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People tend to spend lots of time making their sims look unique and different by using custom content. The trend of long hair is not stopping anytime soon and we definitely understand why! So, we have curated a list of amazing Sims 4 long hair packs for your male and female Sims. Try out the looks and find a style that best suits your sim. Enjoy

Sims 4 Long Hair

Long CC Hairs for Your Male and Female Sims

There is no doubt that people love to change their hairstyle daily as every occasion has its own hairstyle, and some of the hairstyles suited only for parties can’t be used for work and university. This also holds true in sims ‘ lives as you may get bored with what their hair looks like.

In this post, you’ll find a collection of Sims 4 Long Hair with different colors and styles along with a brief description of each one. Please remember most of these hairstyles are for female characters and you can download them for free.

30 Long Hair Custom Content for Your Female Sims

1. Dahlia Hair

Sims 4 Long Hair

Collect this cute long hair for your female sims. This CC pack is so adorable, a bit short in the front but long in the back. It’s base-game compatible and works on sims from teen to elder. With 15 metallic colors available, you’re sure to find a shade that’s perfect for you. To install this hairstyle into your mods folder, follow this page.

2. Anya Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

Sims 4 Long Hair

Create a new look for your sims with this masterpiece by CC creator EnriqueS4! This is a long hair for your female sims. The hair is a new mesh and comes in 18 different swatches. And you can only imagine how nice it looks with hats, as well. Moreover, it’s advantageous in the idea that we don’t find super long hairstyles like this one all the time. Some of it rests on the side of the shoulder, which is a nice touch. Head over to this page for easy download.


Sims 4 Long Hair

Do you want an original, unique hairstyle for your female sims? Then you need to get this custom long hair! The hair is available in 36 colors and has a nice bun at the top of the hair, so it’s super casual and cute.

The texture of the hair is glossy and smooth, so it flows beautifully. Moreover, it’s casual, like your day-to-day outfit, and still covers the back of your sim’s neck. So go ahead, get this new hair for your female sims today! Here’s your download link.

4. Pyretta Hair

Sims 4 Long Hair

If your sims have been begging for long hair, now’s the time to get them what they really want. Pyretta Hair is a custom long hair for female sims that’s emo in style and Gothy shaved with sideburns. It comes in 38 swatches, so EA colors are included. So, go ahead and add a touch of goth rock to your female sim’s look with this Pyretta Hair. To download, click.

5. Morgan Hair

Sims 4 Long Hair

This Morgan hair is long, luxurious, and full of life. It comes in two versions. One that’s a super long braid down from the shoulder that looks amazing with a tight knot, and another version that is along the back. Available in 36 colors, whether you’re going for an icy look or a lighter tone, our Morgan Hair for Female Sims will help you create a stunning look that is perfect for your game. To install this hair mod, follow this page.

6. Emmi Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

Sims 4 Long Hair

Feminine, sexy and chic. You’ll find yourself in a state of ecstasy with this luxurious, long-lasting hairstyle for your female sims. This is a new style by EnriqueS4 that is perfect for your female characters! The mix of colors makes this hairstyle look completely unique. We love the softness of the texture and how cute and stylish it looks with the bangs. The headband is included, so you can give your sims the perfect look, anywhere! Click here to grab this mod hairstyle.

7. Symphony Hair Alpha CC (Public Release)

Sims 4 Long Hair

A slightly wavy, long hairstyle with bangs. This is yet another hairstyle that we recommend having for your female sims. It works on teens, young adults, adults, and elders alike. The hair texture (alpha custom content) of this hairstyle has a glow to it which makes it one of the best cc hairs on the internet. Check it out here.


Sims 4 Long Hair

For Halloween parties, many people like to go all out; they love the idea of having a cool style that matches their theme. This style is an example of one that you can always find on the market with some new colors and styles every year.

The hair color ideas are endless when it comes to celebrating this holiday, but if you want something extra special, why not try this brand new hair recolor? The CC creator has put together 10 different colors for you to choose from. Don’t forget to grab the mesh first, though. Feel free to visit this page to download it.

9. Halloween Hairstyle + Spider Accessory

Sims 4 Long Hair

If you’re looking for the perfect costume, consider dreadlocks. If you’re not sure where to start, this hair will help you get started. It would be a great addition to your sims’ hair repertoire. It’s the perfect choice for any spooky occasions like Halloween, too.

