Some of the Latest Maxis Match Male Hair Mods


Chances are you already know what Maxis Match hair is but just in case you’re new to this whole custom content world of the Sims 4, allow us to help you out: Maxis Match CC is content that blends almost perfectly with the textures of the game, unlike Alpha CC that tends to be more realistic and detailed.

So, if you’re a fan of this type of texture, buckle up because we complied a list of 7 male hairs we know you’re going to absolutely love!

Maxis-match Hair Mods for Your Male Sims

Mark & Willson Hairs

We’re off to some sass and class with Mark and Willson. These hairs don’t come in one package but both are available in 18 different swatches to choose from. So, if your sim is more of a Mark click here to download his hair and if your sim is more of a Wilson, click here.

Jude Maxismatch Hair

This one is a royalty hairstyle! As you can see, it fits adult and elder sims equally well. But let me just say this: you need the right outfit and the right skin overlay for it to actually POP! So, be sure to check out our post on sims 4 skin overlay mods. To get Jude’s hair, click here.

Cicero Hair

Would you look at that smile? This maxismatch hair looks straight of Narnia! If you appreciate old fashion, this hair mod is definitely the one to have. To download this hair, click here.

Payton Hair

As for this hair, it’s modern and up to the minute and usually works best with young adult sims. However, it is not limited to any age. Payton hair is available to you in 18 EA swatches. For easy download, click here.

Yuuji Hair

punk hair mod

I bet you’ve been waiting for a male hairstyle like this one FOR LONG! Yeah, we understand. Thanks to Megukiru, our sims can now rock a punk hairstyle. Grab this one from here.  

Vladislaus Hair

Although this was Akuiyumi’s first hair cc, they definitely didn’t disappoint. Click here to download this mod.

Chester Hair

Doesn’t this hairstyle look both good with and without a head accessory? Click here for this male hairstyle.

Check Out our Post Here for More Hair Mods!

If you’ve liked our list, you’re sure to want to see more Maxis Match hairstyles mods and cc! See you there!

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