Become A Zen Guru by Mastering the Sims 4 Wellness Skill!

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Do you want your Sim to be a Master of peace, a Self-Care Specialist, or a freelance Yoga Teacher? We’ll dive into the Sims 4 Wellness skill in order to make the Zen career of your Sims dreams become a reality!

sims 4 wellness skill

The Sims 4 Wellness Skill

Sims Wellness 15 1

Sims wellness is introduced in Sims 4: Spa Day game pack, which was released on July 14, 2015. It needs the Sims 4 game and all of its updates to run.

The Game Pack adds some new spas for Sims to get some much-needed relaxation and new items that promote self-care like tubs for mudbaths, saunas, and incense.

It also introduces players to the Sims 4 Wellness skill where their Sims can improve their mindfulness, yoga practice, and massage new skill level to become professional Massage Therapists and Yoga Teachers!

The path to ultimate Sims 4 Wellness

Sims Wellness 5

Sims can increase their Wellness skill in a variety of ways – not just from reading –  and the best thing about Wellness is that your Sim can use this knowledge for many purposes. 

Even if your Sim primarily learns the Wellness skill from practicing yoga, for example, they will be just as skilled in meditation and massage therapy.


Sims 4 Wellness
Zen Guru

There are four yoga mats: two normal ones and two that allow Sims to take on a Yoga Instructor role.

The Zen Again Yoga Mat costs 125 simoleons and increases Wellness, adds 1 fun point, and adds 3 stress relief points.

The Perfect Yoga Mat costs 130 simoleons and has the same benefits.

For instructing yoga, there is the Serenity Now – Instructor’s Yoga Mat for140 simoleons and the Stretch Away – Instructor’s Yoga Mat for 145 simoleons. Both mats only increase Wellness.

Your Sims can just start practicing yoga first and then they will be able to practice yoga routines and poses. 

The yoga routines your Sims can practice are Brain Boosting, Energy Centering, Mind Concentrating, and Family Friendly. 

These routines promote shifts in a Sim’s mood like becoming Inspired, Energized, or Focused.

Your Sim learns a new yoga pose at each level:

  1. Downward Facing Dog, Corpse Pose, Half Moon, Side Plank, and Greeting Pose
  2. Boat pose
  3. Triangle Pose
  4. Tree Pose
  5. Warrior Pose
  6. Lord of the Dance Pose
  7. Bridge Pose
  8. Handstand Pose 

They will be able to practice all the individual poses once learning them!

Your Sim will also be able to teach yoga instead of just taking yoga classes now. Who needs a standard 9-5 when you can teach yoga classes?

Promote your services by selecting your yoga mat to get some fame points. Then select the Teach Yoga prompt. You will be able to teach all of your yoga routines for 110 simoleons per class.

Once your Wellness skill is more developed, Sims will sometimes tip you as well!


Sims 4 wellness

Meditation stools and pillows also improve your Wellness skill.

The Introspective Contemplation Stool and the Pillow for Deep Thoughts both cost 145 simoleons.

Then the Ohmm My Gosh Meditation Stool costs 220. It still only offers Wellness improvement but at least it has a nice design!

Getting your Wellness up by meditating is very straightforward and has the benefits of promoting mindfulness so that any negative mood disappears. 

Sometimes your Sims will also reconcile with another Sim by achieving mindfulness. That’s some serious thought power!

You’ll experience moods like gaining 4 Fine points from being emotionally mindful here.

This is a really cool feature: your Sim learns to levitate after reaching Level 5 and then they learn to teleport as they nearly complete their Wellness skill!!

Watching Sims levitate and then be able to teleport to areas instead of walking everywhere is very entertaining!

You’ll be able to lead Meditation classes just like Yoga classes. Select any meditation stool or pillow and then promote your services for some extra visibility.

Then host a guided meditation for 80 simoleons per participant! Just like with instructing Yoga, if your Wellness skill is developed you may occasionally receive mental relaxation tips!

Massage chairs

Sims Wellness 20

Massage chairs and tables are great options if you also want your Sims to pursue Massage Therapy.

The Relaxed Chair by Happy Hands and Feet Co. costs 435 simoleons, Relax-N-Go Chair by Happy Hands and Feet co. costs 435, and Relaxo Deluxe Chair by Happy Hands and Feet Co. costs 485. 

All of the chairs improve your Wellness skill and you can promote your services to earn some cash!

Here are the services you can offer with the massage chairs, all for 40 simoleons each:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hand Massage
  • Foot Massage

Again, prioritize developing the Wellness skill for more opportunities to earn tips!

Sims Wellness 21

Massage tables

Sims 4 wellness

The massage tables available with this Game Pack are The Relaxer table by AmIZenYet and Relax Away table by AmIZenYet – both cost 875 simoleons. The Relax and Rewind table by AmIZenYet costs 1,000. 

All tables improve the Wellness skill and provide 9 points toward both Stress Relief and Discomfort Relief.

If you download the pre-made Spas you can claim a Massage Table before a worker does, you can build your own spa of course, or you can offer your services at your home!

As you increase your Wellness skill, your Massage Therapy level progression looks like this:

  1. Hand and foot massages
  2. Aromatherapy Massage
  3. Deep Tissue Massage 
  4. Sports Massage
  5. Stone Massage
  6. Fertility Massage

Here are the services you can offer:

  • Swedish Massage for 120 
  • Give Deep Tissue Massage for 180 
  • Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy Massage for 140 
  • Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy Massage for 140
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Massage for 140 
  • Sports Massage for 230
  • Stone Massage for 300
  • Fertility Massage 380 

Other Wellness skill benefits you gain

Your Sim gets their nutrition on point as they become Wellness Gurus too! They learn how to bake Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake, a Superfood Salad, and brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox tea.

Finally, your Sims develop new conversation prompts! The new prompts are the following:

  • Recommend self-esteem exercises
  • Offer mental relaxation techniques
  • Suggest visualization techniques
  • Discuss cognitive focusing methods
  • Suggest yoga for relaxation
  • Share detox secrets
  • Ask if Sim is centered


I love this pack because I always want my Sims to be freelance yoga teachers. If you’re into Wellness in real life too, you’ll find this both relatable and entertaining. 

If you’ve created your own spa, feel free to show us in the comments! Peace and prosperity to everyone!

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