The Sims 4 Archaeology Skill – FAQ, Perks and Tricks

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The Sims 4 Archaeology skill gives an opportunity to dig for relics and learn about history first-hand. As a new skill introduced in the Jungle Adventure Game Pack, it brings new unlocks, and more new activities to try out. Are you curious about learning how to become an archaeologist?

If yes, continue reading to learn more about this incredible skill. Lets’ dig and dive into the world of Sims artifacts, relics, and adventure!

The Sims 4 Archaeology Skill Perks

Learning archaeology skills will require some special equipment and location. This is why, when deciding to go on such a learning journey, your character will get to explore the new world. Selvadorada world is a new exotic destination introduced in the Jungle Adventure pack. In other words, this is the world where you will go for all the digging, analyzing, and exploring. You will get to Explore the Jungle and explore Temples for artifacts.

The key object for leveling up will be the Sims 4 archaeology Table. It is available for purchase at the market in Selvadorada for 450 simoleons. It will be placed in the inventory so you can take it with you anywhere you go. You will be limited to excavating only in Selvadorada. However, you’ll have all the freedom to analyze artifacts back at their homeworld. Expensive vacation homes in Salvadorada already have the archaeology table, but it’s always good to have your own.

Treasures and aspirations

To be at their best, your Sims will need some focus. However, staying focused in the jungle while constantly digging won’t be an easy task. Besides treasure, crystals, and fossils, they will now access two new types of objects. These are Omiscan Treasures and Ancient Omiscan Artifacts. You’ll come across fossils, knives, clumps of dirt, relic pieces, bone dust, or unidentified artifacts. Whatever artifact you find, you’ll be able to monetize your findings!

You’ll also be able to make Relics! While relics are powerful and can make you feel blessed, be aware that they can also be dangerous. If you get cursed by one, you’ll have to ask the statue to remove the curse (The Girl with the Basket). Alternatively, you can remove the curse with bone dust.

There are two new sims 4 archaeology aspirations associated with archaeology skills – Archaeology Scholar Aspiration and Jungle Explorer. These might be a good choice if you plan to dedicate a lot of time to archaeology and adventures.

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Archaeology skill levels 1-3

Level 1 – At the very beginning of learning about the sims 4 archaeology, your character will be able to perform the ”Excavate” action on a digging site, and clear the ground from a found object. This will help them discover dirt clumps in the shape of the artifact. One side note – expect to get really dirty. Once you find them, the artifacts can be sent for authentication.

Level 2 – They can now ”Study Arts and Artefacts for Historical Insights” to learn more about rocks and digging spots.

Level 3 – They can now ”Authenticate Artefacts” at the archaeology table. Thanks to this action your Sims will now know whether what they’ve found is authentic or not. All that without sending your treasure for authentication. Unfortunately, not all you find will be authentic. On top of that, many of your findings won’t be of the highest quality, especially in the beginning. However, as you progress with learning the skill, this will be less of a problem. The artifacts you discover will fit into one of three categories: Common, Uncommon, or Rare. This will also determine their value on the market!

The Sims 4 archaeology skill levels 4-6

Level 4 – The Level of the Sims 4 archaeology skill unlocks ”Survey for Dig Piles” action. To perform it simply click anywhere on the ground and choose mentioned command. Your Sims can now look for digging piles. You’ll know you are onto something if you don’t get any error signalization. If you try to survey for dig piles, and you keep getting errors, just change your location and try somewhere else. You’ll find a digging site in no time.

Level 5 – Your Sims will now get a chance to further ”Analyse” fossils, treasures, elements, and artifacts they found. To analyze, simply click on your archaeology table. They can also use their archaeology tables to extract crystals and metal.

Level 6 – Now they are becoming a pro, and can have other sims join them in excavating. This level unlocks the option to ”Establish Excavation Site”. This will give you an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with others. You will be able to excavate for hours, non-stop. This will greatly increase the chances of finding more relics. The best thing is, the digging site can gather more than two Sims, which increases the chances of finding artifacts.

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Archaeology skills level 7-10

Level 7 – By clicking on the archaeology table, you will get to try a new activity, which is ”Refine Crystals”. This action is important for making Relics. How valuable your relics will be will largely depend don’t the type of crystal you are working with and how rare it is. The rearer, the better! You will be able to make 9 different types of relics. All of the 9 come in three different varieties. At this point, you’ll be able to make the Sims 4 archaeology career and find more valuable objects.

Level 8 – By this point, you are already a pro. Your Sims will get an opportunity to ”Wite and Archaeology Book” on the computer to share their expertise. This can further help others learn archaeology skills faster.

Level 9 – At this Sims 4 archaeology skill level, you’ll get requests to authenticate artifacts. Authentication will be requested by Sir Vincent Skullfinder from Samsonian Institute. You will get his requests with artifacts that need to be identified shipped in your mailbox.

Level 10 – Once you master the skill you can now not only be the author of the book written two levels ago, but actually teach others! You’ll unlock the ”Give Archaeology Lecture” interaction and get to tell the tales. Additionally, the artifacts you find will likely be of a much higher quality.

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