Dreams and Nightmares Mod: Make Snooze Time More Exciting In TS4!

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Much like in real life, our Sims can now have amazing dreams and freaky nightmares while they sleep, all thanks to this intriguing Dreams and Nightmares Mod!

Try the Dreams and Nightmares Mod!

The Dreams and Nightmares Mod is Extraordinary!

In The Sims 4, one of the basic daily needs of our Sims is to replenish their energy. To do this, they take naps or go for a full-fledged overnight slumber. However, once they wake up, it’s such a bummer that our Sims do not really get any dreams or nightmares (unfulfilled dreams do not count LOL)! But now, the snooze life of our Sims is about to change with this mod from creator Alainbm—the Dreams and Nightmares Mod! Read below for all its features.

1. Your Sims Can Now Experience Having Dreams!


Isn’t it amazing if our Sims could also conjure up their own dreams while they sleep? Now they definitely can! Through the Dreams and Nightmares Mod, each time your Sims go to sleep for 30 minutes (Sims Time), they will have dreams. These will range from realistic to absurd and will have varying effects on their moods. There are over 30 dreams available for kids, and 180 for adults!

2. …And They Can Get Nightmares, Too!


Of course, Sims will also get those not-so-pleasant dreams while they sleep. For example, they’ll dream of creepy insects, monsters, ghosts, and deaths. These nightmares will usually leave them feeling scared for the next 2-4 hours upon waking up. With random rotation, young Sims can have over 30 nightmares while the adults can have 110.

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3. Sims Can Share These Experiences With Others.

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Sims will have varying dreams and nightmares that are appropriate for their ages, personalities, and life situations. Sometimes, they can get distinct experiences such as wet dreams, vanishing dreams, or even sad nightmares. If they want to, they can then talk to others about these dreams and nightmares, which can help them process the said experiences.

4. Sims Can Visit The Dreamcatcher Website.

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In the Dreams andNightmares Mod, Sims can visit a website called the “DreamCatcher.” They can access this page by opening any in-game laptop or computer and choosing the DreamCatcher menu. The said website has plenty of sleep-related features which we’ll talk about next.

5. They Can Also Talk About Their Nightmares to Therapists.

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On the DreamCatcher website, Sims can choose to talk to a therapist who can further help them process the recent nightmares that they had. The therapy is in the form of a scheduled online session that costs 90 simoleons each.

6. Sims Can Order Sleep Tablets For Better Dreams.

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If your Sims are still bothered by the nightmares that they get through the night, they can opt to purchase SleepGuard Tablets via the online store on the DreamCatcher website. Taking these tablets can help Sims get an undisturbed, nightmare-free sleep for the next 24 hours. A bottle of SleepGuard costs 45 simoleons and contains 20 tablets.

7. Plus, They Can Get Dream Diffusers!

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The online store on the DreamCatcher website not only sells SleepGuard Tablets but also offers products called the Dreamland Diffusers. These diffusers help Sims achieve restful sleep by providing customizable soft lights, calming scents, and the assurance to protect against nightmares. Sims can choose from three varieties, with the most expensive one priced at 130 simoleons.

8. Other Social Interactions Are Also Available.

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Apart from discussing certain dreams and nightmares with others, Sims can also have conversations about the DreamCatcher website. They can ask other Sims about it or recommend it to their family, friends, and strangers.

9. The Dreams and Nightmares Mod Will Get More Updates Soon.

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The Dreams and Nightmares Mod is such an awesome mod, and it is constantly being developed to include even more features in the future! Creator Alainbm said that the mod will soon incorporate more objects, new job options such as the Dream Interpreter, a new life state called The Dreamer, and even more dreams and nightmares. Well, we’ll be looking forward to that!

BONUS: SnootySims Mod Test!

We conducted a Dreams and Nightmares Mod test just to experience how the mod functions in the game!

1. Electrifying Nightmare

Our first test subject, Ken, had an Electrifying Nightmare a few hours after waking up. In his dream, he died after being electrocuted by lightning. Uh-oh, harsh. This gave him a +2 scared moodlet for 4 hours.

2. Crazy Dream

The next subject, Nivra, went to sleep for less than an hour and had a Crazy Dream! In the dream, she was a thief who stole money and WooHoo-ed with someone inside a money vault. LOL! This made her have +2 playful moodlet for the next 4 hours.

3. Music Dream

Mel, our third subject, took an afternoon nap for a few hours and woke up with a Music Dream. She pictured herself as a music performer in front of a crowd, and that seemed nice! This dream then gave her a +2 inspired moodlet for the next 4 hours.

How Do We Install The Dreams and Nightmares Mod?

If you want to install the Dreams and Nightmares Mod to your game, simply follow these easy steps!

  1. Download the Dreams and Nightmares Mod from the CurseForge website.
  2. Extract the mod files to your Sims 4 Mods folder.
  3. Launch The Sims 4, enable the use of mods and custom content in the game settings, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts: Let Your Sims Experience Genuine Dreams and Nightmares


Well, that’s it! We are really thrilled to share with you the Dreams and Nightmares Mod because it is one of those incredible gameplay mods that mirrors what real life is like. The mod allows our Sims to have genuine dreams and nightmares that affect their thoughts and feelings long after waking up (pretty much like real people), and that alone is enough reason for you to install this mod!

Finally, once you have tried this mod on your game, share your thoughts with us! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Happy simming, Simmers!

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