Herbalism Skill for The Sims 4: Here’s Your Ultimate Guide!

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Hey Simmers! Learn to collect herbs, brew powerful potions, and create natural remedies for your Sims, with this ultimate herbalism skill guide that we prepared for you. This cool skill will definitely come in handy in the game!

herbalism skill
Herbalism Skill for The Sims 4!

Get To Know the Herbalism Skill for The Sims 4

The herbalism skill was introduced in The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat, which lets Sims use herbs to make special remedies and natural potions. Herbs can be collected from plants and bushes, and they can go from common to rare. As Sims get better in their herbalism skill, they can brew much stronger tonics and dangerous concoctions!

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How To Learn The Herbalism Skill

To get started in the herbalism skill, let Sims purchase the Herbalism Skill level 1 book at the following locations:

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  • Campground Lot Ranger Station
  • Cabin Lot Ranger Station

As they learn herbalism skills, Sims can then discover herbs from distinct areas of the game. When they find herbs, Sims may choose to eat them immediately or try to identify them. They can also brew potions with these herbs using the recipes below.

Herbalism Skill: Know Every Herb in the Game

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Check out the following list which contains all the herbs in The Sims 4, including their rarity, value in Simoleons, and effect on Sims. You can find most of these herbs in the Granite Falls National Park, as long as keep your eyes peeled! Alternatively, you may also visit the hidden area in Granite Falls to unlock the rare herbs and improve your herbalism skill.

1. Muckleberry

Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 9 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +2 Dazed moodlet for 2 hours

2. False Morel Mushroom

Rarity: Rare
Value: 19 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +2 Uncomfortable moodlet for 2 hours

3. Elderberry

Rarity: Common
Value: 6 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +1-3 Happy moodlet for 4 hours

4. Fireleaf

Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 13 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +1-3 Happy moodlet for 4 hours

5. Chamomile

Rarity: Common
Value: 14 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +1-3 Happy moodlet for 4 hours

6. Poison Fireleaf

Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 11 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +2 Angry moodlet for 2 hours

7. Toxic Chamomile

Rarity: Common
Value: 15 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +2 Tense moodlet for 2 hours

8. Morel Mushroom

Rarity: Rare
Value: 17 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +1-3 Happy moodlet for 4 hours

9. Noxious Elderberry

Rarity: Common
Value: 7 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +2 Sad moodlet for 2 hours

10. Huckleberry

Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 8 simoleons
Effect: Will give Sims a +1-3 Happy moodlet for 4 hours

Herbalism Skill: Brew All Recipes

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Now that you’re familiar with every herb available in the game, you can improve your herbalism skill by brewing them to produce balms, salves, and creams that will give varying effects to Sims. Take note that the ingredients for these recipes are not always easy since some would require you to have specific insects or a handful of fruits or vegetables.

1. Insect Repellent Liniment

Level Required: 1
Ingredients: 2x Noxious Elderberry, 2x Basil
Effects: This liniment prevents Sims from getting insect bites. It is especially helpful when your Sims are on Mt. Komorebi or the jungles of Selvadorada.

2. Sadness Alleviation Lotion

Level Required: 1
Ingredients: 2x Elderberry, 1x Firefly
Effects: Prevent Sims from getting sad during a messy breakup or the loss of a loved one. The Sadness Alleviation Lotion removes any sad moodlets from your Sims.

3. Fungal Infusion Fertiliser Recipe

Level Required: 1
Ingredients: 3x Morel Mushroom, 2x False Morel, 1x Blackberry, 1x Dust Spirit
Effects: This recipe helps to evolve plants. It can only be learned by becoming Good Friends with the Hermit. Go get it if you’re building a lush garden.

4. Deodorizing Cream

Level Required: 2
Ingredients: 1x Elderberry, 1x Strawberry, 2x Parsley
Effects: This cream replenishes the hygiene need of your Sims, so there’s no longer a need to take baths!

5. Soothing Skin Balm

Level Required: 3
Ingredients: 2x Chamomile, 2x Basil, 1x Locust
Effects: If your Sims keep getting bitten by pesky insects, then this recipe is perfect, as it heals insect bites like a charm.

6. De-Stressing Decoction

Level Required: 4
Ingredients: 2x Chamomile, 2x Muckleberry, 1x Walking Stick
Effects: This decoction removes any stress moodlets, so your Sims can relax anywhere, anytime!

7. Tummy Therapy

Level Required: 5
Ingredients: 2x Huckleberry, 2x Sage, 1x Termite
Effects: With Tummy Therapy, any moodlets related to nausea or other stomach problems are alleviated easily.

8. Clear Mind Distillation

Level Required: 6
Ingredients: 2x Toxic Chamomile, 2x Huckleberry, 2x Parsley
Effects: Distill your Sims’ minds with this recipe, which grants a +2 Focused moodlet for the next 4 hours.

9. Fireleaf Extract

Level Required: 6
Ingredients: 2x Poison Fireleaf, 2x Morel Mushroom, 1x Fire Ant
Effects: You would not want this one near your Sims, as it causes them to become extremely uncomfortable, giving them an 8-hour upset stomach and super crazy itches.

10. Natural Herbicide Oil

Level Required: 7
Ingredients: 2x Toxic Chamomile, 3x Fireleaf, 1x Stink Bug
Effects: The Natural Herbicide Oil removes weeds from a plant and temporarily prevents them from growing back. Perfect for a weed-free garden.

11. Energizer Infusion

Level Required: 8
Ingredients: 3x Muckleberry, 2x Poison Fireleaf, 1x Dragonfly
Effects: With this recipe, your Sims are granted a +2 Energized moodlet for the next 4 hours. Perfect for all-nighter parties!

12. Rage Relieving Salve

Level Required: 9
Ingredients: 3x Noxious Elderberry, 2x Fireleaf, 1x Tomato, 1x Rainbow Firefly
Effects: Does your Sim have anger management issues? No problem! This salve removes any angry moodlets right away.

13. Elixir of Fertility

Level Required: 10
Ingredients: 4x False Morel, 2x Sage, 1x Bee, 1x Will-o-the-Wisp
Effects: Want some twins or triplets for your Sims? Get them this elixir, as drinking this increases multiple birth odds.

Visiting the Hermit for Improving the Herbalism Skill

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In Granite Falls, there is a secret area known as the “Deep Woods.” Within the Deep Woods, players can encounter the Hermit who lives in a secluded cabin. Since the Deep Woods is a hidden area, Sims can locate in a dense area of the Granite Falls forest. Just keep your eyes peeled for a cave filled with overgrown shrubs and enter it. Then choose the following interactions:

  • Step Forward
  • Go Through Web
  • Sally Forth
  • Approach the Sim
Screenshot 2023 07 27 165352

This Hermit is a unique NPC in the game. One of the main attractions of visiting them is the ability to learn exclusive herbalism recipes. Sims can become good friends with the Hermit and maybe even spend a relaxing time in their house. Later on, they can collect herbs from various plants and bushes found in the Deep Woods, as well as in other locations throughout Granite Falls, and increase their herbalism skill.

Final Thoughts: Master the Herbalism Skill

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And that wraps it up! We hope you’ve learned a lot from our herbalism skill guide. Remember, these herbs and recipes will surely come in handy for your Sim’s adventures, especially if they need to create awesome potions and remedies in the game. Just let them keep practicing their herbal abilities till they master the skill. Happy Simming, Simmers!

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