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Do you want to explore the jungle Indiana Jones style? Rich in tropic scenery, relics and ancient mysteries, Selvadorada world is the perfect choice for starting the next adventure. Continue reading to find out what makes this destination world so interesting.

sims 4 selvadorada

what is selvadorada?

Selvadorada is one of the few destination worlds in the Sims four, introduced to us for the first time in the Sims 4: Jungle Adventure game pack. It is inspired by South American nature, jungles, and is by far one of the most exotic destinations available in the game.

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What makes it so special?

sims 4 selvadorada

This Sims 4 destination world blends both relaxation and adventure. You will meet the locals, say in comfortable rental homes, and try local food. However, you’ll also get a chance to explore the relics and temple ruins of the Omniscan civilization. It features a mix of ingenious and post-colonial architecture in Latin America, and offers your Sims plenty of jungle space to explore. The world is rich in puzzles, collectibles, treasures and beautiful scenery you can see only in Selvadorada. Here, you can find rare objects and artifacts, catch rare Salvadoradean fish, get rare mood boosting fruit, or cure curses.

selvadorada neighborhoods

Selvadorada is mostly a vast jungle full of treasures, collectibles, and Omniscan relics. It has only two neighborhoods where Sims can meet, rent vacation homes and purchase local goods. There are three main segments of the destinations:

  • Puerto Llamante Marketplace
  • Belomisia Jungle, and
  • Jungle District

1. Puerto Llamante Marketplace

Situated on the river bank in the deep jungle, Puerto Llamante Marketplace is a place where visitors can replenish, meet locals, and purchase necessary travel equipment. With no roads or other special urban perks, the neighborhood features only four lots, where two are for rent. The other two are community lots – Alam Museum of Archaeology and a ”Cantina “El Árbol del Jaguar” bar.

Next to the bar is an open Selvadorada marketplace in Latin style with a beautiful gateway, where adventurers can buy travel gear or enjoy local dishes. Besides merchandise, the backyard of the marketplace has a special statue, where your Sims can dispel curses for $250 simoleons.

Puerto Llamante Marketplace lots

  • Alam Museum of Archaeology – The Museum takes up 64×64 space and features important local art and relics excavated in Selvadorada. The value of this community lot is $74,239.
  • Hillview Hideaway – A small 20×15 rental lot for Sims to enjoy during their stay. This is a one-floor vacation home with a pretty balcony, and three rooms in total. It has one bedroom and can be rented for only $226 per day. The total price of the home is $23,630, and the lot traits are Sunny Aspect and Creepy Crawlers.
  • Selvadorada Villa – This is a spacious vacation home with three bedrooms and a nice backyard. You can rent it for $622 per day, while the total value of the property is $64,447. The retail villa is built on a 30×20 lot, and the lot trait is Bracing Breezes.
  • ”Cantina “El Árbol del Jaguar” – This is a bar built on a 40×30 lot, where your Sims can recuperate, eat and drink. It includes an outdoor marketplace, where you can get local receipts and purchase travel equipment. Bar’s value estimate is $63,861.

2. Belomisia Jungle

Belomisia Jungle is much more secluded than the Puerto Llamante Marketplace. Located deep in the tropical forest, the neighborhood has only three lots – two rental and one community lot, and a spacious Belomisia Trailhead National Park that connects Sims to the Jungle District. The Park has a picnic sport, a few camping tents, a ”Welcome” camping sign, and a couple grill spots. Here by the sign, you will find one gateway, which is the first gateway Sims have to go through when starting their jungle exploration quest. Are you new to the world of relics? Reah

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Belomisia Jungle lots

  • Belomisia Trailhead – A cute 40×20 National Park with picnic and grill spots, public showers, and toilets for adventurers. It is also the main connection and the entrance to the Jungle District. The value of the lot is $13,455.
  • Jungle Bungalow – A retail property in Selvadorada built on a 30×30 lot, with a Romantic Aura and Peace & Quiet lot traits. Its total value is 57,257, and you can rent it for $555 per day. The bungalow had a pool to cool off, two floors, and two bedrooms for four Sims. A perfect place for lovers, students, or a small family.
  • Belomisia Field Station – The most expensive rental home. The lot size is 30×20, and the lot trait is Natural Light. It has two floors, and eight bedrooms, enough to accommodate an entire household. The value of the lot is $73,208, and you can rent it for $717 per day. 

