Hand-Picked Baby Mods and CC for The Sims 4 (2022 Update)


Looking for the best baby mods and custom content for The Sims 4? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a hand-picked list of the best baby mods and CC for you!

sims 4 baby mods and cc
Baby Mods and CC for the Sims 4!

Baby Mods and CC for The Sims 4? Yes, please!

Babies and toddlers play a big role in Sims 4. They’re the center of every family in the game and you often spend much of your time and energy on them. But what if you can improve their overall experience? Well, that’s totally possible with the best baby mods and CC for Sims 4 we collected for you! In this post, we go over the best baby mods and CC for Sims 4 that will definitely improve your gameplay! Enjoy.

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The Ultimate Mods for Baby and Toddler Sims

We can all agree that we don’t have the best versions of babies and toddlers in TS4. There are far too many things missing to make this a really meaningful experience. Most of the time, caring for them in Sims 4 is only causing headaches, so mods are really necessary. Check out these great ones we rounded up for you!

1. Parenting Skill for Teens Mod

Baby Mods and CC: Parenting Skill

Sometimes, the older brothers and sisters need to step up and take care of their younger siblings. With this mod, when the parents are too busy, your teen Sims can teach your children what to do and how to do it. This includes everything from homework to manners. The teens will acquire parenting skills and the children will learn a lot from them. It’s a fantastic addition to have, and it’s a 100% must-have. Here is where you can download this mod.

2. Better Babies & Toddlers for The Sims 4 Mod

Better Babies & Toddlers is one of the best The Sims 4 baby mods on the internet. This is a complete baby and toddler experience for the game intended to fill all the gaps left by the game’s developers. For example, your Sims now get different moods when talking to their babies. They can also get paid leave when their baby is born. But there are also new systems and new moods added to make the gameplay really exceptional. Download this mod here.

3. The Sims 4 Bad Parent Trait Mod

Baby Mods and CC: Bad Parent Trait

The Bad Parent Trait mod does exactly what its name suggests – it adds the possibility for your Sim to be a bad parent. These parents won’t be as successful in raising babies as parents without this trait. And they’re much more likely to make a mess while trying their best! All in all, it’s a great mode to try out. This is the download link.

4. The Sibling Meetup Mod

Here’s a funny one. Up until this point, when siblings first come in contact with a baby, they express their love and acceptance no matter what. However, things aren’t always like that in the real world. That’s why Szemoka has created this mod which allows children to also have negative moodlets when first interacting with a newborn. This will influence their relationship later too. Click this link to download this mod.

5. Ghosts Can Have Babies Mod

For the longest time, ghosts in The Sims 4 have been able to fall in love and get married… but not get pregnant. Well, PolarBearSims has made that change for us! For those of you who play a ghost and want the complete experience, we’re sure that you’ll love this mod. It basically allows your ghosts to get pregnant and have children. And the pregnancy works in the same way as with regular human Sims. Click this link for the download.

6. The Sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod for Babies

Baby Mods and CC: Ultrasound Scan!

This amazing mod by LittleMsSam allows your Sims to visit the doctor and get an ultrasound scan.  Additionally, the doctor will hand them the ultrasound scans in form of pictures that you can view. And the best of all is that you can put these photos on a wall in your home like a piece of a decor item. So get this mod and visit the gynecologist, by visiting this link.

7. Emme’s Realistic Baby Skin Mod

This mod makes baby sims have more realistic, default skins for the game! Not only that, but this mod also provides us with more eye colors, different hairs for babies, plus better eyebrows! The mod is base game compatible. Additionally, if you have the Nifty Knitting stuff pack installed, you can knit and change baby onesies through the available pastel onesies that come with this mod. Here is where you can download the Realistic Baby Skin Mod.

A Collection of the Greatest CC Packs for Babies and Toddlers

Now, let us move on to the CC packs that we handpicked for you! These CC packs will definitely make your gameplay with baby and toddler sims more fun!