Dreadlocks are stylish and versatile hairstyles with a regal and ancient vibe. Moreover, this custom hair has different types of twists, tucks, braids, and other styles that make it attractive. The spider accessory can be found under Accessories. Click here to install.


Sims 4 Long Hair

This is another recolor mod in this list of ours! We just had to include this one because the new swatches are stunning and you should not miss out on them. You get 24 naturals, 27 unnatural, and 8 Ombres. The mod is compatible with the base game, all you have to do is grab install the original mesh and get to coloring it to match your different looks. What are you waiting for? Grab it!

11. Female Hair 09 by Osoon

Sims 4 Long Hair

It is important to try out different styles because no one hair looks better than another hairstyle. This is a hairstyle for female Sims with the Alpha texture. It comes in 40 swatches and has bangs that cover your eyebrows. This style is perfect for everyday wear and allows you to keep it low-key or go for the bolder look with make-up. To install this cc pack, follow this page.


Sims 4 Long Hair

This hairstyle for your female sims is cute, but nerdy because it looks like something that would be perfect for school or to look kept-up and cool because it has a wide variety of colors that can work for just about anyone! It comes in all EA colors. Check them out here.

13. Sims 4 long hair CC

Sims 4 Long Hair

This pigtail hairstyle is perfect for psychopaths who want to look like they’re always thinking, or vampires who want to creepily look their most alluring. The mod also comes with dark, intensely lined eyes that set the right mood for any role-playing occasion.

This long, wavy hairstyle is perfect for those who love to play with hair and bring their characters to life without having to spend hours on them! Check it out here.


Sims 4 Long Hair

NoodlesCC has picked a nice hairstyle to create a remix palette for! This is honestly awesome and I can’t even tell you how fun the color swatches are. Colors from the Ezrelea hair pack go beyond what you would expect from a simple recolor. They have been enhanced by adding a variety of textures and details to make sure that they really stand out. The 75 selected colors in this pack will help you create your own style! Download from this page.

15. Base game hair redux

Sims 4 Long Hair

We will start our collection with this shiny long hair. Basegame hair redux comes with 24 EA swatches such as red, black, gold, etc. Also, the hair includes 3 bonus colors. This wavey long hair is suitable for your female sims characters. if you want your sims to look fancy at parties, Try this hair. Download it from here.

16. wraith hairstyle – Sims 4 Long Hair

Sims 4 Long Hair

You can notice how long this hair is from the photo. It is very long that will reach your character’s knees. Moreover, this wraith hairstyle will look very stylish on your female sims, especially at parties or even in daily life. This long hair comes with 40 swatches that you can be switched between. Click here to download it.

17. Morrigan Hair-Sims 4 Long Hair

Sims 4 Long Hair

Among our sims 4 long hair collection, this Morrigan Hair stands out because it comes for both male and female characters. It has been styled in a way to divide the hair into two sections. This Morrigan Hair is available in 45 different colors such as black, white, red, pink, and so on. Click here to download this mod.

18. Stacy Hair-Sims 4 Long Hair

Stacy Hair-Sims 4 Long Hair

You can see from the photo just how beautiful this hair is. It’s very smooth and breathtaking. It’s available only for female characters. The Stacy hair is braided and features a bang that almost covers the eyes. This hair will stand out from their peers and also make them look really stylish. Click here to download it.

19. Kara Hair-Sims 4 Long Hair

Kara Hair-Sims 4 Long Hair

A long hairstyle that ends at the lower back of the Sims. It comes in twenty – four variations of beautiful and cheerful colors, the most important being black. Moreover, Kara Hair is suitable for university girls or women going to work. Kara Hair is braided from the front and comes with a short bang. Click here to get this mod.

20. Medieval Long Hair with Buns

Medieval Long Hair with Buns

This Classic hair is suitable for those who love classic looks and vintage styles named Medieval Long Hair with Buns. It’s a long, wavy hairstyle with two buns on either side of the head. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of colors like gold, brown, black, and red. If your sims are attending a classical party, this hair will make them stand out from the crowd. You can download it here.

21. Coupure Electrique-Sims 4 Long Hair

Coupure Electrique-Sims 4 Long Hair

This hair type has a different texture. This is curly hair that looks naturally wavy. It comes in 30 colors, such as black, grey, pink, and other colors. It is a long hair that reaches the middle of the back. Your sims will love it. To download this mod, click here.

