Your Complete Sims 4 Illness List – How To Accurately Diagnose and Cure Sims

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Is your Sim hoping to become a renowned doctor? Top Tier doctors need to be familiar with the illness list and know all the symptoms to successfully treat their patients. Read on to discover how to recognize illnesses and cure Sims like an actual medical professional!

sims 4 illness list
Your Complete Sims 4 Illness List – How To Accurately Diagnose and Cure Sims

Illness in The Sims 4

Our Sims don’t only have needs and feelings. They also have immune systems. Well, kinda. Thanks to the Sims 4: Get to Work, which adds the Doctor profession to the game and a few illnesses, Sims can get diseases, have symptoms, and receive legit treatments for their conditions.

However, the illness list for the Sims 4 extends beyond the Get to Work EP, and Simmers who don’t have it installed yet can also see their Sims’ health deteriorate in different ways. There are other packs that feature new health threats, from poisoning to small pet bites. No matter if you intend to make your Sim a doctor, or simply need more insight into illnesses so that you can help your sick Sims, it’s always good to be well-informed!

So, let’s cover all the ways Sims can get ill, and go through symptoms, signs, and treatments for these illnesses, shall we?

Complete Illnesses List From The Sims 4: Get to Work


Let’s start with the illnesses list from the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. This fabulous EP introduced 9 illnesses for doctors to diagnose and cure. Unlike all other illnesses (that we’ll discuss in the text below), these diseases come with a set of symptoms that can actually be diagnosed by a doctor.

However, only active Sims in the Doctor career can go to the hospital, run tests, and heal sick spawning Sims. On the other hand, any Sim can contract any of the new illnesses, but they won’t need to go to the hospital to get better. Here is the full illnesses list from Get to Work:

  • Bloaty Head
  • Burnin’ Belly
  • Gas and Giggles
  • Itchy Plumbob
  • Llama Flu
  • Rashes
  • Starry Eyes
  • Sweaty Shivers
  • Triple Threat

To learn more about visiting hospitals in Sims 4, go here.

list of symptoms from Get to Work

doktor simptomi

Each of the 9 illnesses has specific manifestations. If your Sim is a doctor, it’s essential to know all the possible symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis. So, before we learn more about different types of illnesses, it’s essential to learn how different symptoms show up:

Coughing/ Sneezingcoughing and sneezing animation
Dizzinessstars around Sim’s head, dizziness animation
Fever– Sims will wipe their foreheads as if they are hot,
– a thermometer thought bubble
– steam coming from their ears
– thought bubble with a pink syrup bottle
GasSims will leave behind a trace of green gas
HeadacheSims will touch their heads often and have an orange-reddish halo around head
ItchinessSims will scratch themselves
Rashes– Tiger rash (Sims will have tiger-like stripes)
– Spot Rash (Sims will have orange-green spots)
– Swirly rash (Sims will have swirly tattoo-like rash)
StomachacheSims will rub their tummies

Now, let’s learn more about illnesses from Get to Work!

1. Bloaty Head


Symptoms and signs to look for: Headache (Sims will rub their head) and have an orange halo around the head, steam coming out of their ears

Your Sim has been struggling with a headache lately? Does their head look like a glowing ball? Well, it’s certainly time to check if they have a Bloaty Head! This one is a TS4 version of migraines and one of the most common illnesses in the game. Sims who have this illness have a glowing orb around their head, that looks like an orange-ish aureole or halo. If, on top of that, they also have a fever and steam coming out of their ears, these are tell-tale signs that they have a Bloaty Head.

  • How to Treat a Bloaty Head? Give your Sim a shot! Those unpleasant symptoms will go away in no time.

2. burnin’ belly


Symptoms and signs to look for: Fever, stomach pain (Sims will rub their bellies), a thought bubble with a pink bottle

Burnin’ Belly is the Sims 4 version of Stomachache. If your Sims get a weird bubble with what looks like a syrup bottle and start rubbing their stomach, chances are, they have a Burnin’ Belly. They can also get fever as a side symptom, and this will manifest as steam coming from their ears.

