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The Coolest Horns CC for The Sims 4

The fantastical side of The Sims 4 is an awesome way to shake the mundane gameplay and do something else. Inside the game there are numerous ways to make the lives of your Sims extraordinary. With all the packs and expansions that focus on the magical, we thought it would be a cool thing to bring you some horn mods for your fantasy Sims. Enjoy! If you aren’t sure about how to install Sims 4 mods, check out our detailed guide !

The Best Horns Mods

Alexstrasza’s Horns From Heroes of the Storm

We begin this compilation with none other than Alexstrasza The Lifebinder. Whether in World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm, she is an absolutely unique sight to behold. Many wish to steal her dominating looks – so why not do it now? Get her horns appearance! The mod is also available for download from this link.

horns mod

Party Horns With Balloons

This sweet little Sims 4 pack can be a great addition to any party. Every celebration can be enriched if your Sim simply appears with balloons in hands and horns in hair! You can find this mod at but you can also download it from here. Visit the creator’s page for regular info!

horns mod

Rare Demon Horns – Version 2

If you are looking for something truly rare – we recommend this mod! The shape of the horns here is unrepeated and plus it can be changed in 5 different colors. The designer here is Playerswonderland and you can download his mod directly from here.

horns mod

Rare Demon Horns – Smaller Version

As an addition of the previous mod, we brought you this one as well. It could serve as a smaller version, although it is not without its beauty and grace. Both of the mods are published at The Sims Resource by Playerswonderland and you can download them at this link.

horns mod

Ideal Party Devil Horns Headband

These cute little devil horns are perfect for any of you who want to change the everyday look a bit or simply dress for a themed party. They come on a headband, so they also appear realistic. The credits for the CC go to Darknightt and you can download his mod from here.

horns mod

Wild Fire Horns of The Genius

Wild and unrelenting! We can’t stress enough how much fun are these horns when you put them on, so you just gonna have to try it for yourself. It comes in 7 custom colors each with unique vibe and feeling. Genius666 created the mod and you can download it from here.

horns mod

Demonic Halloween Horns for Females And Males

Another simple and genuine Sims 4 mod is this one. The tiny horns are a perfect decoration when it comes to Halloween spooky stuff action and they also work on both male and female Sims. Their designer is Fahrensight and you can download the CC from this link.

horns mod

Spooky Dark Halloween Horns

At we found another Halloween themed horns mod, but this one is thoroughly different than the rest! It actually hides two different horn types – both perfect for some fantastical gameplay! Get this mod from this link.

horns mod

Fantasy Ears and Horns Set for A Fairy Look

For the big-scale magic lovers – here we have the ultimate horns and ear combo! While the horns in this CC are smaller, the gorgeous ears sweep away all the attention. But they are both available in multiple colors, so you can find your own style! You can download the mod from here.

horns mod

Illibaby WoW Demon Hunter Horns for Toddlers

Have you ever laid your eyes on Lord Illidan’s elite army? Here they are – the demon hunters! Why not make your toddler a part of them and give them this awesome appearance? This wonderful mod is available for download at this link.

horns mod

Illikid WoW Demon Hunter Horns for Kids

And why not send your kids Sims that way too? These glorious packs of horns have really beautiful designs, all with demonic vibe and demonic origin! Don’t sacrifice your time for nothing and download this super cool mod from here.

horns mod

LeahLilith’s Dark Vision Horns

If you’re in the search for something dark and beautiful – we’re sure that it doesn’t exist without these horns! The mod is created by i>Leah Lillith and it’s one of the most popular horns mods for The Sims 4. Gentle, delicate and stormy – you’ve got to try it too! Get it from this link.

horns mod

LeahLillith’s Brilliant Maleficent Horns

But Leah lillith didn’t stop there! She has created this brilliant Maleficent styled horns that no one could pass by. Just look at the grace of the beautiful design and shape! Plus, the mod comes in more than 50 unique colors to suit every outfit on every Sim. Get this CC directly from here!

horns mod

Lildari WoW Demon Hunter Horns Smaller Version)

Ah, the glorious Illidari… They are just as triumphant with smaller horns as they are with their regular ones. The horns on this mod make for a cute addition and a more compact look for your fantastic Sim. Try them on a vampire, alien or a regular Sim – we promise that they will rock! To find all of the Illidari horns mods visit and to download this one click here.

horns mod

Jolly Reindeer Ears & Horns

Let’s continue with more of a jolly vibe. Here we have for you a perfect CC for the winter season. Both of these Rudolph horns look amazing inside the game and we enjoy throwing them on our Sims whenever the holidays start. You can download this mod from our direct link or at

horns mod

Rudolph’s Horns and Nose for Toddlers

But you can’t complete the Rudolph’s cute appearance without his nose as well. And it also comes with these adorable horns which are perfect for every toddler! Their creator is Severinka_ and you can download the CC from here.

horns mod

Christmas Reindeer Celebration Horns in Diadem Style

For the end, we have these lovely Christmas horns. Beautiful design and colors – this mod could bring an immense amount of joy to your household. Be properly ready for the next winter season and get this CC for yourself at this link. For more info and updates visit

horns mod

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