the popular Royalty Mod! Will you embody the qualities of a great king or become an infamous tyrant in your kingdom? Well, dive into this article to discover everything you need to know about this regal mod!

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The Sims 4 Royalty Mod & Everything You Need to Know About It!

Meet the Royalty Mod, A Fun and Majestic Mod for The Sims 4

In this SnootySims article, you can step into the realm of grandeur as we introduce you to the Royalty Mod, a well-known mod for The Sims 4 that has been delighting plenty of Simmers for quite some time. With regular updates and maintenance from its creator, the majestic llazyneiph, this mod allows you to create a royal family in the game, complete with royal events, knights, ladies-in-waiting, noble titles, and much more. It even incorporates reputation and ranking features from The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack. So read on and get ready for a great gameplay experience with the Royalty Mod!


What Can You Do With The Royalty Mod for The Sims 4?

Below, we laid out all the following features of the Royalty Mod. The list details how you can have fun in The Sims 4 using the royal interactions, objects, and other available shenanigans of the mod. Make sure to check out number 17—you probably wouldn’t want to witness seeing these regal things happen in your game!

1. You Can Choose The Monarch Of The Kingdom.


In Create-a-Sim (CAS), you can give any Sim the Monarch Trait, which will then grant them the “Monarch” title. This title allows the said Sim to be the leader of their kingdom (each world functions as a single kingdom), with the power to assign royal and noble titles to other Sims and rule over everyone. You can choose different royal titles like Emperor, Empress, King, Queen, Caesar, Tsar, Sultan, Pharaoh, and more, which will be displayed when you hover over your Sim’s name. Monarchs also have a special crown plumbob that sets them apart.

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2. The Monarch Gets to Bestow Noble and Royal Titles.


The Monarch Sim can go around and assign titles to other Sims in their kingdom to give them noble ranks or royal designations. Giving these titles will help clarify the roles and tasks of each Sim in the monarchy. To do this, simply click on another Sim, choose the Titles menu, and select any of the selections below:

  • Noble Title
  • Royal Partner
  • Crown Royal
  • Illegitimate Royal
  • Royal Advisor
  • Court Wizard
  • Jester
  • Royal Servant (Maid, Chef, Gardener, Nanny)
  • Lady-in-Waiting
  • Dungeon Guard

After assigning these roles, the Monarch also has the right to banish these Sims from royalty if he no longer feels like these Sims are serving their purpose (or if they just feel like it).

3. The Royal Advisor is the Hand of the Monarch.


Royalty is not just about power and fame, as it is also about service to the people. To reign over an entire land is not just one man’s job, thus, your Monarch needs the help of other people to be able to rule their citizens properly! Early on, your Monarch must assign the role of a Royal Advisor to a Sim whom they trust. As the right hand of the king, the Royal Advisor is responsible and capable enough to execute plenty of tasks for the kingdom. They can do stuff such as raise or lower taxes, abdicate, or allow Sunday Market Tradings.

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4. With the Royal Mod, Noble People Will Be Everywhere!


After a Monarch bestows nobility to a Sim, Sims can rise to higher ranks of the nobility using the reputation system of The Sims 4: Get Famous. Their titles start in the lowest rank of Baron, and they can climb higher each time. They can also take on a noble career exclusive to them, called the Courtier. It branches out into two, the Court Spy and the Devoted Courtier. Also, take note that titles of nobility can be stripped off anytime!

5. There is an Existing Heir System.

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The crown royals or the Monarch’s royal partner serve as the throne’s successors. But who among these regal identities will become the heir? That is the question, as Monarchs can name any of their crown royals or royal partners as their heir. They can do this by using the interaction “Announce as Heir” so that when the said Monarch dies or renounces their throne, the crown is passed onto this Sim. The heir to the throne must then throw a coronation event to be able to formally inherit the throne and assume the title of the new Monarch. They can do this using the Coronation Podium object.

