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If you are looking for a little bit of a different avenue than building a normal house for your sims to live in, here’s a new idea! Have you ever considered having your sims live in a townhouse? Here you will find our list of the best Sims 4 townhouse downloads you can add to your game! Keep reading, there is something for everyone!

sims 4 townhouse

Five Awesome Townhouses for Your Sims

The City Living expansion pack introduced apartment living to the Sims 4. Townhouses are perfect if you want your sim to live the apartment lifestyle but you would prefer they have much more space.

You can use these townhouses for single-family or multi-family living, have inter-generational families close by, or you can even have best friends live next to each other! Or if you want to make it interesting, instead of best friends, have enemies be close neighbors! Check out the apartment building mod if you want to add even more options for your new townhouses that you will find here in this list.

1. Twin Townhouses – RayanStar

sims 4 townhouse

Looking to enhance your young-adult sim’s college experience in Britechester? College is possibly the best years of your sim’s life. The creator believed these houses were decent but could use an upgrade. The townhomes are more closely inspired by the surrounding houses and they seem to blend in much better.

One of the townhouses is intended to be a recent renovation, which makes it more modern inside. The other still retains the floor plan and old furniture. With 8 bedrooms, these townhouses will surely have plenty of space for enjoying the best parts of the university experience, from studying to house parties! Download here for free from RayanStar on Mod the Sims.

2. sims 4 townhouses – Summerr Plays

sims 4 townhouse
Sims 4 Townhouse

This Sims 4 townhouse is a set of three prefab townhomes in Evergreen Harbor. Each townhouse has a kitchen with a living area downstairs, a little backyard private patio, and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. But the true charm of these townhouses is their sleek and minimal design.

These clean and stylish townhouses give off retro vibes but also manage to bring a modern-day style. If your sims are looking for a classy yet affordable place to live this could be just what they have been looking for. Download here for free from Summerr Plays on Sims 4 Updates.

3. Komorebi Townhouse – Wiz Creations

sims 4 townhouse

This cozy Japanese-style Sims 4 townhouse looks amazing and it is clear the designer put a lot of thought and effort into the design. From the signage out front to all of the details on the inside, this house would be a beautiful addition to your neighborhood.

The floor plan and layout are suited for two people and families. This is a  beautiful and relaxing living space inspired by life in Japan. Download here for free from Wiz Creations on their Tumblr.

4. The Artist Townhouse – ParadoxxSims

sims 4 townhouse

Is your sim an artist at heart, but needs a new space to bring inspiration into their life? If so, this is the perfect location for them to begin their journey toward showing the world their truest art. This single-family, small townhome will be a great location for your eco-friendly artist sim.

This is a 1 Bedroom/1Bath tiny townhouse with an artist workshop in the basement, and the coolest part is the glass ceilings that bring light and inspiration in! The townhome comes equipped with a laundry room, a backyard canopy and a lounge area. The quaint and artistic design will ensure your sim artist always has something beautiful to look at and be inspired by. Download here for free from ParadoxxSims on their website.

5. townhouse St. 167 – Helgatisha

image 87
Sims 4 Townhouse

If your sims need a little more nightlife in their life, this mod will bring them their hottest new spot in the city. This community lot townhouse contains three new spots for your sim to go out and have some fun. An Irish-style pub is a great place to start your night. Or maybe the modern and well-designed club is more your sim’s scene.

Either way, have them come in for a meal in the restaurant downstairs. All of these amenities with a big city look make this townhouse a fun place for a great night out. Download here for free from Helgatisha on Tumblr.

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Our simmers, this was our list of 5 of the best townhouse builds for the Sims 4! If you’ve come to like them, we’re certain you’d want to check out other builds by some amazing cc creators in the Sims community!

And since it gets a bit all over the place with some of us, building their dream home in the Sims 4, now you could have them with a click of a button. Enjoy!

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