Tech Guru Career – How to Become Pro Gamer or an Entrepreneur in TS4

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Are you interested in becoming a professional gamer? Well, you can certainly become one in Sims 4 if you get a job as a tech guru! Keep reading to find out how to get employed and learn what you can expect if you choose this profession for your Sims!

sims 4 tech guru
How to Become Pro Gamer or an Entrepreneur in TS4!

What is a tech Guru career in Sims 4?

Just imagine having to play video games for a living! Tech Guru Carer is one of the base game career tracks and a well-paid one. It focuses heavily on Programing and Gaming skills, making it a perfect carer choice for high-tech lovers, geeks, and nerds of Sims 4.

tech guru career 1

The tech guru career has two branches, the eSports Gamer Branch and the Start-up Entrepreneur Branch, both of which bring unique requirements and rewards. If you decide this clicks with your Sim’s aspirations and personality, expect to have them complete these daily tasks:

  • Playing Video Games
  • Work on Programming skills
  • Work on Video Gaming skills
  • Programming
  • Working on Charisma skills

Now, let’s see what being a tech guru means, how to join the career, and level up!

how to join the tech guru career in Sims 4

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However, if your Sims want to become the tech guru, all they need to do is use their phone or computer. If on the phone, click on the suitcase icon and select Find a Job. If they are on a job hunt on their computer, simply go to the Career section. In both cases, you’ll get a pop-up menu where you can select a career for your Sim. Find Tech Guru on the list, confirm your choice, and get ready to make simoleons by playing video games!

who is best suited for a tech guru job?

With Sims 4, the sky is the limit, so all Sims from young adults to older who are interested in gaming and startups will be able to join it any time. However, some things, like having the right degree, aspiration, or traits can help them rank up much faster.

Having a Computer Science degree can be extremely helpful, so if in doubt about what university course to choose for your tech guru, opt for this one. Because Sims will spend a lot of time on computer gaming and programming, having traits like Genius or Loner will help them tolerate computer time better, become focused, and stay in a good mood when indoors.

If you are looking for an aspiration that matches your career goals, definitely opt for the Computer Whiz Aspiration. It will make your Sims work on gaming skills and they will have to join a tech guru career to complete milestones, so why not get some reward points as you make simoleons?

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Tech guru career levels

There are 10 levels for your Sims to conquer if they choose to follow this career path. Unfortunately, this is not a work-from-home career, and your Sms will have to disappear down the rabbit hole every time they go to work. Focused Sims perform better, so make sure you boost their focus before they head to work to help them make more progress.

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early levels of tech guru career

Regardless of what branch they join later, all tech gurus will need to go through 6 entry levels before they are promoted to gamers or entrepreneurs. Their daily promotion tasks will be to play video games, and later learn and use programming skills. They will also have to level up their video game skills, so get ready to make them spend hours in front of the screen! These are the schedules, wages, and rewards you can expect from levels 1 to 6:

1. Live Chat
Support Agent
Tue to Sat,
10 AM-6 PM
Play Video Games/
2. Quality AssuranceMon to Fri,
10 AM-7 PM
– Play Video Games
– Level 2 Programming
– $375
– Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
3. Code MonkeyMon to Fri,
10 AM-7 PM
– Use Programming Skill
– Level 3 Programming
– Level 2 Video Gaming
– $506
– Computer Hard Drive
4. Ace EngineerTue to Sat,
9 AM-5 PM
– Use Programming Skill
– Level 4 Programming
– Level 3 Video Gaming
– $633
– The Sentinel
5. Project ManagerMon to Fri,
9 AM-5 PM
– Use Programming Skill
– Level 5 Programming
– Level 4 Video Gaming
– $760
– The Hipster Hugger
6. Development CaptainMon to Fri,
9 AM-5 PM
– Use Programming Skill
– Level 6 Programming
– Level 5 Video Gaming
– $874
– Innovator’s Award for Excellence

esports gamer branch


The eSport Gamer branch is as awesome as it sounds. It relies heavily on video gaming skills and playing video games, but also programming. This branch pays less than the Start-up branch, but it still allows your Sims to earn a decent sum with only a few hours of work per day. These are daily wages, promotion tasks, and rewards from levels 7-10:

7. eSports CompetitorMon, Thu,
Fri, Sat,
2 PM-11 PM
– Play Video Games
– Reach Level 6 Video Gaming
– $933
– Stack of CDs
8. Pro GamerMon, Wed,
Thu, Fri,
5 PM-12 AM
– Play Video Games
– Level 7 Programming
– Level 8 Video Gaming
– $2177
– “Revanne” Poster
– Brag about Skillz Interaction
9. APM King/QueenTue, Thu,
Fri, Sat,
4 PM-10 PM
– Play Video Games
– Level 10 Video Gaming
– Level 8 Programming
– $2721
– Top Secret Computer
10. Champion GamerTue, Thu,
Fri, Sat,
4 PM-10 PM
– Play Video Games
– Go to Work!
– $3129
– PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Game Mat

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start-up entrepreneur branch


The second and the higher paying branch of the two, the Start-up Entrepreneur branch promises a decent salary and short work hours. Start-ups will have to do programming every workday, as well as level up programming and charisma skills as they rank up. These are the wages, work hours, and rewards from levels 7-10:

7. The Next Big Thing?Mon to Fri,
10 AM-5 PM
– Use Programming
– Level 8 Programming
– Level 2 Charisma
– $933
– A Stroke of Genius
8. Independent ConsultantMon, Tue,
Thu, Sat,
10 AM-4 PM
– Use Programming.
– Level 9 Programming
– Level 4 Charisma
– $2394
– Minimalist Unplant
9. Dot-Com PioneerMon, Tue, Fri,
10 AM-4 PM
– Use Programming
– Level 10 Programming
– Level 6 Charisma
– $3112
– Light of My Life Painting
10. Start Up GeniusMon, Tue, Fri,
10 AM-3 PM
– Use Programming
– Go to Work!
– $5335
– Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV
– Brag About Startup Interaction


Ta-da! This was your guide about the tech guru career. The wage is decent, and work hours are short enough to give your Sims enough time to balance work and play. Overall, a fabulous career choice for eSports and tech lovers! Happy swimming!

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