3. Jungle district

Jungle District is where the adventure in Selvadorada starts. Once you step into this part of the world, you are officially away from civilization. There are a few mysterious gateways that lead your Sims into jungle exploration quests. This part of the Belomisia Jungle is the largest part of Selvadorada, and is mostly covered by dense jungle greenery. Expect tropical wilderness, old ruins, wooden bridges, waterfalls, bees, treasure chests, rocks, and bugs. The district has an Omiscan Temple and two areas – Area 1 and Area 2.

While adventuring, your Sims will also discover ruins that go back to the Ancient Omiscan civilization. While the map of the Jungle District is pretty big, so you won’t have access to all of it. To explore further, you will have to discover gateways and remove vines.

exploring the jungle

Gateways are connected, so expect to see more new paths ahead. After they clear the vines, to get through the gateway Sims will have to play chance cards. Most of the time, once an area is uncovered, your Sims can go to it anytime. Some areas, however, will need them to go back there a few times to fully unlock the area.

Because Jungle District of Selvadorada is huge, and your Sims will need to find alternative ways to fulfill their needs. When going on a vacation Selvadorada style, it is important to come up with or buy the adventuring gear and food to prevent going back to a rental house in the middle of an adventure. For bladder, they can use toilet bushes. These are taller and usually have flowers.

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area 1

As you pass through the gateway in Belomisia Trailhead Park, you will enter Area 1, which is divided into two segments. The first sight you will see is a canyon with waterfalls and a thin wooden bridge. The first is the jungle area, which is located before the bridge. Here, if you search the area behind the trees, you will find another gateway that leads to the Plain Crash site, a secret lot in Selvadorada.

Besides a plane skeleton, here you can also find valuable collectibles, dig sites, and treasures. There is also a toilet bush nearby, in case the bladder meter starts to go orange. If you choose to cross the bridge, you will see one of the ancient ruins, where your Sims can dig for treasure and relics. If you choose to explore further, this is where the Area 2 gateway is.

area 2

Area 2 has five gateways ready for you to explore – The Omiscan Royal Baths, The Lagoon, The Omiscan Temple, and the Island. The fifth one is the gateway that connects areas 1 and 2. This part of the Selvadorada jungle is rich in artifacts, treasures, and collectibles. You’ll find plenty of digging sites and have a lot to explore. Apart from the Omiscan Royal Baths, the remaining three are not always accessible.

  • Omiscan Royal Baths is a Secret Lot with a dreamlike pool, digging sites, and idyllic scenery.
  • Omiscan Gardens is another secret lot in Jungle District. can be reached through a gateway that connects it with the Ominiscan Royal Baths. Here you can find unique plant-harvestable and look for treasure.
  • The Lagoon features beautiful scenery around the lake, a treasure chest, figging spots, and various fish species. You can access it directly from Area 2.
  • The Island also has rare fish species. You’ll also find treasure here, and you can access it from Area 2.

omiscan temple

Omiscan Temple in Selvadorada is a special secret lot, separate from Areas 1 and 2. Although always accessible, the Temple is guarded with special defenses and traps your Sims will need to pass to get in. With this one, you never know what you can get, as the scenery changes, and the next visit is never the same as the previous. No matter how it looks, the Temple is always rich in excavation sites and treasures.

Here you will find rare harvestables and stumble upon the Three of Emotions. It is located in front of the temple and produces fruit that can change your Sims’moodlert. There is a chance that you will also encounter a Skeleton roaming around. The skeleton is harmless, but your Sims will panic nonetheless.

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