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Are you tired of the old and are looking for some brand new, fashionable hairstyles for your characters? If that is the case, look no further! We are about to present you the most luscious, gorgeously chic sims 4 ponytail cc hairdos your characters will love rocking! Take a seat and enjoy the ride.

sims 4 ponytail cc

Ponytail Custom content for Your Female Sims

There are many hairstyling mods for The Sims 4 that can make your character look more appealing, but we’re focusing on the best ponytail CCs for teen, young adult, adult, and elder sims. These hair mods will enhance your character’s features and give them a more youthful appearance. If you have a young teen Sim or an adult Sim who is looking to try out a new look, these mods are perfect for you.

The Sims 4 indeed has a variety of hairstyling and color options, we can never hate on EA swatches. However, it won’t hurt to try out some new color options and textures. With these ponytail mods, you can change your Sim’s hairstyle to something a little bit more personalized and your liking.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the best ponytail ccs for your sims! Try them out and see for yourself!

1. Female Hair g56 Ponytail by Daisy-Sims

w 920h 690 3301790

There is nothing as luxurious as long, well-taken care of hair. You can easily recolor it and it goes perfectly well with both casual and formal attire. This ponytail has bangs sectioned at the sides with a low-rise ponytail, looking silky smooth! It will make even the simplest sleepwear look like a Women’s Secret photoshoot. Get yours on this page!

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2. Callie Hair sims 4 Ponytail cC by Greenllamas

tumblr c4305ab396ae8b38428076a117a56c55 1afa914a 1280

A sims 4 high ponytail cc like this one is never out of fashion! This lavish hairstyle CC features long, defined curls with bangs, and will add some character to your Sims ladies. The look has a 90ties babe vibe and is a perfect choice for natural, free-spirited ladies in the game. Rest assured it will be a magnet for compliments! It is available in all EA colors. If you love it, feel free to go here for a download.

3. Ponytail Hairstyle for female by s-club

w 920h 690 3293413

Embrace the Hollywood star in you and go for this high-rise ponytail that just exudes elegance! Not only is this CC compatible with various hats, but you can also choose up to 30 different hair dyes for it. Long, highly textured, and detailed, with free-flowing sections framing the face – what more can we ask for? Get your download for free here.

4. Iris hair Sims 4 ponytail CC by aharrisoobritney

tumblr 18935d128ff9647b8a21c0dade53e5b8 1fbcfaa6 1280

Available in 24 colors and textures, this one sparks the imagination. If you are looking for a simple, minimalistic look, this ponytail will easily become your number one to go for! Straight and neat as it is, this ponytail goes equally well with sneakers and high heels. It works for all ages from tees to elderly ladies, and you’ll love how awesome it looks on completely different outfits. Check it out here!

5. Ley low ponytail sims 4 ponytail cC – BGC

sims 4 ponytail cc

Now you can fully own your curls, with this thick curly base game hair. Perfectly sectioned in the middle, and pulled back in a long pony, this hairstyle is perfect for Sims who enjoy keeping their hair naturally curly. It looks effortless, yet so nicely put together. You’ll wish to flaunt the look downtown every day! You can take a closer look and find your sample here.

6. female hair g63 by Daisy-Sims

18210 670x503 1

Who knew messy hair would look so fantastic? The long fridge is perfect for achieving an effortless look. The hair is nicely texturized with a natural glow to it, making any Sims wearing it look fabulous. I love the fact that this sims 4 ponytail cc with bang looks super fashionable even with a hat or a baseball cap. Get yours here.

7. Grande maxis match hair sims 4 ponytail cc


Let’s face it, there is no ponytail more iconic than Ariana Grande’s. Well, now your characters can flip it with style too, with the same amount of awesomeness, with this Ariana Grande sims 4 ponytail cc. It’s grandiose, it’s massive and it demands attention. This ponytail is not for the fainthearted, but for those born to be stars, sing on the stage or in the shower! If you love it as much as I do, you can get yours on this page.

8. Side-shawed ponytail by Tekrisims

08 enke hair side shaved ponytail sims4 cc

This one is not for the fainthearted, but for the bold rebels who are not afraid to rock the boat! Shaved sides with hair wisps and a long ponytail make for a perfect punk-rock rock. Your Sims will look edgy and stylish, and you can even choose between some intense hair colors, like turquoise or grass green! You can check out this cc here.

If you like this modern look and are following the latest hair trends, you’ll definitely love to experiment with some sims 4 ombre hair!

9. Elba Hairstyle V2 Ponytail

06 elba hairstyles sims4 cc

For all the romantic souls out there looking for a distinguished hairstyle, this is the sims 4 ponytail cc that will charm you in an instant. A long and sleep ponytail combined with the voluminous top half makes for a sophisticated look that will hardly get unnoticed by other Sims! This is a hairdo for a woman with style and a rich taste. You can get your sims 4 low ponytail cc like this here.

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10. Bebe hair sims 4 ponytail cC by Enrique


How wonderful would it be if you could get a super long ponytail for your sims ladies? Well, this cc will blow you away! These long diva waves make even the simplest outfit look fashionable, and turn everyday walk in the park a glamorous event. Such a ponytail will make you look Instagram-ready anytime and anywhere, drawing all eyes to you. Check it out here!