6. The Monarch Can Become A Beloved Royal or A Despised Tyrant.

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It is recommended that you have The Sims 4: Get Famous Pack to play the Royalty Mod, as the celebrity ranking and reputation system of this said pack will allow you to gauge whether your Monarch is favored or loathed by his citizens. For example, if your Monarch lets the Royal Adviser raise the taxes too high on his citizens, he might get negative feedback from these people, resulting in their disdain. Do this many times over and they will definitely despise the Monarch!

7. Hey. The Monarch May Also Keep a Little Job!


In the Royalty Mod, Monarchs can further serve their royalty duties through a small job available in the Careers Menu, called “Monarch of the Land”. When doing this job, they will disappear from 10 AM-3 PM from Mondays to Fridays and visit a rabbit hole. They will gain 500 simoleons per hour while doing this job.

8. Nobles And Royals Can Assign Ladies-In-Waiting


Every kingdom has its long list of Ladies-in-Waiting—court ladies who take care of the personal affairs of its royal or noble members. In the Royalty Mod, any royal or noble Sims could be able to assign any noble Sim as a Lady-in-Waiting. These Sims can then change the hair and do the makeup of the ones they serve, prepare them tea and coffee, or perform other assisting interactions.

9. Yes, There Are Knights Too!


Monarchs can also bestow knighthood to Sims of their liking in the Royalty Mod. As knights, these Sims can either become a personal Knight Guard or a Regular Knight. These knights can both level up their Swordsmanship skills (max level is 5), put on knight suits and helmets, force Sims to leave the kingdom and take on Squires (children or teens). However, the personal Knight Guard will follow your Monarch wherever he goes.

10. But Let’s Not Forget About The Tax System…


As we have mentioned earlier, taxes can be raised or lowered anytime. Having higher taxes means having more generous weekly earnings for the kingdom, but this also means a negative reputation for the Monarch. Thus, the lower the taxes imposed by the kingdom, the better the reputation of the Monarch will be. The tax collector, called Reginald McCrook, automatically spawns on peasant’s homes each week to gather the said money. To acquire the entire accumulated weekly taxes, let your Monarch approach the Royal Advisor every Friday.

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11. There Will Be Loyal Servants To Serve the Kingdom.


Royal Servants can perform different chores for the Royal Family. They can serve as a maid, a chef, a gardener, or a nanny to your regal Sims. After a Monarch assigns them their roles, you must click on the “Servant Management” menu to be able to order them specific tasks. Your Monarch can keep calling for new royal servants as these Sims are meant to always leave your kingdom after a given time. The Royal Servants can wear a particular uniform as they perform their duties. You can also praise or reprimand them for their services.

12. Plus, A Lot of Royal Events Are Around The Corner.


Of course, what kingdom would be complete without the lavish events held in court? Through the Royalty Mod, there are three events that you can hold— the Royal Audience, Royal Banquet, and as mentioned earlier, the Coronation. In the first event, citizens can come to the kingdom to air out their concerns to the Monarch and to request certain things that can help improve their circumstances. In the Royal Banquet, the royal family holds a magnificent dinner party for invited guests. In the third one, the kingdom witnesses as the heir inherits the throne.

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13. Diplomatic Relations Are Very Valuable For A Kingdom!

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Monarchs can form diplomatic relationships with the Monarchs of the other worlds, allowing them to forge personal bonds and strengthen the ties of their kingdoms. They can exchange diplomatic letters using the Correspondences Book object available in Buy Mode. These are the different stages of diplomatic relationships between any two worlds:

  • Great Relations
  • Good Relations
  • Neutral Relations
  • Poor Relations
  • Terrible Relations

Citizens of a world that has a terrible relationship with another world will experience penalties when interacting with the citizens of the said world. In short, the diplomatic relationships between worlds will heavily influence the social interactions of the citizens with one another.

14. Through the Royal Mod, Nobles Can Visit Certain Rabbitholes.


If your noble little Sims are getting bored fancying themselves in the courtyard and doing their noble little chores, you can allow them to be proactive, learn some skills or two, or visit particular events to their liking. If you click on the Nobility Rabbitholes menu, you will find plenty of activities that your noble Sims can do, such as going horseback riding, going for afternoon tea, joining hunting parties, visiting tailors, and many others. Performing these activities in the said rabbit holes will increase the reputation of your nobles.

