Best Micro Mini Skirts Custom Content for the Sims 4

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The micro mini skirt fashion style hasn’t always been around. But, it is definitely taking a turn now. Even the Sims 4 custom content creators seem to have started putting more effort in the making of these skirts. And if that indicates anything at all, it is that we simmers are asking for it. This post is our picks of the coolest micro mini skirts custom content for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

Micro Mini Skirts CC Packs and Mods for Your Female Sims


Micro Mini Skirts

We’re starting off simple with the dominate skirt. We get 20 swatches off of this set and each print feels well put together and cute. There are both solids and patterned versions. Grab this one by visiting this link.

Mel20 Skirt

image 2021 10 23 163503

This is the book definition of a micro mini skirt, for sure. Your female sims from teen to elder can rock it. It is available in a collection of 21 swatches. And as you can see, some are strikingly exotic. Head over to this page to install.

Fizzy Skirt

Micro Mini Skirts

This jazzy Fizzy skirt comes from another planet. It bears no resemblance to anything we’ve seen before which makes it completely unique. You can download it by clicking here.

Agatha Set

micro mini skirts cc sims4 8

If you’re wondering how this dress made it to this list, we honestly have no explanation at all. But isn’t it the cutest? You get a matching top along with this mini skirt in 20 swatches. You can check it out by visiting this link.

croissant SKIRT

image 2021 10 23 171237

Hello, base compatible set! A denim textured micro skirt that is available in a total of 20 swatches. To install this set, head over to this post.

celestial tied skirt – the sims 4

image 2021 10 23 171456

The celestial skirt definitely begs an ocean view. Its cool color swatches are perfect for a hot summer day. It is available in a palette of 20 swatches. Check it out now. To install this package, click here.

Rah Rah Riot

image 2021 10 23 095459

 a high waisted mini skirt in 15 swatches

This high waisted mini skirt is such a mood! It is made of leather and comes in a variety of 15 swatches. Head over to this post to install this package.

Belaloallure Sheera

Micro Mini Skirts

Another denim textured mini skirt but this one is all the way tinier. It comes in a set of 15 swatches. To check it out, follow this download-link.

shena mini skirt – the sims 4

image 2021 10 23 100236

We love ourselves and our sims’ a nicely designed skirt —and this Shena skirt is the answer. To install, head over to this page.

GUCCI Belt Frill Skirt

When a micro mini skirt comes with belts and is in Gucci, you know it is a must-have. Plus, this set offers you plenty of awesome tops too. It comes in 20 swatches, you can download this package by hitting this button.

To wrap up, micro mini skirts custom content is out there so we might as well check it out, no? We hope you enjoyed our list. There’s plenty more to dive into. So, you could either visit our main post for a collection larger than life or any of the related posts below. See ya!

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