30+ Pet Mods: Revamp The Lives of Your Furry Friends in TS4!

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Go and fetch some delight into the lives of your furry friends in The Sims 4 through this list of paw-some pet mods that we curated for you!

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Add These Paw-some Sims 4 Pet Mods to Your Game!

Launched in 2017, The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs is undoubtedly one of the best expansion packs to be added to the game, as it allowed us to welcome the loving presence of cats and dogs in our lives. In 2018, cute little hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, and miniature bubalus, joined the fun when The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff pack came out. Then, in 2021 and 2023, more adorable animals followed us into the game, such as cows, chickens, goats, llamas, horses, foxes, and rabbits, through the release of The Sims 4: Cottage Living and The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion packs.

Well, whether you own a handful or an entire party of these animals in The Sims 4, these pet mods that we gathered for you will surely bring more fun to your Sims and pets in the game!

Read on SNOOTYSIMS: The varied ways of how to get a pet in the Sims 4!

How to Get a Pet

Pet Vending Machines Anywhere Mod


With this vending machine mod, you no longer have to go to Veterinary Clinics to purchase food, treats, items, and medicines for your cats and dogs. You can just place these pet vending machines on any lot, even if they are not assigned with the veterinary lot trait.

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Sardines Mod


Tired of giving your pet cats their good ol’ regular cat food? Switch to fish meals instead, like this delicious Sardines mod by TianaSims. This one introduces the custom recipe of sardines to the game, letting you prepare a yummy meal for your furry friends!

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Pet Sitter Mod


This mod gives you another opportunity to have a pet-related career! It lets you become a part-time pet sitter for dogs and cats and features three job levels. Sims from Teens to Elders can be hired for the said job!

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No Sick, Dirty, Sad and Hungry Cats & Dogs

Screenshot 2023 09 07 173149

If you’re ever one of the Simmers whose hearts break at the sight of poor homeless strays in The Sims 4, then you’re in for a nice mod. This one, created by LitlleMsSam, prevents stray cats and dogs from being sick, hungry, sad, and dirty on the road. Whenever  new pets spawn on lots, they’re all healthy and happy!

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No Tail Cats Mod

notail cat

Allow your cats in The Sims 4 to lead tail-free lives with this mod from TheKalino. It’s as simple as the title says—it lets pet cats become tailless, which very much reflects some real-life cats!

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Baby Panda Skin for Small Dogs Mod

imagen 2022 12 18 004357243

If you’re a huge fan of pandas, then you’ll find this mod super awesome! It lets you turn your dogs into little black-and-white bears through the custom baby panda skin. Now, you’ll have these adorable bamboo huggers following you wherever you go!

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Tiny Elevators For Pets

tumblr fded4539fffd1121fbda344fed1b1989 a2cff9d5 500

Now your pets can use these ultra-cool elevators to get from one floor to the next! This is especially helpful for puppies and kittens who cannot use the stairs to climb. Plus, Toddlers can also use this!

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Robot Pets Conversion Mod


This mod is a conversion of the robot pets hailing from The Sims 2 Pets from the PlayStation, the DS, and the Game Boy Advance consoles. Yep, they look pretty cool when in the Sims 4! Seriously, you gotta get these mechanical pets!

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Pet Walker Odd Job

Pet Walker

This mod lets you take on a Pet Walker odd job in the game. It’s an effortless odd job as it doesn’t require any skill, it just needs you to take people’s pets for walks outside. Plus points to you if you love pets!

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Pet Trainer Career Mod

pet trainer 1024x745 1

Turn your love into pets as a career with this mod! Created by KiaraSims4mods, this one lets you become an official Pet Trainer, with tasks such as lecturing pets, practicing tricks, going on walks with pets, and many more! it even allows you to work from home.

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Pet Store Associate Mod


This mod is a career opportunity for teenagers in the Sims 4! It lets them become Pet Store Associates whose job is to accomplish all sorts of pet-related tasks, keep the pets happy, and the Pet Store clean.

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Night Fury and Light Fury Mod


Dress up your dogs into Toothless, Luna, and Night Lights from How To Train Your Dragon with this pack from TheKalino. Yup! This lets you turn your big dogs into these gentle and adorable dragons!

Click here to download!

Pets Everywhere Mod


Fill Brindleton Bay with more pets by adding this mod to your game! What this does is it spawns strays as well as dog walkers into different regions of the world, so that you can get that authentic dog-friendly neighborhood vibe wherever you go.

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My Pets Mod


If you have too many cats, dogs, and horses in your household, you have probably found it hard to include other people in your household limit size of 8. What this mod does is it lets you keep your pets without them being added to your household.

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Collar With Tag Mod


Has it ever made you wonder why only dogs in The Sims 4 get to sport those little collars with tags around their necks? Thankfully, this mod allows you to let your cats wear the said accessory as well! This little item comes in 12 colors in the game.

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Rabbit House Mod


Add a cute little rabbit house to the game through this Rabbit House Mod from TheKalino! With this mod, your tiny garden fur-riends can have a shelter to visit and spend time on whenever they want to.

