The Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams Cheat: Mellow Your Sims Out!

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Are you sick and tired of your sims stressing about the future? Do you wish there was a magic button to make their fears go away? If so, you will likely get a lot of use out of the Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams cheat!

fear of unfulfilled dreams cheat
The Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams Cheat!

Part of what makes The Sims 4 so popular is how it’s (mostly) realistic, but sometimes the game gets a bit too real for our liking. Seeing your sims experiencing anxiety or stress takes away from a fun gaming experience for you, and their fears of the future can really put a damper on the relaxation of you playing a video game. Thankfully, we have cheats!

Wants, Fears, why sims have them, and how to get rid of them

First, let’s learn about how Wants & Fears behave, and then we’ll learn how to use the Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams cheat.

What are Wants & Fears?

The characters of The Sims 4 are able to have Wants & Fears, which can range from simple and/or immediate occurances to long-term lifetime desires. For example: they might want to listen to a radio station or cook a certain dish, or they might be hoping to date a particular sim or get a promotion in their careers. Sims can have a range of fears like being rejected, failing a task, or losing a job.

If a sim has a Want or a Fear fulfilled, they will earn associated buffs that can greatly affect your gameplay experience. Positive buffs may give them a boost to learning a skill or faster relationship gains. Negative buffs could make a sim extra grumpy and not in the mood to do what you want them to.

As The Sims 4 attracts many types of players it should come as no surprise that not all players find the Wants & Fears system a fun aspect of gameplay. Some go so far as to see it as a nuisance and want nothing to do with it! Luckily for them, Wants & Fears can be disabled by going to Game Options → Gameplay → “Show Wants & Fears” and unchecking the box (if your sims don’t have Wants & Fears it’s probably because you have them disabled).

Game Options 1

One of the newer fears that was introduced in a recent update is the “Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams” which sims will suffer from if their Wants aren’t fulfilled often enough. It causes them to feel tense, angry, or sad and it can be a very frustrating Fear as it affects sims no matter how much they’ve achieved in their lives. It also seems to pop up frequently, and many players have stressed about it to the point that they want this Fear to be removed from the game altogether!

Looking for more ways to keep your sims happy? Try the True Happiness mod.

The Fear Of Unfulfilled Dreams Cheat

Luckily for us Fears are attached to a sim in the same way that traits are, and like most other traits that a sim has they can be added or removed with a simple cheat.

Fear Trait 1

If your sim shows this Fear in their traits panel and you want it gone, the cheat to get rid of it is a familiar one—the remove traits cheat! To remove this Fear make sure you have the affected sim selected as your Active Sim, open the cheat console, and copy+paste or type:

traits.remove_trait trait_fear_unfulfilled

Your sim’s Fear should immediately disappear from their Traits panel after entering the cheat, letting them—and you—finally relax! The Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams cheat is one that you’re probably going to add to your list of most-used cheats if you play with Wants & Fears active.

If (for some wild reason) you want to give your sim this Fear, replace “remove” with “equip” in the cheat code. There are ways to solve the Fear without cheating if you want that challenge!

Closing Thoughts

Wants & Fears can make The Sims 4 more challenging and dynamic, but sometimes they cause more trouble than they’re worth. If you’re finding that unfulfilled dreams are making your gameplay a nightmare, the fear of unfulfilled dreams cheat will make things so much better for you and your sims. Too bad it’s not that easy in real life! Since we can’t give ourselves such instant relief it’s nice that we can at least extend that courtesy to our sims; if they’re relaxed, we’re relaxed. Use this cheat to get your sims back to feeling good so you can continue enjoying The Sims 4 however you want to play it. Have fun with the cheat, and happy simming!

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