Besides Burning Belly, Gas and Giggles is the only sickness from illnesses list where you’ll see your Sims rubbing their tummies. If you find it hard to tell the difference between the two, look for the signs of fever. Sims who have Gas and Giggles will also have unpleasant stomachaches, but won’t have steam coming from their ears.

  • How to treat a Burnin’ Belly? This is one of the Sims 4 illnesses that require surgery. Get your Sim to the operating table.

3. gas-and-giggles

tiger rash

Symptoms and signs to look for: Gas, Giggling, Tiger rash on face, Fever (Sims will get a thermometer thought bubble), Stomachache (Sims will rub their bellies)

Is your Sim extremely gassy, but they are also giggling like crazy? Get them to the doctors and they will be diagnosed with Gas-and-Giggles. Although it sounds funny and looks funny, this illness causes stomach aches and can make your Sim uncomfortable.

Bursts of laughter followed by clouds of green gas and fever are clear indicators of that. Like with the Burnin’ Belly, Sims will also rub their stomach occasionally. However, unlike the Burnin’ Belly, when they have a fever they won’t get steam coming from their ears, but a thermometer cloud above their head. As if being gassy and giggling like there are no tomorrows isn’t embarrassing enough, they will also get a Tiger rash on their face. Ouch!

  • How to Treat Gas-and-Giggles? While it sounds pretty bad, this one can be cured with medications.

4. itchy plumbob


Symptoms to look for: Itching, Giggles, Tiger rash, or Spot Rash

For inexperienced medical practitioners, Itchy Plumbom can be easily confused with Gas-and-Giggles. Both will make Sims burst out laughing and get a Tiger Rash, but Itchy Plumbob it’s more serious than the other. However, Itchy Plumbob will not make their stomach ache. Instead, it will give them an irritating itch. They may also get spot rash instead of tiger rash, which is better as it can help you make a more accurate diagnosis.

  • How to Treat Itchy Plumbob? Although it doesn’t sound as bad, it requires intervention, so your Sim will need surgery.

5. llama flu


Symptoms to look for: Orange or green Spot Rash on the body, Coughing, and Sneezing

Oh, those Llamas! Llama flu is like having chickenpox. It’s annoying as hell, and your Sim will get a lot of orange or green dots on their body. As if having a rash isn’t enough, they will also sneeze and cough.

  • How to treat Llama Flu? Infected Sims will need to get vaccinated.

6. Rashes


One moment your Sim is enjoying your time in nature, and the next they have weird spots all over their body! Yikes! Rashes can but don’t have to be a manifestation of a serious illness. While they tend to show up as a symptom of other illnesses (Gas-and-Giggles, the Itchy Plumbob, Llama Flu, Starry Eyes, Sweaty Shivers, Thripple Threat) they can appear as a standalone illness. There are three types of rashes Sims can get: 

  • Tiger Rash – Looks like Sims has tiger stripes
  • Spot Rash – Manifests as orange or green dots and circles on the skin
  • Swirls – Looks like Sims has swirls tattooed all over their body

How to treat Rashes? Luckily, you can help your Sim get rid of these just by making them order medicine from their PC. Simmers suggests that taking a nap and drinking orange juice works too.

7. Starry Eyes


Symptoms and signs to look for: Dizziness, gasping for air, flashing stars around Sim’s head, swirl rash on the body,

Starry Eyes is not as cute as it sounds. Although it sounds like your Sim is bedazzled by something, having Starry Eyes in TS4 means that your Sims has one of the 8 diseases from the illness list. This one will make them super dizzy as if they drank too much. Not only is their head swirling, but they will also get swirly spots on their body. The good news is, it’s one of the easiest to diagnose because it has very unique symptoms.

  • How to Treat Swirly Eyes? Luckily, this one isn’t as acute as some other illnesses, and your Sims will be fine from taking medication only. 

8. sweaty Shivers


Symptoms and signs to look for: Fever (Sims will have steam coming out of their ears), orange or greenish spot rash, Itchiness

How painful can it be to have a psoriasis-like rash and a fever at the same time? Well, it’s not pleasant, that’s for sure! This illness takes fever to the next level. Sims will not only be feverish and have steam coming out of their ears, but also get a painfully itchy spot rash that looks really bad. The itch will be so exasperating that it will make Sims scratch themselves to try to ease the discomfort.

