The Best Tech Guru Houses and Apartments For Sims 4!


Hoping to start a career in the tech field and need a living space that supports that ambition? You are in the right place! Read on to find the best tech guru houses for Sims who aspire to become top-shelf tech professionals!

best tech guru houses
The Best Tech Guru Houses and Apartments For Sims 4!

What is an ideal home for a tech guru?

To climb the career ladder, a tech guru needs a comfy chair, a desk, and a powerful PC to learn and grow. The best tech guru houses for such Sim are modern ones with decent tech equipment. Such space should always be personalized, modern, and have an office space with a good PC or laptop where they can focus on important programming tasks.

No matter if your tech guru is already established as an eSports Gamer, a Startup Entrepreneur, or is just beginning their journey and starting to develop their programming skills, they need functional work and living space. So, to save you time, we have prepared some cool options for every Sim’s budget. Buckle up, and let’s do some best tech guru houses browsing, shall we?

1. modern tiny house by giuliabuilds

Looking for the best tech guru houses that don’t cost fortune? Let’s start this list with a small, but mighty build. This 20×15 lot is all a beginner tech guru needs to start growing as a professional. It’s modern, well-equipped and superbly decorated. If tiny houses are your cup of tea, this home is available for download here!

2. gamer’s apartment by frenzysimmer

Now, who doesn’t like blue and purple neon lights? No matter if your Sim is striving to become a pro gamer or a startup success, this apartment with a huge desk will help them grow as a professional, and do so in a stunning space made for gamers and tech lovers. Download this home here!

3. oasis springs desert home by schnuck

This modernist home is equipped with an office that accommodates not one, but two tech professionals. The office will grant them peace and save them from distractions while they work. This is one of the best tech guru houses, and you can gain access to tray files here!

4. modern house (no CC) by plumbobkingdom

This home is so well-organized! There is enough space for everything, and besides a bedroom with a PC, there is also a spacious living and dining space and even a garage with tools and a gym machine. This black and white beauty is available for download here!

5. couple gamer modern house by barbara sims

Made to support couple goals and professional goals, this home offers all a couple needs to advance in their gaming career. Multiple screens, spacious desks, and powerful tech gear are just some elements of it. It’s perfect for coupled and family-oriented tech gurus. Certainly one of the best tech guru houses! Get this home here!

6. humble home by moonlightowl-es

If your Sim would love to live big in a tiny house, this building will grow on them as soon as they move in. This is a small, but perfectly planned space that offers maximum comfort, a pretty workspace, and a zen garden. It’s among the best tech guru houses, so check it out here!

7. not so berry green gen by emilyrosesims

If you are a fan of the Not So Berry Challenge, you’ll be thrilled with this tech guru home! With a European exterior, minty interior, and an isolated workspace, this unique home has all a Sim needs to learn programming, play games, and feel at home. Get it for your gameplay here!

8. modern home bB with three floors by helgatisha

Let’s be real, this home looks like a dream home from Pinterest and is perfect for those in tech guru career. This three-floor home has three areas for quality PC time. It’s contemporary, hi-tech, and a great choice if you plan on having a big household, especially if other Sims are in similar career fields! To download, go here!

9. villa am bergsee for recluse life by honeybella

Looking for a hi-tech hideout? Look no further! Ideal for recluse geeks who don’t mind spending hours playing their favorite video games or coding, this is a choice for introverts and Sims with good taste. It’s luxurious, and the view is as scenic as a home design. Find more info here!

10. min-century small home by crumplebums

Your budget is low? Worry not, as this tiny house will offer your Sims just what they need to get started and advance in their careers. This is a small home built on a 20×15 lot, and everything inside is within arm’s reach. Practical and affordable! If you like it, find more info here!

11. gamer’s apartment, 122 hakim house by creatorSim

Here comes another apartment worth considering! 122 Hakim House has never looked better! And the best part? You won’t need CC for it, as everything inside is already available in Sims. The big screen, powerful computer, decorative lights – it’s all there. To get tray files, go here!

12. hayloft family home by honeybella

This is undoubtedly one of the best tech guru houses you will ever come across, and certainly one of the most unique ones. Hayloft home was once a ranch and is now transformed into a modern artsy house that blends old with modern in the best possible way. Find more info here!

13. modern japanese house by MikkiMur

Here comes another incredible blend of traditional and modern. This Japanese home has a cozy, feng shui office that will motivate even the laziest Sim to work on their goals! So, if you love wooden elements and Japanese details, this home is a must-have. Find more info about one of the best tech guru houses on this page!

14. modern eco house by plumbobkingdom

Eco-design is always welcome. This home is a modern solution for Sims who care about their environment. Workspace is incorporated in one of the bedrooms, and if your Sim gets tired of coding, they can always take a break from hard work in a cute backyard. Download it here!

15. gamer studio apartment by nolanaSims

If studio life seems appealing and gaming is your Sim’s passion, this is one of the best tech guru home options you can go for. The space is a mix of industrial elements and vibrant pastel furniture. It looks so personalized and comfy! Let your tech guru work from home and get this build here!

16. modern brick house by wiz creations

Tech homes don’t have to be modernist or contemporary. This red brick home has two floors and all the equipement a professional needs. The office space is separated with an arch entrance from the bedroom, so your Sim will have no trouble focusing, even if someone is sleeping in the room. Get it here!

17. scandinavian dream home by giuliabuilds

Scandinavian homes are known for their clean design, and now your tech guy or gal can make one of these their home. As one of the best tech guru houses, this home has a pool, an office space, and enough pretty decor to keep your Sim focused and inspired to work. Check it out on this page!

18. Modern house (No CC) by mikkiMur

Built on a 30×30 lot, this modern house has a spacious workspace with bookshelves and artwork, and more than enough space for a tech guru and their family. Everything in it includes Sims 4 stuff only, so you won’t need to download extra custom content! To download it, go here!


Unlike some other professions, the tech guru career path doesn’t require much, except for cozy office space and a good PC. These homes offer a solid base for ambitious gamers and entrepreneurs, and we hope you find some builds that click with you. All the best tech guru houses are free to download, so you can try them out anytime!

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