The 15+ Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods & CC in 2022


You are looking for the best pregnancy mod for The Sims 4? Don’t look further! We compiled a list with the best pregnancy mods for The Sims 4!

sims 4 teen pregnancy mod

The Teen Pregnancy Could Be So Much More!

From the dawn of time, teen pregnancy has been a touchy subject for Sims 4 players. Some simmers really like the idea while others do not so much. In the real world, teen pregnancy happens all the time so it’s good to have the option in-game. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love this list of best Sims 4 teen pregnancy mods and CC for Sims 4!

In this post, I’ll go over mods and custom content that are absolutely a must-have if you play the game with teen pregnancy. Many of these mods and CC will be crucial for having the best teen pregnancy experience in Sims 4, so I can’t help but recommend them all.

If you’re interested, feel free to scroll down and pick the right mod or CC for you. There are plenty, so let’s take a look!

The Best Pregnancy Mods and CC for The Sims 4

#1 Babies For Everyone

pregnancy mod

One of the advantages that we as simmers have is the freedom to simulate the world however we want. That includes breaking rules of realism, including that of pregnancy. So, who else hates rules?

With the Babies for Everyone mod by Agonistagent, you essentially eliminate the boring limitation that only aged females can get pregnant in Sims 4. Instead, you open up the borders and allow everyone to be able to get pregnant. This includes male Sims, teen Sims, elder Sims, and more!

So, this is definitely one of the best teen pregnancy mods for Sims 4 on the internet!

Download link.

#2 Same Sex Pregnancy

pregnancy mod

And here we have a pretty similar problem. If you have two Sims of the same gender in a relationship and living together, then they won’t be able to remain pregnant. Of course, this is how it works in the real world, but why not break this rule in Sims 4 too?

With the Same Sex Pregnancy mod, you’ll be able to have normal pregnancies even with couples of the same gender. So, lesbian, gay, and any LGTBQ couple in your gameplay can now have children. And it works the same way as for a regular male + female couple!

Of course, this mod doesn’t affect straight couples. And with homosexual couples only one Sim will carry a child, usually the one who initiates the Try for Baby. I’d definitely recommend you to try this mod out!

Download link.

#3 Pregnancy Scan and Reseed – Determine Gender And Number Of Babies

pregnancy mod

If you like controlling everything in the lives of your Sims, then you’ll definitely love this pack of cheats!

First, you can use them to scan a Sim and see if they’re pregnant or not. Second, you can use these cheats to change whether your Sim is going to have one, two, three babies, or more, depending on what you want. Or third, you can use these cheats to determine set the gender of the baby.

This is honestly such a quality-of-life addition to the game that I can’t imagine playing The Sims 4 otherwise. The fact that you can create your ideal pregnancy in Sims 4 is very fun, so definitely check the mod. It’s created by Java7nerd and you can find all of his cheatlines through the link below.

Download link.

#4 Longer Or Shorter Pregnancy Length

pregnancy mod

In The Sims 4, you can’t really control the pregnancy of your Sims. The feature is designed in such a way that most of us find it super unrealistic. Well, what if you can’t simply wait for the new baby? Or what if you don’t want your Sim’s pregnancy to be over so quickly and suddenly? Well, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll definitely want to play with this mod installed!

What is it about?

Thanks to Masterdinadan, now you can adjust the time length of each of your pregnancies in the game. The mod works by extending or decreasing the time needed for each trimester to pass. And as a result, you get the pregnancy you really want to have.

This mod is really one of the best pregnancy mods for Sims 4 that you’ll ever try. It improves the general gameplay, so I must recommend it to you!

Download link.

#5 Choose Number Of Babies

pregnancy mod

Here we have a simple, yet effective mod that lets you choose the number of babies your pregnant Sim will have! With this extension, you can choose whether to have one baby, twins, or triplets, depending on what you want.

This mod is a simpler version of the teen pregnancy mods I described above. However, it can work great if you only want to set the number of babies and nothing more.