22. Bianca Hair

Bianca Hair

We recommend this Bianca Hair since it is such stylish hair that comes with some accessories. The hair is braided separately, as you can see from the photo. it’s suitable for college and work for girls, but also great to wear to a party. Click here to download it.

23. Long Angelina Hairstyle

Long Angelina Hairstyle

Here’s another long hair for users who love trying new looks with their characters. It’s in default textures, in 24 colors, and suitable for female characters between the ages of teens to the elderly. This kind of hair is best for parties, work, or school. Click here to download it.

24. Long Side Bandana for Toddlers

Long Side Bandana for Toddlers

The hair on your Sims toddlers looks so sweet, isn’t it? What makes it special is that it comes with only one side of the character. It comes in so many colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your character, skin color, and looks. You can use it only use it with female toddlers. You can get this hair for your toddlers from here.

25. AMAKA HAIR-Sims 4 Long Hair

AMAKA HAIR-Sims 4 Long Hair

This is a crazy hairstyle inspired by the Senegalese twisted hairstyle with a bandana. It features 54 samples and your choice of unlimited colors, allowing you to create a unique look depending on your Sim’s personality. There will also be versions for children and teenagers. This will be great for the summer, and for trips during the summer holidays because you will look very attractive. Click here to download it

26. JULIET HAIR – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 16

Redheadsims-cc never disappointed us. Their creations are to be vouched for! This is for those of you who want their female sims to have a beautiful ponytail and strands of bangs. Now all you need to do is create the perfect sim in CAS and then use the sliders on this page to make her look like a doll. You should try all the different shades that this hairstyle is available in. Here’s your download link.

27. Two Bun Up Down hair

long hair cc 17

This super cute hairstyle will add a joyful touch to your female sims on all ages. It is created by one of the most loved Sims 4 CC creators Ebonix. The hair simply looks realistic and doesn’t need any filters to shine. Create beautiful sims with it. Grab this hair from this page.

28. Stargazer Hair

long hair cc 18

This is hands down one of the most attractive long hairs for females in the Sims 4. It’s anime-inspired with 45 swatches to choose from. You could also play around with hats as it’s compatible with them. We could very easily describe it as a new dazzling, shiny and glamorous hair of the night. Check it out here.

29. Weiss hair – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 19

This mod offers an interesting idea: giving your female sims a longer, thicker hairstyle. It is usually seen that thick hairstyles with curls are an unattainable look, but with this cc pack, your female sim can have the appearance of a queen without the hassle of having it clip. To install this hair, click here.

30. Kawaii

long hair cc 20

It was during one of those long simming nights that I found the perfect female Sim. She had a ponytail on one side of her hair, but she still looked amazing. And so, when I found the original CC, it easily became my personal favorite as it offers just what I need in a hair pack. There are a lot of different options in this mod so you can find the style that suits you best. I recommend checking out all of them, but be careful not to get too distracted by the choices. Check it out on this page.

20 Long Hair Custom Content for Your Male Sims

1. FLOWERS HAIR SET – Long Rose Petals Hair

long hair cc 21

We’re in love with this hairstyle for your male sims. Let’s just be real for a second. We don’t always get long hair for our male sims, right? This one works on both males and females and is compatible with the base game. It also has a stunning flower accessory that is categorized as a hat. Choose from 24 colors and create an awesome list of sims. Have a closer look at this hairstyle here.

2. AITO – Male Hair

long hair cc 22

This is a hair conversion from the Sims 3 to the Sims 4 because who wouldn’t want to feel the nostalgia? It’s emo style is on point, let alone that it comes in 25 swatches. Here’s your download link.

3. CARACALLA MALE HAIR – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 23png

This is the kind of hairstyle that screams “Download Me”! Your male sims would feel a lot bolder, colder, and stronger, too? The long braid is just empowering for males. It’s our favorite thing, honestly. It’s BGC and considered maxis match cc. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

4. male hair 01 by salu – the sims 4

long hair cc 24

This medium hairstyle for males adds a bit of mystery to your sim’s face. It’s a bit messy but you could almost picture any type of sim with it. Here’s your download link.


long hair cc 25

This hairstyle is definitely great for male sims that want to experiment with a long hairdo and hoping to find the perfect one. The hairdo is seen as casual, natural, and trendy. The wavy texture at the bottom also makes it look really unique! The CC creator has even included a bundle of 24 hairstyles in the pack to get us started. Install from this page.

