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If you wish to bring about warmth and versatility to your sims life, an awesome cloak will get the job well done. At this time of the year —or anytime really—a good cape is always a remarkable addition to your sims’ style especially if they’re into layers. Below is a list of the coolest Sims 4 cloak custom content that we believe your sims will cosy up in. Enjoy!

SnootySims Cloak CC Finds

Hogwarts Uniform & Cape [Alpha]

image 2021 11 17 170507

Sorpula Elegance: Chic Ensemble (Robe, Cape, Casque) by JomsimsCreations

131938 sorpula set robe cape et casque by jomsimscreations sims4 featured image

Loki’s Legacy: Ceremonial Armour Cape by Zwierze (Outfits & Accessories Extravaganza)

312646 loki ceremonial armour cape by zwierze sims4 featured image

Aethelwulf’s Enchantment: Majestic Feather Cape and Regal Attire (Clothing & Costume Collection)

236797 aethelwulf feather cape sims4 featured image

Autumn Empress: Transforming Fortnite Capes into Chic Female Hats (#AlphaCC)

250472 a fortnite autumn queen cape conversion sims4 featured image

Mystic Threads: Unveiling the Dark Souls-Inspired AlphaCC Cape & Chic Female Headwear

80149 darksouls cape sims4 featured image

Sherri Cape Elegance (MSSims#AlphaCC – Female Hats & Caps Collection)

317629 sherri cape by mssims sims4 featured image

1894 Triple Cape Coat: Vintage Boys’ Winterwear, Part 11


1894 Boys’ Cape Coat: Vintage Winterwear, No Ads, Free on Patreon


Morgana cloak CC

image 2021 11 27 134336

This one has to be one of our favorites! You get a hooded hair with a cloak. You get both separately, so if you’re not liking the hair much, your sim could still wear this cloak. It comes in a collection of 38 colors. And it can be found under accessories. Head over to this link for download.

Child cloak CC

image 2021 11 27 143708

You probably want your entire sim family wearing their own respective cloaks. So, this one will definitely come in handy! It’s available in 38 colors for your child sims. Download here.

Elven cloak accs

image 2021 11 27 143906

An exotic cloak with perfectly detailed elements. It works with both male and female sims and is available in 12 colors. Go check this majestic cloak out.

Itachi Cloak

image 2021 11 24 202646

If you’re a Naruto fan, this Itachi cloak is a must-have. It is found under Glasses. You’re getting from this set as well. Check it out by visiting this page.


image 2021 11 26 113039

We love an irie looking cloak for all our emo simmies. At the moment the cloak is only compatible with female sims from teen to elder. Oh and we recommend getting the hood, too. Visit their page for more info.

Game of Thrones cloak

image 2021 11 24 202927

A game of thrones inspired cloak is definitely a mood! It is categorized as Hat and comes in a variety of 28 swatches. Awesome thing is, it is enabled for all genders from teen to elder. Head over to this page for easy installation.

Warmth Sims 4 cloak 

image 2021 11 26 112133

Another base game compatible cloak for your male and female sims. It covers the entire body and is a good choice for when you want to literally go under cover. This one comes in a color palette of 28 swatches. Here’s your download-link.

Kyriat’s Valhallan Cloaks: A Spectrum of Style (Alpha CC Clothing Sets)

343201 valhallan cloaks recolor by kyriat sims4 featured image

These were our picks of the best Sims 4 cloak custom content. We definitely recommend heading over to our main post on custom clothes for the Sims 4. And don’t forget to check out related content below. Enjoy!

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