All About The Autism Mod – How to Make Sims 4 More Inclusive

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Would you like to make the Sims 4 more inclusive? If yes, then the Autism mod is an absolute must-have. Read on to discover how installing the autism spectrum mod can bring neurodiversity and make your gameplay more realistic.

sims 4 autism mod
All About The Autism Mod: How to Make Sims 4 More Inclusive

What is the Autism mod?

Neurodivergence is more common than we think, and now, thanks to the Autism spectrum mod (ASD), our favorite game can become more neurodivergent-friendly! Created by fabulous YourFalseHope, ASD brings more complexity to how Sims perceive and interact with their environment and others.


The autism spectrum is so wide that it’s impossible to include all manifestations of it in one mod. However, this fantastic mod certainly covers some key elements of it that will add more color and diversity to your Sims’ characters.

This mod is a remake of the Autism Spectrum Disorder trait from PieBaldFawn, which is no longer available for download. To get the mod, you can download it here. Now, let’s see what the autism mod is all about, shall we?

What are the key features of Autism Spectrum Discorder Mod?

Autism Spectrum Disorder mod includes a few key features. It brings unique CAS traits, occasional events, and socials, all of which are designed to make the autism experience a real thing in Sims 4.

  • New CAS traits – The ASD mod brings two CAS traits that will gear how your Sims behave. One is a lifestyle trait available for all Sims from children to elders, and another is an emotional trait tailored for toddlers. These traits are associated with random moodlets that
  • New Social – Autism can also be incredibly beautiful, and those on the spectrum often have very rich inner worlds and can be very passionate about their interests. This is why, this autism mod introduces a special social, Enthuse About Special Interest, that will help Sims who are on the spectrum connect with others in a meaningful way. You will find it under friendly interactions.

How will the mod manifest?


Autism is an extremely wide spectrum, and no autistic person is alike, but this mod brings some unpredictability and sensitivity that is characteristic of ASD, both the challenging and the beautiful aspects of it. Besides getting access to the unique social mentioned above, Sims who are assigned ASD traits will have unique reactions to their environments.

Some reactions are positive and will make them happy, while others will cause an overflow of negative emotions. These will be triggered occasionally, and have a different impact on their well-being. This is how autism mod can manifest in your Sims’ day-to-day life:

  • Anger Outburst – Angry moodlet (+3 toddlers, +5 older Sims)
  • Enjoying Routine – Happy moodlet (+2)
  • Feeling Emotionless – Fine moodlet (+10). This one will weaken the effect of all other moodlets.
  • Feeling Safe – Happy moodlet (+2).
  • Indulging in Special Interest – Happy moodlet (+2)
  • Meltdown – Angry moodlet (+5)
  • Sensory Overload – Sims will get a Tense moodlet (+3 toddlers, +10 older Sims)
  • Social Awkwardness – Embarrassed moodlet after socializing (+2)


The autism mod brings both the difficult and the beautiful aspects of being autistic to Sims 4, shedding light on different aspects of ASD. If you want to pay tribute to diversity and would like to broaden the spectrum of personalities and traits in your game, definitely give this one a go. Happy simming!

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