2 Modern Updates to the Family Funds cheat

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What ever happened to the family funds cheat? How do players manipulate household funds in The Sims 4? Keep reading to find out!

Family Funds Cheat
No Need for the Family Funds Cheat anymore!

If you ever played The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, you’re probably familiar with the family funds cheat. Like other well-known money cheats such as motherlode, rosebud, and kaching, the family funds cheat allows players to change the amount of money their sims have available to them. Money cheats are one of the most useful and utilized cheats in The Sims franchise, and likely one of if not the first type of cheat you learned when initially using cheats in your game.

A History of Money Cheats (including the Family Funds Cheat)

Though the family funds cheat didn’t show up until TS2, money cheats have existed since the very first Sims game. Other than the MoveObjects cheat, money cheats are the most utilized types of cheat most players will use throughout their time playing. This has been the case since the very first game!

The Sims

The Sims had two different money cheats, although only one works in the patched game. Players could use the cheats rosebud or klapaucius (only works in unpatched games) to add §1000 to the household. Players could also add ;! to the end of the cheat which would “repeat” it, meaning typing rosebud;! would net you §2000. Every ;! typed would “repeat” the cheat again so players could easily max out their funds by entering ;! repeatedly.

The Sims 2

The Sims 2 first introduced the family funds cheat but it wasn’t the only money cheat available. The cheat kaching granted your Sims §1000 and the cheat motherlode dropped a cool §50000 into the household funds.

The family funds cheat worked a little differently as it needed more precision to work, but could be used outside of Live Mode. To use the cheat, players would enter familyFunds [HOUSEHOLD NAME] [AMOUNT] without the brackets. It could be used in Neighborhood view so players could quickly change the funds of multiple households at once, and they could choose a positive or negative amount thus increasing or decreasing the household funds. Things could get a little tricky though if you had multiple households with the same name (such as different branches of the same family).

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The Sims 3

The Sims 3 came with the kaching and motherlode cheats as well as the family funds cheat. All money cheats behaved in the same way they did in The Sims 2.

One important thing to note about the family funds cheat in this game is that if your household had a space in the name, such as Von Trapp, it needed to be put into quotations (eg. “Von Trapp”) in order to work. If you have more than one household with the same name this cheat will not work.

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The Sims 4

The Sims 4 comes in with the highest number of different money cheats available, with five cheats total. It does away with the family funds cheat however, though the new cheats that replace it are a little easier to remember and much more user-friendly.

Because of the way The Sims 4 behaves compared to its predecessors, there’s no real opportunity to use the cheats unless you are actively playing with a household. Like previous games, rosebud and kaching grant §1000, motherlode grants §50000. The two new cheats allow you to choose exact money amounts similar to the family funds cheat.

The first family funds cheat replacement is money [AMOUNT] where you enter the exact amount of funds you want the household to have, adding or removing simoleons accordingly. The other option is sims.modify_funds [AMOUNT] where the amount will be added (or subtracted if you enter a negative number) to the current funds. Both cheats ultimately have the same effect but it’s reached in different ways.

If you play any sort of challenge that requires changing the amount of money your sim has available, the money cheat is most likely the one you’re familiar with. It’s certainly the easiest cheat to use as you only need to remember one word, “money!”


money cheat

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been playing The Sims franchise for any length of time you have certainly seen a number of money cheats come and go, with the family funds cheat being one of them. Luckily though it’s since been replaced with more useful and powerful cheats, including the Money and ModifyFunds cheats. If you have never used money cheats before, this is your sign to give them a try! Have fun, and happy simming!

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