11. Rain Hair Ponytail by Nords

Rain hair 1

This one is for boss ladies with attitude. It reminds me of Lily Van Der Woodsen and her impeccable Gossip girl style. In this case, bangs flipped to the side and a voluminous short ponytail make a perfect combo for a lady who knows what she wants – and ain’t afraid to get it! Classy, sassy, and ready to win hearts. Check out this sims 4 ponytail cc on this page.

12. Jeune Hair ponytail From green llammas

fleur the sims 4 ponytail cc

Although I enjoy seeing long, luscious ponytails, shorter ones can be as equally mesmerizing – and this cc is perfect proof of that. Romantic and simple, this midi hairstyle is a breath of fresh air. It is ideal for gentle souls who are fishing for a classic look. Moreover, this ponytail will easily find its place among your most frequently picked hairdos! Get yours here!

13. Zadie Hair Sims 4 Simple Ponytail cC by Nords

w 920h 690 3111555

Dreadlock now looks cooler than ever, thanks to this incredible cc ponytail for sims 4! Mean t to be worn by girls with a distinct style, this look accentuates personality and attitude. Dreadlocks are defined in fine detail, being an ideal pick for R’n’B or hip-hop lovers! Here’s your download link!

By the way, if you are fascinated by dreadlocks as much as I am, you’ll love our collection of dreads hairstyles for the sims 4!

14. Butera Hairstyle – sims 4 ponytail cc

sims 4 ponytail cc

The Butera Hairstyle is very classy and elegant. The unique ponytail makes this a perfect hairstyle for those who want thicker hair and the abbreviated bangs make it a good hairstyle for those with more round faces. The Butera Hairstyle comes in 18 different swatches, so you can find one that matches your Sims.

The mod is compatible with the base game and it is maxis match. You could also wear hats with this hair without any glitching. To install this one, head over to this page.


sims 4 ponytail cc

A middle part hairstyle for your female Sims! The ponytail is divided into two parts, with the middle being parted. It has been around since the 90s and is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. It’s also a base game compatible hairstyle and includes three bonus recolors to choose from. This is created by the famous Miiko CC, an amazing CC creator. Check them out. To install, click here.

16. Jennie Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

sims 4 ponytail cc

No more do you have to make that long, frazzled mess of a ponytail when your sims go back to school! You’re simply going to look great and feel great. This updated, high-quality hairstyle is created by EnriqueS4 and is available for your female Sims in the Sims 4. You’re going to want to start wearing your hair in a ponytail. It’s made of new mesh and includes 18 different colors, plus one roots swatch. Check it out here.


sims 4 ponytail cc

Now your sim will look slick and cool with this new hairstyle! This is a 34-color pack of ponytail hairstyles for female sims, which includes a little bit of everything. Whether you want casual, fun hair or a classic, elegant look, you’ll find one here. Moreover, it fits any skin tone and the ponytail is placed to the side making this style girly and cute. Compatible with hats and glasses. Just download and unzip the package, and then place it in your mods folder.


sims 4 ponytail cc

Get your Sims ready for a wild night with the 90s Denise Richards ponytail hairstyle. This hair comes with and without the bangs, and you can change the hairband color separately. It works with the base game and it’s compatible with hats, too. You get it in all EA color swatches in addition to 3 bonus colors. To install this one into your game, click here.

19. SKYLA PONYTAILS side pony

sims 4 ponytail cc

Elegant, smooth, and effortless that promises to be your go-to hairstyle when you need a little something extra. This hairstyle is one of the most popular choices for Sims 4. Skyla ponytail is a wearable hairstyle for your female sims in the Sims 4. The hairstyle is curly and long. It’s also thick and one-sided. Install!

20. Ade – Incontro

sims 4 ponytail cc

This is the colorway you’ve been waiting for. This is the new hairstyle for your female Sims! Look like one of your favorite Youtubers with this slightly emo, thick swept bangs ponytail. This ponytail hairstyle is inspired by Carly Incontro from the vlog squad and comes with a new mesh and 27 different colors. Ade also comes in with 9 Ombres to give your sim’s hair that extra special sparkle! Check it out here.

21. Fluffy Ponytail by Ravensims

sims 4 ponytail cc

With this new hairstyle for your female sims, you’ll be able to rock a fluffy short ponytail without any of the hassles. This style comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for an everyday look. If you want your sims to look trendy and cute, this hair is a must-have. Moreover, it is base game compatible and you can use EA colors with it. Here’s your download link.

22. Belanne Ponytail Dreads

sims 4 ponytail cc

Do you want your sims to feel like a modern-day gypsy? Get them this “Dread Ponytail”. This is a ponytail hairstyle for your female sims in The Sims 4. Dreads are always in! It works on males and females actually. There are two versions with 30+ swatches, so there are plenty of options to find the perfect look for your sims. Feel free to check it out from this page.

In conclusion, there are many great ponytail cc options for your Sims 4 characters. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal look, there is sure to be a style that will fit your needs. So go ahead and experiment with different looks to see which one you like best! See you soon!

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