A Special Variety of Child Maxis Match Hairs


We’ve come back to you with a special list of maxismatch hairs for your child sims β€”and one extra toddler maxis match hairstyle because… why not! These hair mods vary from I-look-like-a-princess to let’s-rock-and-roll, but they are all one and the same in terms of texture. So, we are sure you’ll find something to your liking in here!

Sims 4: Maxis Match Child Hairstyles

Purity Hair

We’re starting off this list with Purity Hair, one of the many beautiful works of Simlotus. As you can see, it is just the right amount of messy you need in a hairstyle. With these nice curls, you can definitely show off your kid sims. Click here to download this kid hairstyle.

Maxis Match Child Hair

This one is my personal favorite. You do not always get a maxis match hair with cute bangs and an overall delicate look. And good news is, you can also have the same hairstyle for your toddler, teen and elder sims. Visit this link to download this hairstyle.

Kiko Hair

child hair mod

This is one practical hairstyle for you kid sims, whether you’re planning a formal event or just having your kid live their your lazy couch life. For easy download, follow this link.

Raspberrysims Hairstyle

hair mod cc

Although this mod by Raspberry Sims isn’t at all new, we’ve only just discovered it. It is available in 18 different colors to choose from in addition to three specials. You can download this hairstyle from this link.

Fox Hair

maxis match hair

What does the fox say? Confidence, if you ask me. It comes in 19 different swatches, plus three bonus colors. Oh, and if your kid sim is a hat person, this hairstyle is a compatible go-to. Have this one from here.

Sydnie Braids

maxis match hairstyle

Look at these two; a nerd and slacker (no, we ain’t telling who’s who). But the point is, both kids can rock the same hairstyle. If you’d like this hair for your adult sims, just download the required mesh and you’re good to go. Download here.

Maxis Match Twintails

maxi match kid hair

This blue, even with that Elsa shirt, reminds me of Chloe Price from Life is Strange. This mod also comes with an optional skin overlay, so make sure you check it out by clicking on this link.

Krista Hair for Kids

This one comes with a beautiful variety of bandanas that are sure to compliment the overall look of kid sim.To grab this one, download here.

Lily Hair

Don’t toddler sims look just perfect the way they are? They do but it won’t hurt to top it even further. This one comes in 9 different colors – give it a look, here.

More Maxis Match CC

There’s always more to see at SNOOTYSIMS. Check this post to find more Maxis Match hairstyles. Even more Maxis Match CC is listed here!

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