Sims 4 Messy Hair


We have collected our favorite custom Messy Hair in The Sims 4

In this post, you will find all our favorite messy hair mods for The Sims 4. We hope you will love them as we do! By the way, if you are looking for further cool chosen hairstyles, be it a cool bob hairstyle, long hairstyles or anything else, check our overview on the most awesome hairstyles in The Sims 4! 

The Best Messy Hair Mods for The Sims 4 listed

Boys Messy Hair

Hello! Yes, you’re right – your boys Sims no longer have to be short haired and up-tight! Here is an awesome punk-styled mod to give them a rebellious look! Hurry up to to get it for yourself or download it directly from here.

messy hair mod

Half Up Messy Knot Female Hair

And while you are there you need to also check this new and unique hairstyle for your females! A bun, a bit of bangs and two cute braids – what else can you ask for? It is a perfect mod for celebrations and festive moods! The direct download link is here.

messy hair mod

Halfup Messy Knot Male

Is your male Sim an actor or an influencer? Perhaps a painter? No matter – this mod gives you the official hairstyle of a successful Sim! So why not look like a proper celebrity? Try this CC for yourself at or download it directly from this link. You like this long hairstyle, then you should definitely check our post on long hairstyles for males in The Sims 4!

messy hair mod

Long Front Messy Conversion

Looking for something universal? Take a look at this awesome conversion from a base hair model to a super cool addition for your adult Sims! On male or female, this haircut will always look fresh and ready to conquer! We found this mod at but you can download from our direct link here.

messy hair mod

Long Messy Hair v2

And for the ladies – a modern and fashionable look to shine with! Here the volume is up, the length as well, and the natural messiness only adds to the beauty of the mod! Don’t wait and enjoy this amazing hairstyle now! Follow this link for a quick download!

messy hair mod

Long Messy Hair

Beautiful and lavish! A truly impressive hairstyle that your Sims can now wear. Big locks for big ambitions! We especially like it in the red color, although the blonde is also excellent. What about you? To download this hair mod, click on the direct link here.

messy hair mod

Medium Messy Hair for Males

Messy and delicious! Men can be extra attractive with a thick and wild mane! This mod will give your male Sims the ultimate one-of-a-kind appearance that they deserve! Hurry up and make them an example for the other Sims. Download the cc quickly from this link. You like the beard? Then have a look at the best beard custom content creations collected in this post.

messy hair mod

Medium Messy Hair

And if originality and uniqueness are your goal for your female Sims as well, here is the appropriate version for them! Wear it with the same vigor and passion and enjoy the awe and admiration from your surroundings. This awesome mod can be downloaded from here.

messy hair mod

Messy Braid Conversion

If you’ve been following us, then you know that we love braids – in every shape and form they come! And we also couldn’t help but get charmed by this hairstyle as well. It is messy, yet tidy; fierce, yet lovely – a really rare and exclusive look! Get it for yourself from this link!

messy hair mod

Messy Braid Edit

For those of you who fell in love with the previous CC, here is a little edited version. This mod gives a refining touch the left side of the hairstyle and a bit to the bangs – making it more sweet and graceful. This version is done by the creator at and you can download it directly from here!

messy hair mod

Even more awesome sims 4 messy hair mods!

Still not enough? Then you should also have a look at the custom messy hairstyles listed below!

Sims 4 Messy Hair Bun

This messy bun hairstyle is absolutely cute, don’t you agree? It looks well kept, yet free and wild at the back! The fans at The Sims Resource liked it a lot and have already downloaded it more than 25,000 times! All the credits for the CC go to Ladyfancyfeast and you can download it from this link.

messy hair mod

Messy Knot Female

Here is a beautiful mod for all of you bun lovers! Here the bun is tied in a bit of a messy knot, giving you a more relaxed look than usual. And the lock at the front just adds to the natural sweetness of this mod. Find more info at or download it directly from here.

messy hair mod

Sims 4 Messy Hair Knot White Scarf

A classy hairstyle is what we all miss! Your Sims will radiate with power and their looks will demand respect while they wear this hair mod. The bandana is really a genius touch that makes this hairstyle totally complete. We found this gem at too and here is the direct download link.

messy hair mod

Messy Med Male Hair

Such a gorgeous addition of male hair is really hard to find! This CC is a perfect match for all of your male Sims who are in their own character and with strong personality. Simmers all around the world love this particular mod which you can find at, but you can also download it from our direct link here.

messy hair mod

Short Bangs Messy – Hair Conversion

And if you are looking to switch up your routine looks on your female Sims – here is a new and refreshing mod for you! It’s simple, short and messy, which makes it suitable for everyone and it is an enormous fun to wear! All the credits go to the amazing creator Miliasims which you can follow at The Sims Resource. For a quick and easy download, follow this link.

messy hair mod

Sims 4 Messy Hair CC for Kids and Toddlers

Messy Mid Length for Kids

Now, take a look at this rock star hairstyle! Flipped backwards in a sleek way and with curls that are just too beautiful to miss! It’s really a fantastically done mod which suits all kids and goes well with every color. Visit to get it or download it directly from here. Interested in more hairstyles for kids? Then have a look at our post on the most awesome hairstyles for kids.

messy hair mod

Messy Mid Length Hair for Toddlers

But your kids don’t have to be the only rock stars! Here is the appropriated version for your toddlers as well! Enjoy this awesome look on your little Sims and make them cute as never before! This version is available for download from here.

messy hair mod

Medium Messy Hair for Kids

If you are totally into the big and messy hairstyles like us – here is another gorgeous addition! These precious locks go with every outfit and are also hat compatible – so you can wear them on every occasion! Got to to get them or download them directly from here.

messy hair mod

Sims 4 Messy Hair Mod for Toddlers

Finally, a cute addition for your toddlers! This little messy hair will add a certain pinch of playfulness and some charmer vibes. Summer and winter caps go extremely well with this mod and you’ll love to put them on your toddler! The CC is available for download here. This is only one among many mods for your toddlers – check our list dedicated to toddlers hairstyles for The Sims 4.

messy hair mod

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