Unfortunately, the last time I checked this mod was outdated and it didn’t work for me. I’m not connected with its creator, Pekesims, to know when the extension will be updated again. But be on the lookout for an update because this is really a great mod that deserves all of our attention. You can find more about it using the link below.

Download link.

#6 Quadruplets Quintuplets Sextuplets Babies

pregnancy mod

In Sims 4, it’s really impossible to have more than two babies (twins) with a single pregnancy. But as things work in the real world, some mothers give births to triplets and even quadruplets and quintuplets.

Well, this mod does exactly that for us! It allows our Sims to have quadruplets and quintuplets when they’re pregnant! In fact, this mod lets your Sim carry up to six babies in their belly and give them birth all at once. The extension has tons of options that help your gameplay with a pregnant Sim.

So why not become a heroic mother and have quadruplets or quintuplets? Many thanks to Pekesims for creating this mod and sharing it with us. You can find more info through the link below.

Download link.

#7 Risky Woohoo And Try For Baby Chances

pregnancy mod

If you’ve ever thought that the whole pregnancy process of The Sims 4 is a bit unrealistic, here is a mod that will fix that! Instead of only being able to create a baby with the Try for Baby interaction, now you can do with it while woohooing too.

In fact, the mod adds a brand new interaction to the game, called Risky WooHoo. As its name suggests, when you do Risky WooHoo, your Sims have a chance to get pregnant. Of course, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that it will happen with every Risky WooHoo. But it’s definitely a realistic possibility.

Other than that, this mod has tons of pregnancy-related options that work fantastically in the game. Personally, I love using this mod and I want to recommend you do it too. Lots of interesting features and lots of fun!

Download link.

#8 Pregnancy Terminator Command Mod

pregnancy mod

But what if your Sim got pregnant even if you didn’t want them to? What if you wanted a baby but then you changed your mind? What do you do when you’re absolutely sure that making a baby was a mistake?

Well, in that case, you download this amazing cheat mod by Scumbumbo which lets you remove the baby from your Sim’s life! The whole process works in a very simple way.

First, you download the mod. Second, you type the cheat pregnancy.terminate Your Sim (the name of your Sim here). And third, your pregnant Sim will instantly become not pregnant!

This is really a great mod that offers the feature that not too many other mods offer. It’s helpful and useful, so definitely check it out.

Download link.

#9 Pregnancy Mega Mod – Version 7

pregnancy mod

If you’re looking for one teen pregnancy mod for Sims 4 to improve your gameplay, I’d suggest you download this one. The Pregnancy Megas mod is a fantastic addition to your game because it offers tons of cool features.

In fact, this mod is a large combination of many different mods, some of which we mentioned above. It serves as a go-to extension whenever you plan to start a new family in Sims 4. It really makes the whole pregnancy experience complete and real-life-like. The collection is done by a few brilliant creators at ModTheSims. And you can find more through the link below!

Download link.

#10 Alien Abductions And No Abductions

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - alien abductions

If you live for a mystery and want to give some to your Sims, then you definitely need this mod! It’s a neat idea that consists of a UFO satellite and some aliens who will try to abduct your Sims. Yep, prepare to get your baby transported to the future! The UFO can be called by a scientist Sim or by a cheat code.

Basically, this mod adds a few different things to the game. It allows aliens to impregnate your human Sims. Teens and elders can get abducted and return pregnant as well. And even male Sims can remain pregnant.

All in all, it’s a very cool pregnancy mod for those of you that like fantasy, sci-fi gameplay, and aliens!

Download link.

#11 Easy Male Pregnancy Mod – 1.2

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - male pregnancy

Like I said above, women don’t have to be the only ones to get pregnant in The Sims 4! And even though there are multiple pregnancy mods that can do this, the Easy Male Pregnancy is one that I would definitely recommend!

Whether in heterosexual or homosexual relationships, it’s a lot of fun watching the male Sims freak out about their big bellies. They will have the same pregnancy phases as female Sims but in a much funnier edition. So if you’re tempted to try it out, trust me, you should!

