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Not the kind of player who likes using money cheats? Try out a loan mod for cash flow increases with a hefty side of realism.

Loan Mod

If you’re a player that often uses money cheats you might take for granted how expensive The Sims 4 can be for your characters. Rent, bills, groceries, and more will pop up and drain your sims of their precious simoleons and that’s not to mention the price tags of items in Buy/Build mode. It can really add up fast! If you want to give your sims a taste of the rich life without cheating it to them, there’s another way: a loan mod!

Sim City Loans – A Loan Mod


This mod was originally created by Scarlet, who has since retired from modding but is still an active part of the Sims community. She now maintains The Mod List, a comprehensive list of Sims 4 mods and their status/compatibility history.

Now handled by MizoreYukii, Sim City Loans 2.0 is a loan mod your sims can use to borrow anywhere from §1,000-§500,000 that they can pay back in up to 36 separate installments.

Taking Out A Loan


Sims can apply for a loan using the computer and selecting “SimCity Loans.” You will be prompted to choose a loan amount with the options being §1000, §5000, §10000, §25000, §50000, §100000, §250000, and §500000. Your sim will be given a Loan Packet that cannot be destroyed or deleted until the loan is paid. Sims can choose to pay back their loan in full with no interest as long as it’s done within 72 hours, with a warning buff activating after 48 hours. Instead, you can choose to pay back in 12, 24, or 36 separate installments which incur a 5% fee, and your sim is still beholden to that 48-72 hour rule.

Paying The Loan Back Late


If for whatever reason your sim is unable or unwilling to make their loan payment on time, they will eventually accrue a 5% late fee which will be charged to the Household Funds. Your sim will be charged this fee every consecutive day their payment is late and the debt will linger even if your sim is broke; there’s no declaring Bankruptcy here!

Dying With Debt

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Apparently, the owners of SimCity Bank believe in inheritable debt! If your sim dies with an active loan, their Loan Packet will be moved to the Household Inventory at which point it can be moved into the world and another sim can choose to take over the payments. Dead sims aren’t off the hook, though! Debtor sims who have died and been re-added to the Household can’t take out any more loans, even if their previous loan is being paid back by someone else now.

Paying Off Loans & Loan Forgiveness

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There are 2 ways to be done with your debt from this loan mod, repayment and forgiveness. Sims who repay their loan in full can click on their Loan Packet to destroy it and are immediately eligible to apply for another loan.

Sims who died with debt or who have fallen behind on their payments can apply for Loan Forgiveness through the computer in the “SimCity Loans” menu. It will cost §1000 to apply and it will take 3 days before sims are eligible to apply for another loan after being forgiven.

Known Conflicts With The Loan Mod

Generally, the SimCity Loan mod works without conflict, though other mods can cause the Loan Packet to disappear. In those cases, your sim will only have the option to request loan forgiveness as they’ll be unable to continue making payments without the packet. One known example is the Basemental Drugs mod which will cause sims to lose their inventory if they get arrested. Because it’s a script, the loan mod cannot be installed more than a single folder deep in your Mods folder, and MizoreYukii advises clearing your caches if you run into issues.

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sims 4 banking mod sims


Giving your sim a boost of capital is something every player has considered doing in the past, but if you’re not the type to use money cheats you might have felt stuck. With the SimCity 2.0 Loan mod, you can give your sims a quick Simoleon injection while not cheating, as they’ll be expected to pay that money back. Whether your sim wants a new PC, to add an extension to their house, or to purchase a business, getting a loan is a realistic way to get there sooner. Is there any big purchase your favorite sim could benefit from getting a loan for? Give the mod a try and make their dreams come true. Happy simming!

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