New Button up T-shirts Custom Content for the Sims 4


If you ever see my characters in the Sims 4, you’ll probably find them wearing button up t-shirts. But this is hardly a groundbreaking idea because it is becoming everyone’s cup of tea. If you already have a worthy collection, there is no harm in expanding with new button up t-shirts custom content. Shall we begin?

Button up Shirts & Tops for your Male and Female Sims

KK Collar shirts 06

Pretty chill yet stylish! If anything, it reminds us of Harry Styles breathtaking styles. To grab this one yourself, head over to this page.

Button-up Shirt Custom Content

Button up T-shirts Custom content

You need the tiny living pack for this shirt to work in-game. It’s available to you in 45 swatches. To download, click here.

Escale Shirt for the Sims 4

If you’re a fan of patterned shirts, this set is a dream package for you. Here’s your download-link.

Button Up Shirts With Patterns

Sometimes a simple piece of clothing could elevate your sims’ style to a whole new level. These t-shirts are definitely a must-have. Check them out here.

salvia shirt

Button up T-shirts Custom content

An everyday t-shirt for your male characters. It’s available in 30 designs and works on all sims from ten to elder. But hey, we’re confident your elder sims will rejoice in this one. Download from this page.

Button up t-shirt Custom Content

Cuties! You get these short-sleeved shirts in a variety of 18 swatches. Sweet thing is, your characters from teen to elder can wear them. Head over to this page for easy download. And make sure to check out custom hairstyles for the Sims 4, too.

button up half sheer – the sims 4

Button up T-shirts Custom content

White t-shirts with flower patterns. It’s elegant and classy. Your female sims will treasure these, especially when matched with just the perfect jeans. Click here to download.

Button-up Shirts Custom Content

Button up T-shirts Custom content

Your female sims are surely going to make use of this one. It’s pretty casual yet looks comfy and nice enough for hangouts with friends. You can find this one in 20 cool color designs. To download, click here.

back to sulani shirt

This either gives off beach or Mafia vibes, no in-betweens. It’s available in the 16 showcased patterns. Click here to install.

Hawaiian Shirts

These Hawaiian button down shirts are the perfect choice for your male sim characters. They come in a set of 10 swatches that are a breath of fresh air. Check them out by visiting this page.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of button up/down t-shirts custom content. Make sure you head back to the main post for a bundle of awesome clothing items. Happy modding!

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