1. Decorative Bassinet by Pierisim

CC creator Pierisim came up with this wonderful oak bassinet. It is perfect for your sim babies, as it will surely make them sleep comfortably, with its cozy design and frilly fabrics on top. Please know that this bassinet is just for decorative purposes. However, if you use the Invisible Crib Mod, this CC can work with that. Go and download this Bassinet CC here.

2. Sleeping Positioner for Newborns

Your newborn sims can have the best sleep with this sleeping positioner, a collaboration from Legacythesims and RHSIMS! Watch your sim babies strike a variety of body poses and facial expressions as they snuggle tightly into these cozy devices. The positioner is from RHSIMS while the animations are from Legacythesims. Come and download the Sleeping Positioner here.

3. Turminha Toddler Collection by Nightingale Sims

Look at this ultimately charming collection of clothing pieces for your toddler Sims! Nightingale Sims released this precious set of apparel for toddler sims, which consists of a bodysuit set, panties, jumpsuits, tops, and a dress! Your growing baby Sims will definitely look posh and polished as they wear these incredible clothes. You can download this Turminha Toddler Collection here.

4. Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet by littlequeenny

Baby Mods and CC: Baby Bassinet

This sturdy-looking Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet serves as decorative clutter for your baby sims. It is available in three swatches—pastel pink, light blue, and a red and blue graphic print. These bassinets come with or without a cover. When purchasing these items, you can find them under the kids’ decoration in Build Mode. Go and download the Bugaboo Cameleon Bassinet here.

5. Baby Swaddler by Legacythesims and RHSIMS

Sims 4 Baby CC:

This Baby Swaddler is a CC pack also created through a collaboration by Legacythesims and RHSIMS. Like the sleeping positioner introduced earlier, this pack also includes animations and poses for your cute baby sims! Your sim babies can have sleeping, crying, and playing poses while being swaddled. Like the sleeping positioner, the said swaddler is also designed by RHSIMS, while Legacythesims is responsible for the animations and poses. Here is the link for this collaborative CC pack.  

6. Feeding Bottle by Beto_ae0

Make your sim’s life with babies a truly realistic experience with this Feeding Bottle from CC creator Beto_ae0! This item comes in 6 colors and could be used by both male and female sims. To utilize it, simply wear it as a hand accessory. You can find the Feeding Bottle in the Bracelets category. Take note that this feeding bottle cannot be used in conjunction with hats. Go and download the Feeding Bottle here.

7. Ninyo Baby Walker by Redheadsims

Sims 4 Baby CC: Baby Walker

CC creator Redheadsims came up with the Ninyo Baby Walker for The Sims 4, to make our babies more dynamic.  Yep! This baby walker is fully functional. So, your parent sims can go on and put their babies on these wheels to let them start moving around the house! The item is available in 7 colors and has its own custom thumbnail in the game. On this page, you can download the Ninyo Baby Walker.

8. Toddler Changing Table Recolor by NathanSimss

Sims 4 Baby Mods: Toddler Changing Table

The Pandasama Changing Table now comes with 21 bright and beautiful patterns with this recolored work from NathanSimss. Now, your Sims can have more options to choose from, as there are cutesy little prints and swatches like cats, flamingos, hot air balloons, mushrooms, clouds, flowers, and more! You would need the original mesh by CC creator Pandasama for this recolor by NathanSimss to work. Here is where you can download the Recolor of the Pandasama Changing Table.

9. Bassinet Conversion by Mikrosimsmos

Another bassinet entry made it to our list of the best baby mods and CC for The Sims 4! This one is a CC conversion of The Sims 2 bassinets for The Sims 4. CC creator Mikrosimsmos designed these wide and wooden bassinet conversions that are available in 21 swatches, including 6 swatches that are Holiday-themed! The original meshes are from CC creators theraven and moonlightdragon. Now, got to this site to download this CC pack.

