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Did you know that there’s a whole other frontier in The Sims 4 that your characters can be exploring?! Expand your sims’ horizons by sending them into space! If that sounds good to you, fast-track your way there with the Rocket Science Skill cheat!

Rocket Science Skill Cheat
Head to space!

If you’re a full-on explorer who’s scoured every corner of the map in The Sims 4, we might be able to help you get ahold of some sweet, sweet dopamine. You may not be aware, but there is a choose-your-own-adventure experience tucked away in the game involving adventures into outer space! Sims can come back from their adventures with a number of collectable alien specimens and space rocks that they can choose to display, or sell off for some extra simoleons. If you have the Get To Work expansion sims also have an opportunity to visit the beautiful & mystical planet of Sixam, where they can encounter alien flora and fauna as well as collect unique crystals, metals, and plants.

To start off on your adventures you need to begin working on your sim’s Rocket Science Skill. As your sim scales the levels of this skill they’ll be able to make more and more improvements to their rocket ship, which means better chances of a positive outcome, better adventures, and better loot to bring home!

The standard way of starting this skill is by having your sims begin building the Steampunk Flyamajig which can be purchased in Buy/Build mode for §5,000, although players with the City Living EP have free access to a rocket at the GeekCon festival. You can also purchase skill building books if you don’t have the §5k available just yet.

If you’ve gone the DIY route and would rather jump ahead and give your sim a souped-up rocket ship ASAP, you can use the Rocket Science Skill cheat to level up immediately. Your sim will still have to apply the upgrades to their ship but they will go much, much faster with a higher Rocket Science Skill level.

The Rocket Science Skill

Each level of the Rocket Science Skill unlocks new benefits and/or rocket ship upgrades your sims can apply to their vessel. The better the rocket quality, the more beneficial a trip to space will be for your sim.

Rocket Science Skill LevelUnlocks
Level 1adding Landing Stabilizers will decrease the chances of your sim having a (potentially fatal) crash landing
Level 2building and upgrading goes quicker
Level 3sims can Expand Fuel Storage Tanks for new choice junctures and new collectibles
Level 4building and upgrading goes even quicker
Level 5by Improving Maneuvering Thrusters you have even more choice junctures, more outcomes for previous choice junctures, and new collectibles
Level 6more room to bring back more stuff by Expanding Cargo Bay
Level 7in addition to building and upgrading even quicker than before, your rocket ship gets a defense upgrade once you Install Cannon Defense System
Level 8quicker building and upgrading
Level 9Installing Automated Landing Computer completely eliminates the risk of your sim having a castastrophic crash landing
Level 10newer, rarer choice junctures appear, and with Get To Work your sims can travel to planet Sixam via Wormhole Generator

As you can probably guess, it can be a bit tedious to get this all done. If your sim is more of a go-getter and wants to hit the cosmos even faster, cheating is the way to go.

The Rocket Science Skill Cheat

Like most Skills Cheats in The Sims 4, the Rocket Science Skill Cheat has the cheat code before it with the level requested at the end:

stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience #

Just switch out the # with whatever level you want to set your sim at, with level 10 being the top of the Skill.

Additionally, if your sim is part of the Astronaut career track they will have the option of purchasing an additional rocket ship depending on the branch they go into, so you can give your space flights an aesthetic upgrade as well!

If you’re new to the Astronaut career, check out our guide.

Partying with Aliens

If you’ve got Get To Work you can travel to Sixam where you’ll crash an alien party! Your sims will have to tend bar, socialize, and collect stuff to have a successful event. This party doesn’t happen anywhere else, so maxing out the Rocket Science Skill is the only way to get there. It’s also the best way to get rare collectables, so if your sim is an avid curator how could you not take them to space?

Final Frontiers (and Thoughts)

Getting your sims up to space can be a bit of a task, but the best things always are, right? With the Rocket Science Skill Cheat you can fast-track your characters into the cosmos by giving them lightspeed abilities to really soup up their spaceship. Who knows what kind of adventures await! Full disclosure: I’ve never been to Sixam myself but now that I know about this cheat, I’m going to get right on it. Perhaps our sims will cross flightpaths up there? Enjoy your time in space, have fun, and happy simming!

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