This is a collection of the best shades and glasses for your Sims 4.

6. Male hair of Gujian

long hair cc 26

The hair of Gujian, also known as the Qing Dynasty hairstyle, is a style that is popular among a lot of people in China. It’s best described as braided hair that is pinned in various places to create decorative patterns. So, if you’re oriented or old-fashioned, or simply want to try out a new hairstyle that is long for your male sims, this is the one to have. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

7. MENS HAIR PACK 1 – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 27

Long hairstyles are something men love to sport. A new pack of long hairstyles has been released for our male sims, and these are sure to help you come up with some creative, original hairstyles for your male sims. All three hairs come in 2 unique color palette options. These are either maxis swatches or 35 special naturals colors and unnaturals. Here’s your download link.

8. Osoro Shidesu – Long Shaggy Hair 

long hair cc 28

When we saw the Long Shaggy Hair for our male Sims, we were like “Whoa, this is a cool look.” We think the longer shaggy look is really attractive for someone who wants to feature their natural curls and really emphasize their individuality.

We love what these strides are doing for masculine and feminine fashion. As long as you’re not afraid of experimenting with your look, go ahead and give it a try! Install from this page.

9. Hyunjin mini pack

long hair cc 29

This is maxis match custom hairstyle for your sims. It works on males from teen to elder and it’s compatible with the base game and hats in it. The hairstyle is available in a number of 40 swatches, but we have to say, the black one rules. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

10. Aaravos

long hair cc 30

As for this one, it works great on both male and female sims. And it’s the type of hair that you’d dress up your character in if you want them to appear in control of their surroundings. It would look best with some horns and freckles. Here’s your download link.

11. Ryder Hair

long hair cc 31

Mullets were originally for women and then, unisex haircuts took over. They are now a must-have for every man. The mullet is characterized by two or three different lengths of hair on top of the head as well as sides and back. One click and you have a unique hairstyle for your male sims. This is definitely giving your sims more options to express themselves in ways that they may not have before! Install from this page.

12. HAIR 20 JOSEON CUT – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 32

That’s one sultry hairstyle, I’ll tell you this much. The bangs are flawless and the hair colors make it even better. Try them out and see for yourself. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

13. Reina TS4 Sketch hair

long hair cc 33

A medium-length male hairstyle with a short fringe and a texture that will definitely be on the radar this season. This male hairstyle has a lot of sexy features that you don’t see in a lot of other haircuts. It’s alpha texture makes it unique and we recommend you try it out. Install from this page.

14. Li Wei hair

long hair cc 34

This hairstyle features bangs and some wavy strands of hair that sway back and forth in the air. It’s very voluminous so this is a good one for all the ladies out there that want to add some volume to their hair or your guy sims who want to give their hair some life. This hair pack comes in 33 colors. Here’s your download link.

15. andre x wilfred hairstyles

long hair cc 36

Don’t they look so adorable? They do! The Andre and Wilfred hairstyles are a must-have. Both are compatible with the base game and are available in the EA color palette. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

16. Hair Quartz – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 37

Everyone knows a ponytail can add a feminine vibe to your male sims, but the problem is that you don’t want it to get in the way of their everyday outfit. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this! Use a low ponytail when you’re trying to keep your sim’s hair out of his way. And this one comes in 24 swatches. Check them out. Here’s your download link.


long hair cc 38

Bulky braids never looked so beautiful! This hairstyle will surely compliment your male and female sims, whether teens, elders, or any sim of any age. Install from this page.

18. Prince hair – Sims 4 Long Hair

long hair cc 39

This Prince hair has long bangs that we absolutely admire. The pack introduces 33 new colors including those of Electronic Arts. Click here to grab this hairstyle mod.

19. montrose by simstrouble by simstrouble

long hair cc 394

This is another long-hair CC pack for your male Sims. It’s super cute but you have to make sure you dress up your Sims in the right outfit to make it stand out. Here’s your download link.

20. Fazed Dreads

long hair cc 393

Last but not least on our list is this hairstyle by Ebonix. What we love most about it are the different color combinations it comes in. The custom thumbnail is just a single example. Go ahead and try them all and see for yourself. Install from this page.

Finally, we know for sure it’s hard to choose your sim’s hair, and which style would fit them perfectly. However, you can’t decide unless you try different types, so we have put together 4 Long Hair for you. To see other types, check out our related content below.

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