10. Decorative Baby Clutter by LaSkrillz Gaming

Baby Mods and CC: Decorative Baby Clutter

So, you’ve got your baby’s nursery room all prepared, what with the new cribs and toys you’ve placed, and the precious wallpapers you’ve put up. Now, the only thing missing is decorative baby items! Make your sim’s experience with babies so much more authentic with these baby clutter from LaSkrillz Gaming. This CC pack includes all kinds of baby stuff such as wipes, baby powder, baby diapers, baby shampoo and soap, baby organizers, and so much more! Click here to download the decorative baby clutter CC pack.

11. Naturalis Nursery Set by Simcredible!designs

Another nursery set enters our list. This time, we have the Naturalis Nursery set from CC creator simcredible!designs. The CC pack is a well-crafted collection that consists of nature-inspired furniture pieces. There is so much to choose from in this refreshing set! The items include a variety of bookshelves, dressers, changing tables, and decorative cribs. Visit this page for the download link and information.

12. Baby Party Items by Madaifrancielle

Your sim’s baby is about to grow older! Would you like to throw a big birthday bash and invite all the friends and family members of your sims? Make the occasion a truly eventful one by utilizing these decorative baby party items! Available in themes of blue and pink, the items in this party collection include cupcakes and a cupcake stand, bottles of water, a cotton candy table, candy buckets, and other cool, personalized stuff. Go to this page to download the baby party items CC pack.

13. Sweet Lullabies Nursery Set by Renorasims

Sims 4 Baby Mods: Lullabies Nursery

If you like our collections of nursery room items in this list so far, then you would also love this one. CC creator Renorasims skillfully designed these incredible items for The Sims 4. This sweet nursery set includes a crib with 28 swatches, a mattress in 23 colors, a chair available in 30 hues, a giraffe stuffed toy with 3 prints, 14 different varieties of wallpapers, and others! Take note that the crib is only a decorative item.  You can go and download the Sweet Lullabies Nursery Set here.

14. Nursery Wall Art Pieces by SSdesigns

To give your baby Sims the utmost comfort and peace, you would want them to have the best nursery room there is. Of course, what nursery would be complete without the beauty of delicate and dainty walls to complement it? These nursery wall art CC from SSdesigns would make your baby rooms look more relaxed, making your Sims feel at ease while they take care of their little ones. The wall art pieces come in 20 swatches each. Get these Nursery Wall Art Pieces here.

15. Toddler Highchair Recolors by Leosims

Baby Mods and CC: Toddler Highchair

Make mealtimes with your growing toddlers more delightful and convenient by utilizing these fashionable and functional highchairs! These CC packs have been recolored by CC creator Leosims after the original highchair pack that he released. These highchairs provide a high level of support for your toddlers, making them comfy while eating or simply sitting. These chairs come in a variety of 12 plain and printed swatches. Come and download the Toddler Highchair here.

16. Coraline Set by Syboulette

This is an awesome set from CC creator Syboulette that you should definitely not miss! This nursery set for baby and toddler sims includes 17 items that are designed with rattan and wicker themes. A lot of the included items in the pack are functional, like the crib, the dollhouse, the highchair, the changing table, and the rocking horse (as long as you download some essential CC packs)! All items are also base game compatible. Get the Coraline Set by Syboulette here.

17. Soren Nursery Set by Syboulette

Baby Mods and CC: Nursery

Once again, Syboulette makes it to our list through the release of this awesome CC pack for the game. Syboulette made a custom content pack for a baby’s room in The Sims 4. The set, includes 17 items, such as a shelf, a bassinet, a blanket, a basket, plus a lot of other stuff. With a wooden theme for the furniture and neutral tones for the other items, the collection looks very cozy. All items are also base game compatible. Remember that to make the crib functional, you have to install the invisible crib mod. Download it into your mods folder from here.


Taking care of newborn and toddler sims definitely makes our gameplay in The Sims 4 more exciting. With additional mods and custom content, we get to let these young ones experience a more realistic slice of life. With this, we hope that you enjoyed our list of the best baby mods and CC packs for The Sims 4! Keep following our page to keep updated about the latest mods, custom content, and news for The Sims! Happy playing, Simmers!

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