How To Clear The Sims 4 Cache?

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The Cache and Its Problems

Every now and then, The Sims 4 may cause you some technical problems. And these errors are as common as in any other game. But if there is a problem, there is a solution too. So in this post, we’ll talk all about how you clear the Sims 4 cache!

But what is a “cache” and why does it cause problems?

The cache is a folder in your Sims 4 directory that’s responsible for storing files that are commonly used in the game. In other words, the game itself holds information in the cache folders of the things you always see in the game. For example, your families, your worlds, the houses that you’ve built. And the reason behind it is to make the loading of those worlds, families, and houses faster.

But as you play more and more, the cache folder becomes larger and larger. And you may notice that your game is running slower instead of faster. 

Sometimes, the cache may cause additional problems for Sims 4, such as game crashes and errors. So when the game’s overall stability is compromised, it’s a good practice for any player to clear the cache folder. It often solves most problems of this kind.

If you have a technical issue with Sims 4, I heavily recommend you clear the cache folder as soon as possible. So let’s talk about how you can do that!

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How Do I Clear My Sims 4 Cache on PC and Mac?

No matter if you’re playing the game on a Windows PC or a Mac, the process of clearing the cache is completely the same. You’ll have to manually enter your Sims 4 directory and delete a few files here and there. 

Here is the complete process of how to clear the Sims 4 cache in just a few instructional steps:

  1. Open up your Sims 4 directory (the destination where your game is installed). For most people, this is Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/.
  1. Locate the localthumbscache.package file and delete it.
  1. Enter the Cache folder and delete all the files that end up in .cache, .jpeg, .dat. However, DO NOT delete the actual Cache folder itself.
  2. Go to the cachestr folder and delete everything there, but do not delete the folder itself!
  1. Delete the onlinethumbnailcache folder if there is one. You can only see this folder if you’re playing the game online.

And you’re all done!

As we mentioned, many technical problems in Sims 4 are solved when you clear the cache folder. Hopefully, this works for you too!

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How To Clear The Sims 4 Cache on PS4?

The process of clearing the Sims 4 cache is radically different than on PC or Mac. However, that also means that it’s way easier to do. And you should do it often if you want your games to run a bit faster.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn off your PS4 completely.
  1. Disconnect your PS4 from the power cable.
  1. Wait for about 1 minute.
  1. Connect your PlayStation 4 again and turn it on.

This should successfully clear your Sims 4 cache on your PS4!

How To Clear The Sims 4 Cache on Xbox One?

And if you’re playing the game on an Xbox One, you can clear your cache the same way as you would on a PS4. 

Here are all the steps:

  1. Turn off your Xbox One.
  1. Pull out the power cord from your Xbox One.
  1. Wait for 1 minute while your device is disconnected.
  1. Plug the power cord again and turn on your Xbox One.

And that’s how you clear Sims 4 cache on an Xbox One!

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As you can see, the clearing of cache isn’t a difficult thing to do once you break it down into a few simple steps. There is no rule as to how often you should do this. However, it’s recommended to clear your cache once in a while or when you notice your game is running slower than usual. 

And if you’re having other technical problems with the game, clearing the cache is the first thing you need to do! It often solves everything!

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