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If you ever see my characters in the Sims 4, you’ll probably find them wearing button up t-shirts. But this is hardly a groundbreaking idea because it is becoming everyone’s cup of tea. If you already have a worthy collection, there is no harm in expanding with new button up t-shirts custom content. Shall we begin?

SnootySims Button Up CC Finds

Button Up Long Sleeve Top for Female [MM]

chasing love top trillyke

Hogwarts Button-Up [MM]

image 2021 11 14 160032 768x419 1

Button Up Denim Override [MM]

Button Up Denim Override by serawis

Blettie’s Classic Comfort: Side-Buttoned Sweater (AlphaCC Male Tops Collection)

234380 side buttoned sweater by blettie sims4 featured image

Poppy’s Perfection: Buttoned Top by VIIAVI (Trendy Female Tops & Clothing Sets)

142453 poppy buttoned top by viiavi sims4 featured image

Chic Charm: Elevate Your Style with Trendy Tops (Featured Button-Up Collection)

199912 button up top sims4 featured image

Chic Cherub’s Closet: Tucked Button-Up (SP16 Mesh Edit) – Toddler Fashion Essentials

222975 tucked button up sp16 button up mesh edit sims4 featured image

GorillaSilk Elegance (Button-Down Collared Shirt, Alpha Female Tops, Silky Texture, Fashion Clothing)

301391 button down collared silky shirt by gorilla gorilla gorilla sims4 featured image

GorillaFormalDuo (Elegant Male Clothing Set with Double Button Detail by Gorilla#AlphaCC)

290979 double button formal set by gorilla gorilla gorilla sims4 featured image

Percy Buttoned Polo Shirt [MM]

Percy Buttoned Polo Shirt

Liberty Shirt: Unbuttoned, Favorite Sleeves, Tucks In, AW20 Palette, Dress Option Feedback


PENTAS Buttoned Crop Top: 25 Swatches, Base Game Compatible


Dapper Button-Up Gift: Bowtie Edition with Mesh Edit for Sims 4


All Buttoned Up Top: Base Game Recolor in Unnaturals & Neutrals


BG Button-Up Blouse: 50 Colors, 20 Patterns, Feminine Frames, Mesh Override


Maxis Match Cardigan Recolor with Black Buttons – 17 Swatches & Custom Thumbnail


Base Game Shirt Recolor: But Those Buttons Tho, 15 Swatches, Teen-Elder


Warhol Button Up Shirt: Male Sims Edition – Show Some Love!


Rosebud Button-Up: Long-Sleeve Edit, Eleven Colors, TF-EF Available


Papaver Chic: Stylish Buttoned Crop Top for Trendsetting Ensembles (AlphaCC Collection)

149230 viiavi papaver buttoned crop top sims4 featured image

We hope you enjoyed this collection of button up/down t-shirts custom content. Make sure you head back to the main post for a bundle of awesome clothing items. Happy modding!

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