15. There’s A Missing Princess Aspiration, Too.

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If you want to follow a certain route in playing a royal story, you can choose to play through the Missing Princess aspiration. Simply let a Sim choose this particular aspiration in CAS, and then follow the adventure, which includes convincing the Royal Family that your Sim has royal blood, letting journalists interview you and know your story, holding press conferences, and many other regally-dramatic events.

16. There Is Some Exciting Custom Content!


Apart from the functional objects stated in this article, there is plenty of other custom content included in the Royalty Mod which you can utilize to build your kingdom. You can have fun lavishing your royal place with items such as the Dragon Arm Chair, the Knight’s Chair, the Dragon Music Box (functions like a stereo!), the Decor Cask, the Decor Stocks, the Decor Coin Sack, Gold Bars, some build mode selections, as well as plenty of CAS items!

17. Beware, There Is Also A Scary Punishment And Execution System!


With the recent developments in the Royalty Mod, it is now possible to torture or execute Sims through a variety of methods. Yup, you heard it right! As scary as it may sound, kingdoms may be unforgiving and allow miserable things to happen to your Sims! They can do this through:

  • The Dungeon Cell – The Monarch can appoint a Dungeon Guard who will perform punishments on your detained Sims. To be able to create a Dungeon Cell, you must buy the Dungeon Door object in Buy Mode and place it in an enclosure.
  • The Use of Shackles – Your Sims can get shackled by the Dungeon Guard. They will then get a sad moodlet while they are shackled.
  • The Scold’s Bridle – This one is a torture device that will make your Sims speechless, as this tool will literally not allow them to speak. The Scold’s Bridle also allows Dungeon Guards to take Sims on a “Walk of Shame”, pretty much reminiscent of Cersei’s naked walk in the Game of Thrones.
  • Imprisonment in the Underground – There is an object in Buy Mode called the Underground Prison, which is another way to incarcerate your Sims.
  • Boiling Sims in the Cauldron – We know, it’s terrible, but boiling Sims is now an option in the Royalty Mod! Sims can be boiled in the Torture Cauldron and released anytime. And yes, this process can be repeated as much as the Monarch wants to.
  • Burning Sims at the Stake – Now, if you want to recreate some Joan of Arc scenes, then you have to know that the Royalty Mod makes this possible. Through the Stake object in Buy Mode, your Dungeon Guard or Monarch can let any Sim burn to their deaths at the stake.

How Do You Install The Royalty Mod?

Head on over to this Patreon post or Curseforge post of Llazyneiph, and download the Royalty Mod. As of this writing, the Royalty Mod is up and running, and definitely compatible with the latest version of The Sims 4. However, there are some requirements to fully enjoy this said mod:

  1. You must have The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack, as lots of the Royalty Mod’s elements depend heavily on this pack.
  2. Make sure to install these required mods for things to work properly: Frankk’s Pack Test Script, the XML Injector, and the MAL22 Trait Injector.
  3. These mods are optional but will help you immensely in the game: Lumpinou’s Rambunctious Religions and LittlBowBub’s Ye Olde Cookbook.
  4. Finally, if you encounter any issues or have some questions for creator Llazyneiph, you can join their personal Discord Invite.

Final Verdict: Is The Royalty Mod Yay or Nay?

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve soaked in all the essential information about the Royalty Mod. In all honesty, this mod is truly exceptional, making you feel like you have installed a full and legit expansion pack for The Sims 4. It revolutionizes the gameplay so much, and it’s worth exploring especially if you have an affinity for medieval or monarchy themes. However, it’s worth noting that the mod alters The Sims 4 to such an extent that returning to your usual everyday Sim life may become unimaginable! Really!

Nevertheless, the Royalty Mod is an absolute must-try. Here at SnootySims, we always strive to bring you and inform you about the greatest mods available, thus, always stay tuned for our latest contest! As always, happy simming, Simmers!

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