Tanja1986 is the maker of this super cool mod which you can find more about it through the link below.

Download link.

#12 Everyone Can Have Babies

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - babies for everyone

Here is another great mod that allows everybody to get pregnant! That includes every straight couple or otherwise, one partner or the other. The popularity of addition is up for respect, nearly 80,000 on ModTheSims, and I can honestly tell you that it’s truly fantastic.

Tearing up limitations in The Sims 4 is what I always aspire to do, so this mod is a natural fit for me. And if you find the other mods on this list too large or not needed but you’d still like to have the freedom to choose which Sim will get pregnant in your game, I’d say download and install this mod!

It will definitely be worth your time, especially if you have homosexual couples in your gameplay.

Download link.

#13 Pregnancy Mood Buffs

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - mood buffs

The whole point of all these pregnancy mods is to make the game feel more real. And Zafisims does that in an amazing way – by giving our pregnant Sims more negative moods. Now, your pregnant Sims will also experience stress, sadness, discomfort, and many similar feelings.

This is often how pregnant moms really feel, so it’s good the replicate the same thing in-game. Aside from the moods, this mod doesn’t add too many new things to the table. However, the moods work fantastically well and in a realistic way.

This mod is a fantastic tool to have installed, so I advise you to download it too. And you can read more about how these moods work and change through the link below.

Download link.

#14 Pregnancy Poses Option

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - pregnancy poses

And here we have a lovely pose pack that I found at The Sims Resource. It adds the options for your pregnant Sims to do different poses in front of the camera. Although not essential, it is a fun thing to have in your custom collection. The creator is Couquett and you can find more about her through the link below

Poses are definitely a fun thing to do in Sims 4. You can download tons of them and photograph your Sim in any way you want. This is especially cool while your Sim is pregnant, so I challenge you tr it out!

Download link.

If you are interested in custom poses, look into this post!

#15 Teen Pregnancy Mod

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - MCCC

When people talk about a teen pregnancy mod for Sims 4, they usually mean the MC Command Center. MCCC is one of the greatest extensions for the game that we have. It’s a collection of mods and cheats that significantly improve the quality of your day-to-day Sims 4 gameplay.

Teen pregnancy is also included as a part of the MC Command Center. It’s a big and extensive feature with tons of options and modifiers. If you’ve never used it before, I’d suggest you check my guide post on the Teen Pregnancy Mod here first. It will tell you what you can expect from using this teen pregnancy mod and the whole of MCCC.

In summary, this mod allows your teens to remain pregnant. The pregnancy works in the exact same way as for adult Sims. First, you can use the Try for Baby interactions. But if that doesn’t work, you can increase the chances of fertility for your teen Sim. All in all, it’s a pretty neat and useful mod!

Download link.

#16 sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - ultrasound mod

Here we have one of the best teen pregnancy mods for Sims 4 on the entire internet! As its name suggests, the Ultrasound Scan mod allows your pregnant Sims to get an ultrasound check.

This works by visiting a gynecologist and performing a scan. The doctor will then hand you photos of your baby (multiple photos are included) where you can view what’s inside the pregnant Sim’s belly. In the end, you can take these photos home and hang them on your walls as home decor items.

All in all, the ultrasound scan mod is a great way to have some fun with your pregnant Sim. And you should definitely try it out!

Download link.

#17 sims 4 Stretch Marks

Sims 4 teen pregnancy mod - stretch marks

And finally, we have stretch marks! There’s no point in hiding them – every woman should be proud to have belly stretch marks from pregnancy. It’s a sign of her dedication to creating and bringing a new life to the world!

This particular Sims 4 CC gives us the option to have stretch marks in the game. The stretch marks here look fanatically well and they have a realistic design. There are tons of different options you can do with them though.

For example, you can only put stretch marks on your Sim’s belly or thighs. But, you can also use stretch marks all over the body, depending on your Sim. These are super realistic modifications and I personally love them.

If you want to know more about how these stretch marks work in-game as well as where to find them, use the link below to read the creator’s info!

Download link.

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