  • How to Treat Sweaty Shivers? Get Sims vaccinated and the discomfort will go away!

9. Tripple Threat


Symptoms and signs to look for: dizzy stars, all kinds of rashes, sneezing, coughing, itchiness

And now, the trickiest of them all, the Tripple Threat. This one is pretty difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are pretty much a mix of all previously mentioned symptoms. Everything is possible, and Sims can get feverish, get rashes (Tiger, spot, and whirly), itchiness, dizzy stars, or start sneezing and coughing. Your best bet is to observe the sick Sims and try to eliminate illnesses one by one. The more symptoms they have at once, the more likely it is that they have the Tripple Threat.

  • How to Treat Tripple Threat? This one will make doctors of Sims 4 gamble. Luckily, if they get diagnosed with this beast of an illness, you can help them get better with surgery.

how to cure sick sims?

Now, if your Sim isn’t a doctor, you don’t have to spend ages trying to guess which illness they have. There is a universal cure for all 9 illnesses from Get to Work, and Sims can cure themselves from the comfort of their homes! There are a few ways to do that: order medicine, take some rest and wait for the illness to pass, or drink a refreshing beverage.

  • Purchase Medicine – If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, simply head to the computer and buy a universal medicine by choosing Order>Purchase Medicine…You can order a few medications, and one will cost you $50. Once purchased, find it in your Sim’s inventory and choose Take Medicine. If symptoms don’t return after a few hours, it means that one dose was enough to combat the illness. If not, simply take another dose. Be sure to track your Sim’s condition and give them a dose only when symptoms arise, as they may get dizzy if overdosed.
  • Rest and Drink Tea – If your Sim doesn’t have a PC or you don’t want to buy medication, worry not. You can also make them drink a glass of juice or a warm cup of tea from the Tea Brewer. Much like us, Sims need to rest when ill, so make sure they get a good nap. Drinking juice, tea, and napping is a more natural, but also more gradual way to make them feel better. They won’t be cured right away, but their symptoms will eventually subside.

other illnesses and Health Conditions

rabid 2

While Get to Work EP brings 9 illnesses, there are also other ways Sims can get ill that don’t include rashes, fever, or dizziness. Sometimes even a pet bite can prove to be detrimental to theri health! Here are all the other health issues Sims can face.

  1. Nausea
  2. Cold
  3. Poisoning
  4. Rabid Rodent Fever
  5. Werebies
  6. Homesickness

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Get Access to Better Health with The Sims 4 Healthcare Mod

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1. Nausea


Nausea is one of the ”basic” sicknesses in the Sims 4 and one of the most common health issues Sims face. It happens to pregnant Sims all the time and Sims who ate spoiled food (Food Poisoning).

If you make Vegetarians eat meat, they will get nauseous, too. Sims with Squeamish personality traits will have the most sensitive digestive systems, and be nauseous more often, be it from feeling anxious or unpleasant, or from eating bad food. Vampires from Sims 4: Vampires will also get sick to their stomach (Withered Stomach) if they try eating regular food, and may even puke after attempting to do so.

No matter what the cause of nausea is, Sims will always get negative moodlets from it, but won’t vomit every time. In Discover University, Sims can feel anxious before the final exam and get a negative moodlet.

  • How to treat Nausea? Wait it out and let nausea pass naturally. Vomiting will relieve the discomfort immediately. Squeamish Sims can ”Take Deep Breaths” to make it go away.

2. Cold


The common cold affects Sims as frequently as it affects us, players. If you have Sims 4 : Seasons, Sims can catch a cold during winter if they get too chilly. Generally, this one is not a biggie, and won’t bother your Sims too much. They will just feel a little unwell, that’s all.

How to treat Cold? Make your Sim rest, drink hot beverages and order medication.

3. Poisoning


If you have Jungle Adventure EP installed, beware of deadly spiders, bees, ghosts who were poisoned, and poison gas or arrows! Your Sims can get sick from poisoning. If the poisoning is severe, your Sim will not only get a negative moodlet but can become super gassy, dizzy, and get green rash-like dots on their body. Unlike many other illnesses, this one can sometimes be fatal.

