Latest Button Up Shirts Custom Content For the Sims 4


Simmers, spoil your characters with the latest button up shirts custom content out there. Because we all know that if there were any clothing item that could easily level-up your male or female sims’ styles and flatter their bod, it’s the button-up. This list holds both sharp styles and causal. And now without any further ado let’s have a look!

Button-up T-shirts for Your Male and Female Sims

Gorilla: Wide Cuffs Shirt

We’re starting off strong and formal. These button-up shirts are a must-have. To install, follow this page. For custom maxis match male hairstyles, visit this post.

Mono Shirt

Some things you must have; these shirts for instance. Gorilla has designed this shirt in 30 swatches and we know your male sims will appreciate all. Download here.

Giruto 75 BF shirts

A great set of button up shirts that both your male and female sims could wear. There’s definitely a piece for every taste in the book. From solid colors to patterned shirts. To download, visit this page.

giruto 55 button shirt

This shirt will work best for you teen sims, those on the verge of breaking free of their teenage years. To install, click here.


These beautiful tops are definitely a mood! They’re puffy with buttons. They’re available in 20 unique swatches so make sure you check them out. Click here to install this package.

NOLA Shirt by simstrouble

Simstrouble knows exactly what simmers want and they never fail to deliver. This button-up shirt is available in 45 swatches. Check them out by visiting this page.


Off-shoulder shirts are pretty cute! These three shirts are available in the showcased color combinations. To install, click here.

Britney Shirt

This is a base-game compatible shirt that is available in 9 color patterns. Check it out by visiting this page.

VELVET DEGREES by simstrouble

Another masterpiece by Simstrouble. This button-up shirt is designed in 35 different swatches. Not only does it look comfortable but it’s also stylish. To grab it, click here.

Couple shirt set

Your couple sims can now match their outfits with this button-up shirt. You get 20 swatches for each gender. Check it out by visiting this page.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the awesome work put into the making of these Sims 4 bnha CC items and mods. Be sure to check out the latest Sims 4 CC by visiting the links below. Enjoy and always stay updated on newer content!

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