Sims 4 Bath Soaks: A New Way To Relax

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Does your Sim need some extra tender loving care? The Sims 4: Spa Day Game Pack has been gracious enough to give Sims the chance to sit back and relax in different types of bath soaks and even mud baths! Read on to figure out how to get these bath soaks and to learn what they do for your Sims.

sims 4 bath soaks

Where to get the bath soaks

Released on July 14, 2015, The Sims 4: Spa Day Game Pack provides players with three spas, a new gym, incense, new activities and interactions such as a yoga class and meditation, and items including two new bathtubs. You will need the Sims 4 game and all updates in order to play this game pack. 

The bathtubs are specifically designed for spas where customers can indulge in bath soaks and mud baths. However, sometimes you just can’t make it to the spa. Luckily, this game pack allows you to find relaxation in your own Sims bathroom by making bath soaks and mud baths compatible with most of the other bathtubs! 

The new SpAhhh Tub is 585 simoleons and The Perfect Tub is 1,055 simoleons. 

It’s a great game pack if you’re big on self-care specialist – or are big on self-care for your Sims, at least! 

Let’s get into what the bath soaks are and what benefits they provide.

The Sims 4: Spa Day soaks and their effects

Sims 4 Bath Soak

Sims 4 Bath Soaks

Each soak costs 30 simoleons to use, which isn’t too expensive. Here is a list of the bath soaks and the changes they provide for your Sim:

  • Citrus Soak: this soak is such an aesthetic because of the lemon and lime slices floating in the tub. It gives your Sim two focused points and keeps your Sim focused for eight hours.
  • Rose Petal Soak: if your Sim has a date coming up, you can get them in the right mood with this soak! Your Sim will get two flirty points and will remain flirty for eight hours.
  • Lavender Foam: Your sim will receive two happiness points and will be cheerful for eight hours.
  • Milk, Honey, and Oatmeal Soak: Your Sims’ dry skin and possible eczema will be soothed and they will get two happiness points! They will be in good spirits for eight hours.

Why the bath soaks are useful for your Sims

Let’s say you have a gym rat Sim: they’ve been going hard with the weights all day and when they finish, their mood shifts to feeling uncomfortable. This is reasonable, of course, because they’re going to be sore from that workout. 

You want your Sim to be buff in a quick amount of time but you don’t want to wait for their mood to change on its own. You have weights that need more lifting! 

What’s the quickest way to get them ready to be active again? Soothe those muscles! If you’re near a spa with those tubs or you have a bathtub in your own Sims bathroom, you’re in luck. They can use the Muscle-Relaxing soak. It comes with special benefits, that’s for sure.

Your Sim will be energized for a while and as another bonus, they don’t have to go back to the gym: they can do those energized workouts anywhere! Take advantage of this opportune mood shift of emotions while it lasts.

The opportunity to shift a Sim’s mood is the best reason to use the bath soaks. As another example, let’s say your Sim has to increase their logic skill. You can have them use the Citrus Soak before working on your logic points and they’ll have laser focus.

Maybe your Sim becomes sad because didn’t get to complete a holiday event. They can get some happiness back in their lives by using a Milk, Honey, and Oatmeal Soak. Bye-bye negative buff!

If your Sim gets into a physical altercation with their noisy apartment neighbor because both of them are at their wit’s end, have your Sim use the Lavender Foam Soak afterward to take a chill pill. Then, maybe consider signing them up for anger management. Or have them go for a nice full-body massage at the spa venue as they can interact with the massage table. They’re the same thing, right?

Sims 4 Bath Soak

Why I like the soaks

I am a big fan of The Sims 4: Spa Day Game Pack because I wanted my sims to be yoga instructors for quite a while. 

The bath soaks do increase your hygiene points! That may or may not seem obvious, but the game could’ve easily made soaks have no effect on your hygiene and have them only affect your mood – especially because the spas already have showers.

I really enjoy the animations for the bath soaks.

Sims have cucumber slices on their eyes and wear a face mask as they’re soaking in the tub. Looks like heaven! My favorite one is the Citrus Soak because the lemon and lime slices are so nice to look at!

Sims 4 Bath Soaks 5

Final thoughts

I enjoy the Sims 4 bath soaks more than the mud baths: mostly because the mud baths make my Sims dirtier. Why go through the extra effort of having my Sim take an actual bath after soaking in a mud bath? It gives Sims a confidence boost, but I think the bath soaks have a lot more to offer. 

Using the bath soaks in your regular Sims bathroom is convenient and I’m glad they made them compatible with your game outside of the spas, but I suggest having your Sim use the bath soaks in any of the spas anyway (or your own spa!) just to recreate the perfect balance spa day experience. 

The spas are cool retreats for Sims from their daily lives, so it makes sense to use all of their items while you’re there. This allows you to really bask in the full atmosphere because of the sauna, the massage chairs, beds, facial masks, foot massages, stone massages, etc., so it’s going to feel more authentic to the experience by incorporating the bath soaks in the spas.

Sims’ daily tasks can become mundane if you’ve played the game long enough, so the bath soaks are a nice way to spice up what can quickly become a mundane task such as bathing or showering. Hey, it’s like that in real life too!

If you could request any new bath soak what would you suggest? Let us know!

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