  • How to treat symptoms of Poisoning? Get your Sim the antidote ASAP by purchasing it from their PC. If you fail to do so timely, you may lose them to poison. You have three days to cure them.

4. Rabid Rodent Fever


Rodent Fever can be a contagious and deadly disease. If you have Sims 4: My First Pet pack installed, you also have rodents. While lovely, these creatures can be detrimental to your Sim’s health. Sims who don’t take good care of their rodent pets can get bitten by them, which can cause rodent fever.

The illness has 3 stages, each lasting 24 hours. In the first stage, they will get a weird ”Fuzzy Feeling” and you’ll be notified that they have contracted a disease. Expect to see them coughing and sneezing. At stage two, they’ll get a ”Fuzzy Fever”. Their moods, coughing, and sneezing will get worse, and their hygiene difficult to manage. In the last stage of disease development, they will finally get the ”Rabid Rodent Fever” after which they die. This is when they become threats to others by becoming contagious, and if you don’t save them they will turn into huge ghost rodents. The more you postpone curing them, the more difficult they’ll be to play.

  • How to treat Rodent Fever? Like with poisoning, it’s essential to act timely when your Sim gets this disease. Get a rodent remedy from the PC or visit the vet clinic to get cured.

5. Werebies


Don’t wander too much around the Moonwood Mill, because you might catch werebies! Sims can get them from a Cursed Bite, which, if left untreated, can turn them into werewolves. Much like the Rodent Rabid Fever, this one also has stages. The further the disease advances, the harder it will be to help your Sim.

The first symptom to look for will be the Angry moodlet, but after just 4 hours they will get the Advanced Werebies Tense moodlet for 20 hours. In the third phase, they will get the Insatiable Hunger moodlet, making it hard to fill that hunger bar. The fourth stage lasts for 3 hours in the ‘Ravenous Hunger’ moodlet, making it even more impossible for them to satisfy hunger. In the 5th stage, it’s too late to save them. They will now turn into a werewolf.

  • How to treat Werebies? Head to the Grimtooth Bar and Bunker, and ask the bartender to give you the ”Werebies Remedy”. Alternatively, go to the Prowler’s Patch and choose ‘View Werebies Advisory’ from the wooden board on the lot. The third option is to do some reading and learn the Lunar Epiphany Dormant ability. The sooner you try to cure them, the better.

6. homesickness/ nostalgia

Ok, this one doesn’t cause physical symptoms, but that doesn’t make it unimportant. Homesickness is a mental health issue that occurs when Sims are away from home for too long. Sims can get nostalgia if you have the Outdoor Retreat game pack, and this longing will give them a sad moodlet that lasts a bit and can ruin their journey a bit.

  • How to treat Homesickness? Just send your Sims back home and their mental health will improve.

can sims die from an illness?

If your favorite character gets sick, don’t panic. Even when all the ugly disease symptoms from the illness list start manifesting, most of the illnesses listed above can’t kill them. For instance, all illnesses from Get to Work EP are harmless, even though they may be unpleasant for Sims who are suffering. Even if Sims are wrongly diagnosed, they will still be fine.

You should only practice increased caution when your Sim gets poisoned or infected by a rodent if you don’t want to see them become ghosts prematurely. Also, be very casureful if your Sim catches Werebies and their hunger becomes hard to satisfy. While they can’t die from the illness per see, you will need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t starve to death.

how to add more illnesses to the game?

If you have the Get to Work expansion pack but would like to add more illnesses to the game and improve your healthcare system, mods are the way to go. There are two cool mods by a.deep.indigo that will help you tweak the existing system from Get to Work or add a bunch of new illnesses and treatments to the game.

  • Get to Work Health Overhaul – This one adds more realism to illnesses and adds some health options, such as injuries, that you can play even without the EP. You can learn more about it here, and download it from the list here.
  • Healthcare Redux – This is an extensive mod that adds new illnesses, such as hypertension, asthma, eczema or kidney disease to the game. To learn more about it, go here, and to download it, find a public version link here.


So, this was your complete guide to Sims 4 illnesses across different packs! We hope you found useful information on how to recognize illness, and how to best treat them. Good luck diagnosing patients and may all your Sims get well soon. Happy swimming!

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