Sims 4 Two Tone Hair CC – Creative Looks You Need To Try Now!

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Do you like experimenting with different hairstyles and colors? Electric, fun, and unique hairdos with hair two-colors make Sims look different and authentic. If you are interested in exploring playful two-tone hair for the Sims 4, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out the best sims 4 two tone hair CC for your gameplay.

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sims 4 two tone hair CC: Cool hair for female & male sims!

Sims 4 has a lot to offer in terms of hairstyles and unique looks. However, being creative as we all are, we are always in need of new, exciting hairstyles for our characters. This is especially true when we are creating quirky, artsy, and creative characters in CAS. Luckily, we have a bunch of incredible CC content available online to enrich our Sims 4 experience by offering us stylish and unique hairstyles.

To help you make a character that resonates with you, we have prepared a list of stunning Sims 4 two tone hair cc for female and male Sims. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride with us!

If you need custom hairstyles for Sims boys, check out these Sims 4 Male Child Hair CC!

two-tone hairstyles cC for female sims

1. Black & White Hairs dump

sims 4 two tone hair cc

A blend of originality and style, these four hairstyles are guaranteed to draw attention. All four are realistically textured, making the hair look super flowy. With hairstyles like these, your female Sims will look unique, but also feminine and alluring without even trying. It is both suitable for characters such as Megan Fox and Kim K, but also creative souls of the Sims. Get this one-of-a-kind look here.

2. Marjorie hair by Evoxyr


If you chose to show the world the real you and love being bold with your style choices, this one is for you. Majorie hair is a simple, yet effective duotone look that will make your character stand out from the crows anywhere they go. It’s compatible with hats, and all girls can wear it, from teens to the elderly. To download this Sims 4 two-tone hair cc and mods for free, go here.

Wanna work in a beauty salon as a hairdresser or nail artist? Check out Salon Career Mod for Sims 4!

3. Lovesick Girls Lalisa by simtzen

sims 4 two tone hair cc

This Sims 4 two-tone hair CC is cute, chic, and showstopping. Why? The top layer looks like a classic bob with a fringe. However, it is the electric underlayer that sparks interest. The whole hairdo gives off a kawaii vaporware aesthetic big time. If this one caught your eye, feel free to check it out on this page.

4. Yumi hair by Candysims4

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If you want to seduce all alternative Sims in the game, this hairstyle will surely help you do that. This set includes two main variations of a double bun – one with middle hair split, and one with colorful highlights. Not only that, but you get to combine 48 colors in different two-color varieties to maximize the uniqueness factor! Feel free to check it out and download it here!

5. Jennie Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

sims 4 two tone hair cc

This one gives off strong Dua Lipa Vibes. If you want your teen, adult, and elderly ladies to look fascinating 24/7, look no further. A look like this is guaranteed to get your Sims to be noticed, no matter if they show up at a party or the local bookshop. If this one has caught your eye, check it out here!

6. k-12 crybaby split dye hair Mod with bangs

sims 4 two tone hair cc

Melanie Martinez is that you? This Melanie Martinez-inspired look is a one-of-a-kind long hairstyle with fringe in duotone. Ideal for music lovers, with quirky and fun personalities, this one will surely make your Sims ladies embrace their authentic selves. To get it for your gameplay, check out this page!

If you love cute details, barbies, and dolls, check out this Doll Poses Mod for Sims 4.

7. girls girls girls by aretha

sims 4 two tone hair cc

Sleek and sensual, this short bob is all you need to recreate the 90s power girl look. A cool thing about it is that it’s compatible with hats, so you can rock it with a baseball cap, or another unique headpiece. You can choose ombre, framing highlights, or a middle-parted duotone. The set also includes some matching outfits, so feel free to check that out, too. Get your sample of this two-tone hairdo here!

8. two tone Roxy hair by marySims

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Get ready to look fearless and walk with your head held high, and give your Sims a hairstyle that will blow everyone away. This set of hair and matching eyebrows will allow you to combine bold colors with an equally bold haircut with shaven sides. Expect to get 18 color variations to spice everything up. Download it for free from this source.

9. two tone Nyx V2 hair by Evoyxr

tumblr 5749c72b8404708ce10706877e1cba53 31f4cebd 1280

Electric color on the front, and natural on the back? We say yes to this Sims 4 two-tone hair cc! This long hairstyle with bob and a side flip is a blend of soft and edgy, in the best way possible. You can get it for all ladies, from rebellious teens to forever young elders. Plus, you can match it up with a nice stylish hat if hats are your thing! Browse and download it on this page.

sims 4 two tone hair cC for male sims

1. Two-tone Elijah Hair by aharrisoobritney

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It’s about time to get some fresh, unique duotone looks for the men of Sims, too. This hairstyle is all a man needs to stand out and draw all eyes on him. The CC includes 18 EA color variations for you to opt from and is compatible with hats. If you’d like to try it out yourself, you can get this male hair Sims 4 look here.

If you’d love to enrich your Sims 4 black hair collection and find stunning CC, follow this link!

2. ATEEZ San Answer Hairstyle by simtzen

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Are you inspired by K-pop idols? If yes, you will definitely appreciate the fine aesthetic of this Sims 4 two-tone hair CC. This one is elegant but effective, and you just can’t ignore the beauty of the front highlights in electric tones. The best part is, although it looks typically male, this is a unisex look, and it is suitable for all Sims, from tens to elders! You can get it for free here!

3. Vatore male hairstyle in two tones

tumblr f55210b8f71efd9782f1e0c1f8e33e3b fe52fad0 1280

If you ever wanted to make your Sims look like Pete from Fall Out Boy, this is the perfect opportunity to actualize your idea. With this one, you can bring Emo back into the game and make it cool among your Sims characters. You’ll get 32 swatches of this two-highlight hairstyle for variety, which is awesome! Feel free to check it out here!

4. Bobby hairstyle

sims 4 two tone hair cc

The Bobby hair CC is a new heartthrob hairstyle your male Sims need to try out. You can even try this one on Sims ladies if you like, as this mid-length wavy look suits everyone. Any Sims, except toddlers and children, can rock it and look unique. It is perfect for artsy characters and those who enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles. This look is available for download here.

5. cosmic CC Half-half recolour

sims 4 two tone hair cc

This half-half hairstyle with two tones is just what a Sims need to look different and show up authentically. It’s short, it’s fluffy and colorful and it will make even the simplest outfit look special. If you love creating different characters and don’t run away from distinctive, quirky looks, get this CC pack from here.


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So, that was out the list of cute two-tone hairstyles for male and female Sims. We did our best to include various haircuts with different hair colors to help you spice up your Sims 4 experience to the max. You are welcome to experiment with hats and colors all you like, and we hope you’ve found some cool hair ideas on the list.

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