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You are looking for the best pregnancy mod for The Sims 4? Don’t look further! We compiled a list with the best pregnancy mods for The Sims 4!

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Pregnancy Requires Dedication

The pregnancy is an inevitable part in The Sims 4. In real life, it’s a long and complex process that requires a complete dedication. In game however, it has its ups and downs, but if you want to make it as best as it can be, you definitely need to check our list of the best pregnancy mods and CC for The Sims 4!

The Best Pregnancy Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Babies For Everyone

Who else hates rules? That’s right – this mod by Agonistagent eliminates the boring limitation that only aged females can get pregnant in The Sims 4. With it, all of your relationships can be fruitful and babies can enter every household! Get this awesome addition here.

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Same Sex Pregnancy

Here is a similar solution for the problem – two Sims of the same genders can get pregnant, but there are some rules too! For example, the CC doesn’t affect straight couples, and with homosexual couples only one Sim will carry a child, usually the one who initiates the Try for Baby. The rest you can find at ModTheSims.

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Pregnancy Scan and Reseed – Determine Gender And Number Of Babies

If you like controlling everything in the lives of your Sims, then you’ll love this pack of cheats! They allow you to scan a Sim to see if they’re pregnant, then to change whether the Sim will have one, two or three babies, or to determine their gender. It’s absolutely fun to always have it your way, so we advise you to give Java7nerd’s mod a try. You can download it here.

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Longer Or Shorter Pregnancy Length

Sometimes you can’t wait to welcome the new baby! And sometimes you just want to take your time with the pregnancy. Well, thanks to Masterdinadan, now you can adjust the time length of each pregnancy in the game. All the installing instruction are at ModTheSims where you can also make a download.

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Choose Number Of Babies

A simple, yet effective mod that lets you choose the number of babies your pregnant Sim will have! We’re sorry to announce that it’s outdated and it doesn’t work anymore. But be on the lookout for an update by the creator Pekesims. You can also follow it at this page.

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Quadruplets Quintuplets Sextuplets Babies

Why not become a heroic mother? With Pekesims’s mod, now you can carry up to 6 babies in your belly and give birth to all of them at once! Make your choice wisely for how many you want, because babies take a lot of attention! If you have already decided, head over to ModTheSims.

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Risky Woohoo And Try For Baby Chances

If you’ve ever though that the whole pregnancy process of The Sims 4 is a bit unrealistic, here is a mod that will make it not so! It has a lot of interesting features, like adding a “Risky WooHoo”, a possibility for a Sim to remain infertile. Many other difficulties with pregnancy are here as well, making everything more natural. The mod is available for download at this page.

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Pregnancy Terminator Command Mod

What do you do when you’re absolutely sure that making a baby was a mistake? Well, you download this amazing cheat mod by Scumbumbo which lets you remove the baby from your Sim’s life. The whole process is painless and it’s a pretty handy addition to have. Download it from here.

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Pregnancy Mega Mod – Version 7

This mod is a large combination of many different mods, some of which we mentioned earlier, by a few fantastic creators at ModTheSims. It serves as a go-to whenever you plan to start a family, simply because it makes the whole pregnancy experience complete and real life like. To find more info and to download it, follow this link.

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Alien Abductions And No Abductions

If you live for a mystery and want to give some to your Sims, then you definitely need this mod! It’s a neat idea that consists of a UFO satellite and some aliens who will try to abduct your Sims. Yep, prepare to get your baby transported to the future! The UFO can be called by a scientist Sim or by a cheat cod. And you can download it from ModTheSims.

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Easy Male Pregnancy Mod – 1.2

In The Sims 4, women don’t have to be the only ones to get pregnant! Whether in heterosexual or homosexual relationships, it’s a lot of fun watching the men freak out about their big bellies. Tanja1986 is the maker of this super cool mod which you can download through this link.

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Everyone Can Have Babies

Here is another great mod that allows everybody to get pregnant! That includes every straight couple or otherwise, one partner or the other. The popularity of addition is up for respect, nearly 80,000 on ModTheSims, and we can honestly tell you that it’s truly priceless! Here is the page for a quick download.

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Pregnancy Mood Buffs

The whole point of all these pregnancy mods is to make the game feel more real. Zafisims does that in an amazing way, giving the pregnant Sims more negative moods, for example: stress, sadness, discomfort… It’s a fantastic thing to have, so we advise you to download it too. You can do so at this page.

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Pregnancy Poses Option

And here we have a lovely mod that we found at The Sims Resource which adds the gameplay options for your pregnant Sims to do different poses in front of different characters. Although not essential, it is a fun thing to have in your custom collection. The creator is Couquett and you can download her mod here. If you are interested in custom poses, look into this post!

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Teen Pregnancy Mod

Check here our post on the Teen Pregnancy Mod.

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