The Sims 4 Archaeology Skill Guide

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Would you like to learn how to excavate treasure in Sims 4? Learning archaeology skills will surely help become good at it! Jump in to learn how to learn this amazing skill!

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Let’s Excavate And Learn The Archaeology Skill!

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and you may discover some valuable artifacts! If you have Sims 4: Jungle Adventure installed, your Sim can study ancient objects and learn archaeology skill. This skill is all about excavating, digging for ancient collectibles in the jungle, and studying archaeological materials. It focuses on collecting and authenticating artifacts and making some mighty relics, all while your Sim is having an adventure in the jungle. While they can absolutely learn about archaeology from books to improve their skill, the best and the most fun way to learn is to get hands-on experience and actually start digging. If that sounds enticing and you’d like to know more, let’s go over all you need to know about this skill!

Learn As Your Dig For And Study Artifacts!

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Head to Selvadorada and start exploring the Selvadoradean Jungle to begin your learning journey. As you explore the jungle and temples, look for random dirt clumps and select ‘Excavate’. You will dig out dirt-covered objects that need to be cleaned and then authenticated. Beginners can send them away for authentication, but once they hit level 3, Sims will be able to do it themselves at the archaeology table.

There is one of these tables you can use at the Puerto Llamante Marketplace, or you can buy one from vendors here. If you want to go pro, you can also purchase this portable table, in which case just look for Pop Up Archeology Work Bench in the build/buy. You will use it at home or at the rental to authenticate, analyze, or refine crystals.

Once they hit level 4, your Sim will unlock the ability to spawn dirt piles anywhere in Selvadorada with Survey for Dig Piles interaction. And, at level 6, they will be able to Establish Excavation Sites to dig with others and get more objects from one pile. As your Sim progresses with the skill, they will unlock more interactions that don’t involve digging, such as authenticating and analyzing artifacts.

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Use Archaeology Skill to Make Simoleons!

All objects and collectibles you dig up can be found in your Sims’ inventory. Although your Sim will discover some valuable collectibles, like Ancient Omniscan Artifacts and Relics, they will also get a bunch of other objects while excavating, such as rocks or knives. If you happen to dig up valuable stuff, do know that the higher your skill, the higher the chance of getting high-quality artifacts.

Authentification is essential for selling artifacts because it uncovers whether the object is genuine or not. Although authentic Selvadoradean artifacts are super valuable, not all artifacts will be genuine. If your Sim happens to get the counterfeit object, they won’t earn much. On top of that, objects excavated can be of different quality and rarity, which also impacts how much you can get for it. Common, Uncommon, and Rare artifacts don’t have the same value.

Learning archaeology skills can be profitable, but it will cost you trips to Selvadorada since you can only excavate there. You can sell directly from the inventory, or get yourself the sales table from the build/buy, set your prices, start a yard sale, and sell artifacts and other stuff you dig up.

Archaeology Skill Unlocks

Archaeology Skill 1

The ideal mood for improving this skill is Focused. While this may be hard to maintain in the jungle, you’ll find it easier to get them in the right mood once they start working at the archaeology table at home or their rental. There is art in temples, and Sims can also use Study For Historical Insights interaction once they hit level 2 to stay focused for 2h. Now, let’s see what you can expect from each skill level, and know that all unlocked interactions will help them perfect the skill until maxed out.

Level 1Sims can Excavate dirt piles.
Level 2Sims can Study for Historical Insights. They can perform this interaction or art and artifacts.
Level 3Sims can Authenticate Artifacts at the Archaeology Table by themselves.
Level 4Sims can Survey For Dig Piles.
Level 5Sims can Establish an Excavation Site, where they can dig with multiple Sims.
Level 6Sims can Establish Excavation Site, where they can dig with multiple Sims.
Level 7Sims can Refine Crystals at the Archaeology Table.
Level 8Sims can Write Archaeology Books using a PC.
Level 9Sims will get mail from Sir Vincent Skullfinder of the Simsonian Institute to authenticate artifacts.
Level 10Sims can now give an Archaeology Lecture. They are also more likely to find high-quality artifacts.

Wrapping It Up!

If your Sim is an adventurer at heart, learning the archaeology skill will come naturally to them. You can benefit a lot by choosing the Archaeology Scholar Aspiration, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time excavating and adventuring, as it also requires learning this skill. Have fun digging and happy simming!

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