The Beginner’s Guide to The Sims 4 Flower Arranging

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Would you like to improve your flower arranging skills in The Sims 4? Then you’re in the right place! This is your beginner’s guide to the magical art of this flower arranging talent. Let your Sim gain new skills and enjoy time with their family!

We’ll take a look at all the possible combinations you could ever need. Well, you’ll definitely find something you haven’t made with your Sims before!

Install The Sims 4: Seasons

Firstly, if you start looking for a chance to work with various flowers, then you’ll need The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack! Install it to start a whole new experience in the game and prepare for the fun of various seasons!

It is one of the most known additions to the game, so you will be able to enjoy many great features. For example, you’ll have more holidays and different weather each day. It definitely brings plenty of exciting new things!

Flower Arranging in The Sims 4

If you’re looking for some inspiration, these are some of the possible variations you can create with different flowers. Take a look!

Flower arrangement typeCostIngredients needed
Bluebells§93 Bluebells
Daisies§93 Daisies
Daisies & Bluebells§182 Bluebells
2 Daisies
Holly§143 Hollies
White Chrysanthemums§453 Chrysanthemums
Summer’s Morning§604 Chrysanthemum
Rosey Disposition§1352 Roses
2 Snapdragons
Winter Berry§642 Roses
2 Hollies
Purple Parallel§1142 Roses
2 Crocus
Bridal Ruffles§1172 Chrysanthemums
2 Roses
Azure Cream§542 Bluebells
2 Snapdragons
Speckled Pink§492 Roses
2 Daisies
Dozen Orange Roses§1093 Roses
Crocus§343 Crocuses
Dualistic Dragons§644 Snapdragons
Citrus Cream§1182 Tulips
1 Rose
1 Daisy
Starry Night§482 Tulips
2 Bluebells
White Dahlias§643 Dahlias
White Tulips§523 Tulips
Regal Celebration§1024 Dahlias
Yellow Tulips§523 Tulips
Pink Lace§1292 Roses
2 Tulips
Matrimonial Alabaster§1822 Roses
1 Dahlia
1 Snapdragon
Deep Purple Dahlias§643 Dahlias
Romantic Rouge§1942 Roses
1 Begonia
1 Snapdragon

More Reasons to Get The Sims 4: Seasons

It’s no surprise that this expansion pack is one of the most popular ones!

Firstly, it provides so many great new features: temperature, seasons, new hobbies, and so much more! Secondly, you get so many options for great outdoor furniture! Well, who wouldn’t love a great garden and a nice patio? If you’re looking to add something to your base game, this might be a perfect option for you.

Think about all the fun your Sims could have! Would you prefer dancing in the rain or building a snowman? Why not both?

If you are interesting in improving your flower arrangements in The Sims 4: Seasons, then we hope you managed to get to the end of this list! Have fun gardening, learning new skills, and decorating your houses with beautiful flowers!

As always, if you’d like to make the game easier, you can try out some cheats for The Sims 4!

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