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One thing we adore about playing the Sims 4 is the constant addition of mods, which makes the game more exciting. Thanks to the many talented mod creators out there, we can expand our game to new horizons every day. Whether we want a realistic pregnancy mod, a new career mod, or whatever else our hearts desire…Our beloved mod creators got us covered! And that, we could not be happier about. In this post, we will highlight a wholesome mod that recently came to our attention. Namely, the Sims 4 First Love Mod by LITTLEMSAM’S.

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The Sims 4 First Love Mod by LITTLEMSAM’S

Even though there are plenty of interactions for our adult sims when it comes to romance, the kids have sort of been overlooked. Much to our disappointment, since a wholesome childhood friends-to-lovers is one of our absolute favorite tropes. Now, let’s just imagine for a second… A childhood-friends-to-lovers storyline in the Sims 4. On an idyllic summer day, two little sims players meet at the park in Willow Creek and become fast friends… They spend the rest of the summer playing together, and soon they are best friends.

The friends grow up in the same neighborhood, go to the same school, and start to develop crushes on each other after a while… Then one admits their crush to the other and the two start dating… This wholesome romance continues into their teenage years. And, when they are young adults, they decide to attend the same university. All because they want to be together… Soon after they graduate they get married and start a little family in the same neighborhood they both grew up in… Are you as in love with this gameplay idea as we are? It is just too wholesome… Our hearts are completely melting over this mod.

However, we can likely all agree that yes, a first child love mod is not on the top of our priority list for the Sims 4. But, we cannot help but feel we need it once we found out it exists. Moreover, this childhood-friends-to-lovers storyline just will not leave us alone. Yes, we might not need it in our game… But oh my gosh do we want it! Having such a neat little kid mod in our game will just add that extra little bit of realism, and we are here for it! We are here for the cute wholesome first love storyline, and we know you are too! Therefore, it is our absolute pleasure to present this mod to you.

Interactions of the Sims 4 First Love Mod


This wholesome little mod by LITTLEMSAM’S comes with several interactions for your child and teen sims. And, we are in love with all of them! Every single interaction assists us in creating that dreamy childhood-friends-to-lovers storyline we are all pining for. We also want to remind you that everything is 10 times cuter when done by little child sims. Whether those interactions are walking, talking, hugging, stargazing, or whatever it may be, they just make it look cuter. Now, we know you are itching to get to know these new and adorable interactions… So, let us give you an overview of these cute first innocent love mod interactions:

  • Confess to have a crush

Imagine your little sim confessing to their best friend they have a crush on them. The image of that is just so wholesome, that we might cry.

  • Exchange phone numbers

For the simmers who love that extra bit of realism in your game, this one is for you… Have your child or teen sims exchange numbers to create that realistic online connection as well.

  • Hug

We adore a quality sim hug between adult sims. But, just imagine how cute this interaction could be between two child/teen sims who are dating? One word: wholesome.

  • Visit crush (requires LITTLEMSAM’S social activities mod)

Yes, you can have your cute little sim kids/teens visit their crush, and we love that. However, to make that happen, you will have to install LITTLEMSAM´S social activities mod too.

  • Call crush

Have your little sim cutie-pies call one another, and talk for hours upon hours with this realistic interaction. We stan!

  • Text crush

If your little sim is of the shy type, no worries! They can always text their crush instead of calling.

  • Monkey around

Indeed, you may have your child/teen sims monkey around. And we are here for it.

  • Stargazing

This is our favorite interaction! Have your young couple talk about their dreams and hopes for the future by stargazing together. Ah, it is just too cute!

  • Ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend

You can have your child/teen sim ask their crush to be their significant other! And, from there on out you just need to enjoy your soulmate storyline.

  • Ask to just be friends

If you regret having your bff’s become an item, you may undo it by having one ask the other to just be friends. Then, everything will return to normal.

Gameplay Part 1

Like any other mod you wish to download, you want to know how it works, right? Of course, you do, who wouldn’t?! Luckily for you, we are here to answer all your questions, and hopefully, by the end of this post, you will feel ready to download this mod. Okay, let us present the First Love gameplay run-through:

When your sims children have a high friendship (mind.value 75) they will find a new pie menu titled “first love” on their target menu. Here they will have the option to choose their first new interaction “confess to having a crush”. Which for obvious reasons, is a one-time interaction.

If this interaction is successful your sim will get a new relationship with their crush called “first crush”. Something we find truly adorable! Additionally, when your sim is near their crush they will get a special buff – building up a hidden relationship progress every 30 minutes. Moreover, in your sim’s “first love” pie menu, two-three new interactions will be showcased. They include “exchange numbers”, “hug”, and “visit crush” (if you have LITTLEMSAM’S social activities mod installed). All three interactions will gain hidden relationship progress. After your sim exchanges numbers with their crush, you will also unlock two new phone interactions: “call crush”, and “text crush”. And like the other interactions, both phone interactions will also gain a little relationship progress.

Gameplay Part 2

With this growing relationship progress, your sim will unlock a new interaction which will be announced via a notification: “monkey around”. This will also gain relationship progress, and your sim will unlock a new interaction, which will be announced via a notification yet again… “stargazing”. When your hidden relationship progress is high enough, your sim will get the last interaction unlocked, “ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend”. If successful, this will turn your “first crush” relationship into a “first love relationship”. Here, a new interaction will be available, “ask to just be friends”. Once done, it will delete all the hidden relationship progress and the “first love” relationship.

Now, let’s mention aging before we go. Once one of your child sims ages up to a teen, a hidden countdown of 7 days starts. Within these 7 days, the only interaction available in the “first love” pie menu is “ask to just be friends”. If both of your sims age up to teens and meet up within these 7 days, they get a hidden broadcaster. Something that adds them a romance relationship track of 50, followed by the relationship “significant other”. However, if both of your sims do not age up within this 7 day-span, they keep the “first love” relationship. Meaning they have to start from scratch as teens again.

Optional Addons

After installing this mod, you have the option to download two addons:

  • 2x Faster Relationship Progress
    Makes the Crush  Relationship Progress  2x faster
  • 4x Faster Relationship Progress
    Makes the Crush  Relationship Progress  4x faster

Note that you can only install one add-on.

Where to Download the Sims 4 First Love Mod

Sims 4 First Love Mod

If you have made it this far into the post, and now wish to download this wholesome mod by LITTLEMSAM’S, you can do so here!


To sum it up, we love this cute little First Love mod by LITTLEMSAM’S, and we are sure many of you do too! So, after you download it, let us know what you think of it in the comments down below.

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