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Train Your Puppies Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 07 155550

Train Your Puppies is a cute and simple mod from creator LittleMsSam that allows you to train puppies with the commands that are available for adult dogs. Now, puppies can learn how to sit, lie down, speak, and heel like their parents!

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Animal Shop Mod

MTS Zafire 2063393 mainmenu

With the Animal Shop Mod, you can make the lives of your Sims who own livestock animals and pets easier by allowing them to receive and sell items. Now, your Sims can conveniently obtain stuff such as clothes, treats, upgrade parts, and other animal-themed items.

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Allergic to Fur and More Traits Mod

3fde1e 7a7ba2e50c6c41da974795f81e124366mv2

Pets not only bring a lot of fun into our lives but also a lot of fur. And in real life, this makes a lot of people allergic! Inject this realistic aspect of life in the game by allowing Sims to become allergic to pets through this cool mod by Ilkavelle! Achoo!

Click here to download!

Planet Canine Career Mod

dab26d fc01c7b658cf4896990df6d47b08905fmv2

Meet the Planet Canine Mod, a business mod in The Sims 4 dedicated to taking care of your dogs! This mod allows you to buy and own a Doggy Daycare that lets you tend to the needs of dogs every day for 50 simoleons each dog. Talk about a totally paw-some biz!

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Pet Themed Holiday Traditions

MTS icemunmun 1787569 TS4 x642018 07 3021 49 50 62

Pets totally make our lives so much more vibrant, and sometimes, we need to credit them for that! Well, with this mod from Icemunmun, you can add custom holiday traditions to your calendar that are all dedicated to your loyal companions!

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The Sims 4 Lizard Pack Mod

MTS Kaiso 2110471 YouTubeThumbnailNoPlumbob

Much like the Rodents Pack by Kaiso, this Lizards Pack brings all-new small pets into the game, giving you loads of reptile fun! This pack also introduces new lizard terrariums, furniture pieces, and other lizard-themed items.

Click here to download!

The Sims 4 Rodents Mod

MTS Kaiso 2140706 YouTubeThumbnail

This amazing rodent-themed mod pack brings four new tiny pets in The Sims 4, complete with all-new cages and other rodent items to support them. With the mod, you can even name your tiny rodent pets! Plus, everything is base game compatible.

Click here to download!

Selectable Pet Always Mod

MTS charitycodes 2181188 08 16 23 10 10 09AM

It’s always a guessing game when it comes to the needs and wants of our pets since we cannot directly control them. But, this mod changes that! It lets you manipulate your cats, dogs, and horses (if you have The Sims 4: Horse Ranch) and let them do things to your bidding. It’s good to have this mod as the popular Playable Pets Mod has been outdated for quite a while.

Click here to download!

Cat Whisperer Career Mod

MTS SimplyAnjuta 1962193 5 Main

Love cats in the game? Well, this mod takes you one step closer to your feline friends by allowing you to be a Cat Whisperer! Yup! With this mod, you can now turn your love for cats into an actual job.

Click here to download!

Rodents Never Get Hungry Mod

Screenshot 2023 09 04 175722w

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff brought a lot of cuteness into the game when it introduced us to rodents such as hamsters and rats! It allowed us to care for these tiny friends. With this mod, you can now let your pet rodents feel full all the time as their hunger decay no longer functions!

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Care for Animals Club Activity Mod

MTS ScreamingPotato 2177182 CareForAnimalsOverride 1

Club activities are super awesome for our Sims as it lets them take their mind off of usual daily activities. And, if you have Sims who love to interact with animals, then this Care for Animals club activity is the perfect fit for them!

Click here to download!

Feedable Frogs Mod

MTS Ilex 2073701 frog

If you’re fond of the froggy friends that are available in The Sims 4, then take a look at this mod by Ilex! This mod will allow you to have a closer relationship with your frogs, giving you the ability to name them, give them food, and even talk to them. Plus, the mod even gives a new buff for squeamish Sims!

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Breeding Unlimited Mod

MTS PolarBearSims 1756614 TS4 x642018 03 1815 29 56 76

More pets in the game = more fun! With this mod by creator PolarBearSims, Sims can breed cats and dogs without limits. They can ask random furry friends to mate with others of their own kind, even if they are not part of the said Sims’ households.

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Nature’s Kitty Litter Mod

MTS K9DB 1751235 NaturesKittyLitter

This mod will allow your pets to do their potty thing outdoors. Simply place the stones outside, and your cats and dogs will locate that area and proceed to answer the call of nature there. Another bonus is that their poop will automatically disappear after a while. Convenient!

Click here to download!

Pet Lover Social Interactions Mod

MTS helaene 1985422 002

Through this mod, your Sims can extract more social interactions from their cats and dogs if you have assigned the Cat Lover or Dog Lover trait to them. Some nice pet interactions include, “Joke about Cats Owning Hoomans”, and “Assert that Dogs are Man’s Best Friend”.

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